“People will be cynical about our intentions” - Square Enix Collective

Indie publishing label on its ambitious plans to release 10 games a year

By Christopher Dring

Humble Bundle: "The sky's the limit"

John Polson prepares to take the company into the publishing business

By Dan Pearson

Plug In Digital forms indie publishing label Playdius

And four of its games are coming to Nintendo Switch

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo and Sega set to Meet The Indies @ Rezzed

KISS, Rising Star, Curve, Premier PR and more will also sit down with creators on Thursday, March 30th

By GamesIndustry Staff

A second chance for Take-Two

10 Years Ago This Month: A shareholder revolt rights the ship for the Grand Theft Auto publisher in the wake of Hot Coffee

By Brendan Sinclair

Indies: Top tips for when you meet publishers

Road to Rezzed: Jon Torrens discusses the best way to make an impression with future investors

By Jon Torrens

ZeptoLab publishing division now open to all

Cut The Rope developer takes the full leap into mobile publishing, promises “no submission is ignored”

By James Batchelor

Nintendo Switch and Zelda break European and US records

Zelda beat Mario 64 as fastest selling launch title, Switch sales hit 313,000 in Japan

By Matthew Handrahan

Sega expands Creative Assembly with Crytek Black Sea acquisition

The 60-member development team has been renamed Creative Assembly Sofia

By James Brightman

Nintendo Switch UK launch sales hit 80,000

Zelda debuts at No.2, Horizon: Zero Dawn conquers the market

By Christopher Dring

"You need a community before doing something like Kickstarter"

Press coverage doesn't result in more backers, indie developers say, so it pays to have your own community before you start

By Matthew Handrahan

Green Man Gaming launches retail website in Germany

Retailer says big focus is to create more localised websites

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Critical Consensus

Has Nintendo created the greatest game of all time… again?

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo Switch launches into a storm of expectations

Nintendo's strategy for its new console is both familiar and brand new; as a result, there are many confused and even conflicting expectations for its first year

By Rob Fahey

Nintendo Switch: Critical Consensus

Despite absent features, critics see great promise in the new console - and in Zelda, it has one of Nintendo's best ever games at launch

By Matthew Handrahan

Is Xbox Game Pass really a threat to physical retail?

GAME and GameStop investors have been frightened by Microsoft's new digital initiative

By Christopher Dring

6.8m gamers took part in Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta

It beats Ubisoft's internal record set by The Division last year

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo Switch to sell 5 million in 2017 - SuperData

"Investors are looking for a solid win by Nintendo that at least approximates the success of the Wii"

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo promises 60 Switch indie games this year

Stardew Valley, Overcooked, Yooka-Laylee and Runner3 among those detailed so far

By Matthew Handrahan

Xbox readies digital subscription service

Pay £7.99/$9.99 a month to receive access to 100 games

By Christopher Dring

Conan Exiles hit 480k unit full-year target in 28 days

Funcom will invest as much as $10 million extra in the game through early 2018, with console launches now planned

By Matthew Handrahan

Minecraft sales jump to 122m with 55m monthly unique players

This is an increase from the 100m sales and 40m monthly players reported in June 2016

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