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Rovio's next game is Casey's Contraptions?

3 years ago The company Angry Birds built may be launching a brand-new title soon

Kinect Play Fit brings cross-game exercise tracking to Xbox 360

Rumour 3 years ago The new system will also include a cross-game compatible heart-rate monitor

10 Microsoft begins manufacturing the next Xbox?

Rumour 3 years ago Flextronics may have begun manufacturing of Microsoft's next console

10 Xbox 360 to be bundled with Kinect for just $99 with two-year Xbox Live subscription

Rumour 3 years ago A strong rumor points to Xbox 360 being subsidized for XBL subscribers

2 PS3 sales "continue to lag" Xbox, price cut "likely" by E3 says Pachter

3 years ago Pachter also doesn't expect a next-gen Xbox announcement until 360's core model is priced below $200

5 GTA V October launch hinted at by Rockstar North employee

3 years ago The employee's CV has since been pulled

6 Wii U may retail for $300

3 years ago Sources involved in manufacturing Nintendo products indicate $180 cost of goods

5 iPad to get physical controller?

3 years ago Perhaps Apple may someday give us more control options


17 Next-gen consoles mean increased development costs

3 years ago Developers see costs double for Durango sequels to Xbox 360 titles

4 Wii U's release date leaked by retailer - rumor

Rumour 3 years ago According to rumors, the North American Wii U launch will come a week before the Japanese one


38 Wii U less powerful than PS3, Xbox 360, developers say

3 years ago Sources say that Nintendo's new console is not even equal to the current generation

19 Report: Next Xbox will have Blu-ray, always online DRM

3 years ago New console will also have two GPUs and built in Kinect

3 Report: RBS could bring GAME out of administration as early as tomorrow

Rumour 3 years ago Bank re-emerges as favourite to pick up chain's assets

4 Report: Sony to close Zipper Interactive

3 years ago SOCOM developer faces project cancellation and lay offs

Valve's DOTA 2 mainland China license battled over

3 years ago Two Chinese game companies are fighting over the RTS game rights

8 Crystal Dynamics could revive Soul Reaver franchise - report

3 years ago Tomb Raider isn't the only focus for Crystal Dynamics at the moment

2 Zynga may buy OMGPOP

3 years ago It's the fast way for Zynga to get back to the top of the charts. UPDATE: Bid may top $200 million.

Xbox gains Zynga support?

Rumour 3 years ago Comments from Mark Pincus imply support on Xbox for Zynga's games

2 Rumour: Walmart eyeing GAME acquisition

Rumour 3 years ago Massive US retailer thought to be interested in specialist chain, claims report

2 Sony SmartAR technology NGP bound?

4 years ago New advance in AR tech seems likely fit for new handheld

1 Pi Studios set for closure - report

4 years ago Indie developer apparently shuts its doors, while ex-staffers form Category 6 Studios

23 PS3 modders claiming to be able to unban machines

4 years ago New hack allegedly allows users to ban other consoles, too

15 Bungie's Activision game reportedly an MMO shooter

4 years ago Game allegedly called Destiny, is "WoW in space"

22 Rumour: Sony's iPad rival revealed

4 years ago PlayStation-certified S1 to cost $599, due September, claim reports

Rumours circulate about Blizzard's next MMO

4 years ago 'Definitely not another WoW' Morhaime reiterates

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