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Mass Effect: Andromeda and Need for Speed set for 2017

A month ago BioWare RPG delayed while EA's flagship formerly annual racing franchise is stalled for the second time in three years

Stellaris breaks day-one records for Paradox

A month ago Space-based 4X sells 200,000 in under 24 hours

Kirby: Planet Robobot is Japanese #1

A month ago But Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2016 is this week's biggest seller


39 Steam's turned toxic, and Valve doesn't care

Opinion A month ago PC gaming's most important storefront is all too often an unmoderated playground for harassers and trolls, damaging developers and gamers alike

GAME acquires AR ads company

A month ago "An important pillar of our future digital engagement strategies"


"Cross-play with other networks? That's not the Microsoft of ten years ago"

A month ago Marcin Iwinski sees a bright future for CD Projekt's GOG Galaxy, even in a world where Steam and UWP exist

1 Steam updates user reviews to show a game's score over time

A month ago System will now show most recent user reviews to reflect how games can change after release


GameStop co-founder Fontaine retires

A month ago Will depart at end of current term in June 2016

Oculus Rift arriving at retail

A month ago VR curious can schedule demos, and purchase headsets, at Best Buy

Ubisoft's The Division pushes digital sales up 5% in March - SuperData

A month ago Total digital game sales reached $6.2bn, driven by digital console revenue, which climbed 23%

One Piece: Burning Blood is Japan's #1

2 months ago 68,178 units sold in debut week

3 Average Steam game sales plummeting - Steam Spy

2 months ago Storefront tracker says top games sell as well as ever, but the rest of the ever-expanding catalog languishes

1 Stolen Uncharted 4 copies hit shelves early

2 months ago Sony reports theft of A Thief's End shipment, asks people not to buy Naughty Dog's latest before official launch

Apple sees iPhone sales fall

2 months ago Sold 51.2 million in latest quarter

2 Lionsgate brings blockbusters to Steam

2 months ago New deal brings Twilight and Sicario to US users, UK users get smaller selection


Digital Shelfspace: Four new storefronts for PC devs

2 months ago What Boondogl, Utomik, Playfield and Startselect can offer that Steam can't

Yo-kai Sangokushi stays Japan's #1

2 months ago Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition in new entry at 8

1 PlayStation VR to see greater demo presence at GameStop

2 months ago CEO Paul Raines says "I expect we'll have a lot of demos in stores, unlike the Oculus or HTC"


GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust

2 months ago Retailer officially moves into publishing, initially only with smaller indie titles, Mark Stanley tells us

3 Dark Souls III takes UK retail #1

2 months ago Quantum Break down to fourth as Souls fever takes hold

NPDs: The Division is the big software seller

2 months ago "Combined sales across hardware, physical software, and accessories in March 2016 were flat"

1 Stardew Valley sells 1m

2 months ago One man development team finds success with farming sim

Far Cry Primal hits Japan's chart at #3

2 months ago Sells 25,000 in first week on sale

Yo-kai Sangokushi is new Japanese #1

2 months ago Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness takes second place

Black Desert Online sells 400K in month one

2 months ago "These figures far exceed those in the domestic market"

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