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Studio Wildcard wants PS4 owners to ask for early access

3 months ago "It's unfortunate that some gamers can't experience that right now and take part in development as the Xbox players are"

USC to start publishing label focused on "innovative work"

3 months ago USC Games Publishing aims to become the industry's equivalent of the MIT Press

6 Star Wars Battlefront passes 13m shipped as EA exceeds Q3 guidance

3 months ago GAAP net revenues were flat, however, and the publisher lost $45 million [UPDATE: physical sales dominated digital for Star Wars]

2K extends WWE license

3 months ago Take-Two locks up exclusive game rights to pro wrestling outfit for years to come


GameStop makes publishing debut with Insomniac's Song of the Deep

3 months ago GameStop's Mark Stanley and Insomniac's Ted Price and Brian Hastings on why the retailer is publishing the studio's Metroidvania-style game


9 Critical Consensus: The Witness is tough, uncompromising, triumphant

4 months ago Jon Blow's second game is a visionary work, but one at odds with the expectations of modern players

Sony unites PlayStation and Network operations under one division

4 months ago Sony Interactive Entertainment will replace separate SCE and SNEI business units in April

5 Nintendo edits Fire Emblem: Fates for the West

4 months ago Drugging and gay conversion scene will be altered for audiences in North America and Europe


6 Hitman's episodic launch is a statement of confidence

Opinion 4 months ago Lowering the cost to entry should encourage more players to try it out - and if the game is good, it'll deliver handsome returns for Square Enix

Creative England and Andy Serkis' Imaginarium form publisher

4 months ago Venture to focus on supporting small studios, expects 5-10 games this year

6 New Hitman game switches to episodic model

4 months ago "We fully acknowledge that the decision may frustrate some players"

Vivendi sells its stake in Activision Blizzard

4 months ago Former parent company unloads remaining 5.7% interest in publisher for $1.1 billion

3 Call of Duty has sold 250 million units in its lifetime

4 months ago Black Ops III pushes shooter franchise to a remarkable milestone

Channel 4's publishing arm details launch line-up

4 months ago RetroFist's Fire Fu, No Code Studios' Super Arc Light and Snowhound's Apestorm are first up from All 4 Games


6 Early Access angst? Why it's OK to sell unfinished games

Opinion 4 months ago Payload Studios' Russ Clarke on embracing the Minecraft model of development and dealing with DLC backlash

1 Monument Valley downloads increased 10x in 2015

4 months ago Giveaway promotions led to 21 million downloads, sparked sales of premium expansion

Windows Store adopts IARC rating system

4 months ago Microsoft app store for PC, tablet and phones will use the streamlined content rating process


2 10 Years Ago This Month - January 2006

4 months ago A decade ago, the hottest trends were handheld game systems, acquiring doomed developers, and protecting our kids from the moral scourge of 25 to Life and/or virtual graffiti

1 The Catalis Group buys Curve Digital

4 months ago Indie publisher now allied with Kuju Entertainment and Testronic

1 Steam hosted $3.5 billion in paid game sales last year

4 months ago SteamSpy also noted a declining rate of new releases across 2015

6 Rise of the Tomb Raider sold "well over" 1 million units

4 months ago Crystal Dynamics' sequel was one of four Xbox One exclusives to hit that milestone over the holidays


10 Landing Kojima was a necessity for Sony

Opinion 5 months ago As third-party pubs become increasingly wary of the rising costs and high risk of AAA development, Sony must step into the breach to keep PS4 customers happy

Fable Legends officially delayed

5 months ago Free-to-play debut of Lionhead RPG series will miss 2015 launch window, open beta now scheduled for spring 2016

6 EA sets up Competitive Gaming Division

5 months ago Peter Moore stepping down as COO to assume new role as chief competition officer in charge of publisher's eSports efforts

1 Oculus aims to spark pre-orders with EVE: Valkyrie pack-in

5 months ago EVE: Valkyrie will premiere on the Oculus platform in Q1 2016 and all pre-orders of Rift will include a copy

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