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Activision Blizzard raises forecast after Q1 results

A month ago Kotick cites "deepening level of engagement" with fans as driving company's financials; Hearthstone and Destiny top $1 billion in sales

EA grows sales to $4.5 billion in Fiscal 2015

A month ago Publisher continues to boost digital earnings, as digital revenues easily account for over 50% on non-GAAP basis

1 Hearthstone just hit 30m players

A month ago Blizzard's card battler keeps on growing

5 No E3 booth for Sega

A month ago Recent restructuring and relocation has Sonic publisher skipping this year's show floor

Digital game revenues nearly $59 billion by 2019 - Juniper

A month ago Research firm projects diminishing console and handheld sales while Steam drives digital transition

PS3 gets PlayStation Now in May

A month ago Sony says Vita is coming soon


5 ID@Xbox: "Our north star is 'make life easy for devs'"

2 months ago Chris Charla on promoting ID@Xbox titles and why the infamous parity clause isn't a big deal


5 What is happening at Konami?

2 months ago After years of decline, one of Japan's publishing legends is poised to exit the console market


1 Daybreak wakes up to life after Sony

2 months ago Ex-SOE execs discuss rebranding, recent turnover, free-to-play on consoles and the move to Xbox, mobile, and VR

7 Silent Hill will continue, but is Silent Hills dead?

2 months ago Konami's official response does not dispel rumours about the demise of the Kojima-del Toro collaboration

7 Skyrim paid mod pulled from Steam

2 months ago One of Valve's featured user-made mods removed for using animations from another mod without permission

3 Resident Evil HD has sold 1 million units

2 months ago Remastered version broke the day one sales record on PlayStation Network in Europe and North America

1 Telltale signs on to develop games with Marvel

2 months ago The first games will appear in 2017, a year when Marvel plans to release as many as eight movies

Square Enix plans E3 media briefing

2 months ago Final Fantasy publisher joins cavalcade of press conferences at annual LA-based gaming expo

40 Valve letting users sell Steam Workshop content

2 months ago Skyrim is first game allowing mod makers to publish and sell their creations through Steam

Spil Games offers $50k publishing deal for an Unsung Hero

2 months ago Next stage of Spils competition will provide winner with monetisation, localisation and marketing

PlayStation pushes Sony's sales forecast up

2 months ago Gaming revenue beats expectations for fourth time in fiscal year; net loss for company still expected

Mad Catz, Harmonix co-publishing Rock Band 4

2 months ago Peripheral maker re-teams with developer to handle retail sales, promotion, distribution for music game revival

13 It's harder to release a game now - Cliff Harris

2 months ago Rising advertising costs, discoverability getting worse, says Gratuitious Space Battles dev

5 Microsoft to focus E3 on first-party games

2 months ago Phil Spencer reveals strategy heading into annual LA expo, says this year's show might have a different feel than usual

Channel 4 to open a mobile games publisher

2 months ago DMA Design veteran Colin MacDonald will lead All 4 Games from Cthe broadcaster's Glasgow office


9 Between a Rock Band and a Guitar Place

Opinion 2 months ago It's 2009 all over again, but have the mistakes that put the music game genre in a coma last time actually been rectified?

Codemasters to renew F1 license

2 months ago Current deal has eight-year partnership expiring after likely launch of F1 2016

5 EA is closing two-thirds of its core free-to-play games

2 months ago Only The Old Republic and C&C: Tiberium Alliances will remain after FIFA, Battlefield and Need For Speed titles close


10 AAA should invest in indies - Ori dev

2 months ago Thomas Mahler talks about his studio's reputation, distributed development, and the project he'd love to sign to a publisher

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