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3 Blizzard considering "pristine" World of Warcraft

3 months ago After shutting down pirate servers running original version of MMO, publisher weighs in on proper support for the idea

Ratchet & Clank unseats Dark Souls III as UK #1

3 months ago But Star Fox Zero finished the week in sixth place


Toys-to-life grew 7% in 2015 - NPD

3 months ago Analyst says market likely to shrink this year but a bubble burst could be avoided if publishers innovate, expand audience beyond boys aged 8-12


4 Toys-to-life's problem isn't saturation; it's fatigue

3 months ago Jumo CCO Chris Esaki attributes recent struggles of Skylanders and Disney Infinity to lack of innovation, refusal to grow with audience


GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust

3 months ago Retailer officially moves into publishing, initially only with smaller indie titles, Mark Stanley tells us

Shovel Knight passes 1.2m sales, with 200k from retail

3 months ago "Keeping our game at full price has been a major part of our strategy"

Toytalk targets wider audience, rebrands as PullString

3 months ago Kids no longer the sole focus as Pixar vets' interactive entertainment startup moves into emerging chatbot market

5 Fable Legends' closure marks the end of Lionhead Studios

3 months ago Microsoft is in the process of issuing refunds to those who purchased in-game currency after beta is taken offline


2 Working With Publishers: A Clarification

3 months ago Dlala's AJ Grand-Scrutton puts a few things into context

Enter The Gungeon sold 200,000 copies in a week

3 months ago Dodge Roll Games and Devolver's partnership pays off

Epic opens Berlin outpost

3 months ago Publishing office to give company a more local presence in Europe and Russia

Quantum Break is the UK's #1 retail game

3 months ago Remedy's latest beats Codies' Dirt Rally to the top spot

Fear Effect returns with Kickstarter campaign

3 months ago Sushee reviving dormant IP as Square Enix manages perceptions around its involvement in crowdfunded project


Wargaming Labs: What is it good for?

3 months ago Wargaming is experimenting through its in-house innovation platform, but which direction will WG Labs take from here?

5 EA: Trump video "an unauthorized use of our IP"

3 months ago Presidential candidate tweets fan-made, Mass Effect robbing video


1 Critical Consensus: Remedy's reach exceeds its grasp with Quantum Break

3 months ago Ambitious Xbox One exclusive isn't short on style, but the critics are divided on how well it comes together

Final Fantasy XV needs 10 million sales for success

3 months ago [UPDATE]: After game director Hajime Tabata sets a sales target, Square Enix offers clarification on his intent

Square Enix backs Final Fantasy XV with feature-length movie

3 months ago Sean Bean and Lena Heady star in CG animated film, FFXV will also get a web series and mobile game

Starbreeze invests $750K in VR/AR studio

4 months ago Freeform Labs is based in Santa Monica, working on VR title ElemenTerra

Ubisoft opening production studio in Philippines

4 months ago New location to bolster Ubi's South East Asia presence, will work closely with Ubisoft Singapore

Keiichi Yano, Chris Esaki form Jumo

4 months ago Veteran developers launching indie toys-to-life outfit with mobile shooter Infinite Arms

7 Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2

4 months ago EA apologizes to Khabib Nurmagomedov, pledges to fix issue in game's next update

Firewatch has sold 500,000 units since launch

4 months ago Panic Inc. recouped its investment in a single day, wants to partner with Campo Santo on another project

Encore Publishing Group launches Octopus Tree

4 months ago New label for indie devs, has three PC titles out this year

1 Tequila Works reacquires Rime rights from Sony

4 months ago Could hint at multi-platform future for adventure title

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