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6 Alien: Isolation exceeds 1 million sales

A month ago Critically acclaimed survival horror title reaches the 1 million sold mark after launching last October

15 Hatred gets AO for Adults Only rating

A month ago ESRB hands out most restrictive rating to Destructive Creations' killing spree shooter

5 Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category

A month ago Publishers highlight dueling sales figures as Nintendo enters race with 2.6 million Amiibos sold in US

SuperData study shows US digital market growing by 11% YoY

A month ago December estimate of $1.2bn just shy of NPD's $1.25bn valuation of retail sales

PS4, Xbox One drive US industry to $13.1 billion in 2014 - NPD

A month ago Call of Duty, Madden and Destiny were the biggest winners in software at retail [UPDATE: Wii U has biggest month yet]

2 Xbox One is best selling console during the holidays

A month ago Microsoft looking to keep momentum with "special price" of $349 starting Friday

The Long Dark tops 250,000 sold in Early Access

A month ago Hinterland's Kickstarted PC survival game reaches a quarter million in under six months

2 Retail losing importance, finds GDC survey

A month ago Third annual State of the Industry Survey shows that only 13% of developers get the majority of their profits from retail as digital rises

2 War Z has sold 2.8 million copies to date

A month ago Zombie survival game racked up sales despite bad press, multiple controversies

8 Update: New 3DS XL release date of February 13 confirmed by Nintendo

A month ago Leak proves correct as new handheld and attendant games loom large; US price set at $200

PS4, Xbox One software up 94% but GameStop's holiday numbers slide

A month ago Global sales for the retailer were down nearly 7% during the holiday period compared to 2013

2 GTA V delayed on PC

A month ago Release pushed back to March 24

GTA V returns to UK number one

A month ago Top ten shuffled in week of no retail releases as January slump continues

Yokai Watch 2 reigns supreme in Japan

A month ago Shin Uchi holds the top spot after a superlative 2014 for Level-5's franchise

1 Bastion sells 3 million, Transistor tops 600,000

A month ago Supergiant reveals lifetime-to-date sales figures for its first two downloadable action games

Sony delays PS4 in China

A month ago A new date hasn't been set, but the console will miss its January 11 launch

5 Japanese console sales continued to slide in 2014

A month ago Revenue at lowest point in more than 20 years, with hardware at the core of the problem

Indiegogo opens sales channel for successful campaigns

A month ago InDemand will offer a range of post-funding services, starting today

5 18.5m PlayStation 4 units sold

A month ago Over 10.9 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, 81.8 million software sales

FIFA 15 was the UK's best selling game in 2014

A month ago And games was the most lucrative entertainment category thanks to digital boost

3 Captain Toad fails to break UK top 10

A month ago COD, GTA V and FIFA 15 remain dominant in slow UK software chart

1 Steam passes 8.5 million concurrent users

A month ago Seasonal sales push Valve's platform to another new milestone

COD holds UK number one

2 months ago PS4 version the biggest seller for week ending December 27

5 NPD corrects November data

2 months ago UPDATE: Shifts in ranks of some of the top ten software titles

1 Next-gen GTA V sold 1.84 million in November - Analyst

2 months ago Wedbush's Michael Pachter expects Take-Two to ship 7 million copies of Rockstar's re-release this fiscal year

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