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Ukie partners with Superdata, Reflection

10 months ago Trade group members will get research at a discount; tracking companies will get more data direct from the source

5 Nearly half of US adults own tablets - Survey

11 months ago Device category continues to grow even as cellphone, computer, console, and gaming handheld ownership plateau; more women own consoles than men


9 "Are we all just fooling ourselves to some degree?"

A year ago A look at the limits and logistics that shape market research

31 APA study establishes violent games as "risk factor" for violent behaviour

A year ago Meta-analysis finds definite association with aggression, but no causal relationship

23 Homophobia, sexism, racism reduced to 2% of League of Legends matches

A year ago Riot Games social systems designer says abusive behaviors have been deeply curtailed through collaboration with players and academics

Report: Amazon platforms have the highest rate of mobile spenders

A year ago Newzoo study confirms some habits, but also holds new surprises


8 Platform, not gender, drives gamer differences - EEDAR

A year ago Dr. Heather Nofziger, EEDAR's head of survey research, offers some perspective on common misperceptions about gender


3 So you think video game research sucks?

Opinion A year ago Superdata's Joost van Dreunen explains the method to a gaming analyst's madness

Mobile spending driven by 35-44-year-olds

2 years ago Study finds older adults, men spend more on average; top 1% of spenders make up 29% of revenue

Latest GameTrack figures paint landscape of European gaming

2 years ago French and German markets exceed UK's, says IPSOS survey

9 PC and console market will decline - Report

2 years ago Juniper Research finds segment will shrink 12% to $41 billion by 2019; streaming games to top $1 billion

Mobile could push games to $100 billion by 2017 - Digi-Capital

2 years ago Investment bank expects mobile and online games to account for 60 percent of worldwide revenues within three years

3 Appeal of smart toys spans globe - Report

2 years ago Interpret research says 72 million kids worldwide interested in toys-to-life games

5 Sony wins the war of E3 media coverage

Opinion 2 years ago Research shows PS4 had 50% more articles than Xbox One during E3 week

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