Microsoft plans to sabotage Steam - Sweeney

Epic co-founder says Windows 10 updates will progressively break Valve's storefront, Microsoft acknowledges that UWP is a work in progress

By Brendan Sinclair

Humble Bundle clarifies fraud policies

"Let us take care of this for you using our infrastructure" it tells devs

By Rachel Weber

Overwatch tops US sales during June slump

Blizzard's latest was a strong performer but the industry saw sales dip 26% overall

By James Brightman

Gamestop raises over $760,000 for St. Jude

"Every penny we raised will go toward helping kids fight cancer"

By Rachel Weber

NPD finally launches digital tracking to address "long-standing need"

With backing from most of the publishers, NPD is looking to expand its service in the coming weeks/months, Liam Callahan tells us

By James Brightman

Evolve switches to free-to-play model

"The DLC shitstorm hit full force and washed away people's enthusiasm"

By Rachel Weber

Prison Architect sells 2m copies

And generates a sweet $25m in revenue for Introversion

By Rachel Weber

Tinybuild: G2A "facilitates a black market economy"

Update: Tinybuild denies G2A's request for key data, calls for proper verification for marketplace sellers

By Matthew Handrahan

Star Citizen's refunds process just got more complicated

A provision allowing refund requests after a release date is missed by 18 months has been removed from its terms of service

By Matthew Handrahan

PlayStation VR demos hit stores starting tomorrow

Sony rolling out hands-on kiosks at hundreds of North American locations this month

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo 3DS passes 60 million sold

2DS price cut helps put company's latest generation of handhelds over a milestone sales mark

By Brendan Sinclair

NPD: May sales up 4% year-on-year

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is top software seller

By Rachel Weber

Digital games to account for a third of console revenues in 2020 - PwC

"In some ways it's surprising that physical game disks will continue to be a major force by 2020"

By James Brightman

Slitherine: Steam refunds not harming sales

Steam's refund policy isn't "perceived as a limited-time demo," says Marco Minoli

By Marco Minoli

Overwatch and the death of the midnight launch

Overwatch ships two days ahead of midnight launch, attracts over 7 million players in less than 10 days

By Matthew Handrahan

Xbox One gets $50 price cut leading into E3

With rumors swirling about new Xbox hardware at E3, Microsoft has dropped the price on Xbox One through June 13

By James Brightman

Total War: Warhammer sells 500,000 in three days

Creative Assembly's latest is the fastest-selling Total War game ever on Steam

By Brendan Sinclair

PlayStation 4 sales exceed 40m worldwide

Sony notes that the PS4 continues to be the company's fastest-selling console in its history

By James Brightman

GAME shares drop 20% in a week

Retailer stock price hits new low after poor holiday season prompts major credit insurers to scale back coverage

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony predicts 20m PS4 sales in FY2016

But is the boom year forecast based on Neo, PSVR or a hardware price cut?

By Dan Pearson

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