Starcraft II goes free-to-play

New WoW expansion announced alongside new business model for Blizzard's hit RTS

By Matthew Handrahan

The Trouble with Trailers

Developers have learned to deal with violence and difficult themes intelligently and respectfully in recent years - it's time for marketing teams to catch up

By Rob Fahey

Curve Digital's Bomber Crew hits $1m in revenue

UK publisher scores major hit on Steam

Destiny 2 and digital drive Activision Blizzard growth

More than half of Destiny 2 copies sold on consoles were purchased digitally as Activision side carries the company's quarter [UPDATE: Over $1bn in-game revenues]

By Brendan Sinclair

Canadian game dev surging - ESA Canada

Trade group says national games industry growing at six times the pace of the country's economy

By Brendan Sinclair

EA not committing to more Switch games

Publisher wants to wait until system has been on sale a year to decide on development support beyond FIFA 18

By Brendan Sinclair

Odyssey is fastest-selling Super Mario game in US and Europe

Switch sales now at 2.6m in the US, with Odyssey selling 1.1m

By Christopher Dring

UK console game sales now 30 - 45% digital

Confidential data shown to reveals massive shift in UK game sales

By Christopher Dring

Arc System Works establishes North American branch

Developer looks to expand operations with new California office

Sonic Mania success makes up for digital shortfalls in Sega financials

Retro platformer leads packaged game sales of 8.65 million, but publisher hopes for stronger download performance by April

By James Batchelor

PUBG ban in China unlikely, says industry analyst

China is already the number one region for the game, with a 40% share of active players

By Haydn Taylor

Super Mario Odyssey sells over 500,000 copies in Japan in a few days

The latest Famitsu numbers, which don't include download sales, make Mario the second-highest selling Switch software launch

By James Brightman

Sony focus moving from hardware sales to active user base

PS4 maker the latest to underscore the increasing importance of engagement metrics over unit sales

By Brendan Sinclair

Data shows versatility of the Switch is more than just a gimmick

Nintendo still has a knack for designing unique hardware

By Haydn Taylor

EA CEO on Visceral closure: "It wasn't about single-player vs live service"

But publisher says live services continue to be "the bedrock of our business"

By James Batchelor

EA execs address Battlefront II loot box concerns

Publisher insists Star Wars shooter will offer good value to players, won't be pay-to-win

By James Batchelor

Fortnite's Battle Royale exceeds 800,000 concurrent players

The free-to-play game continues to enjoy a steady rise in popularity

By Haydn Taylor

EA Sports helps EA grow revenue, narrow losses

Digital growth more than offsets 19% year-over-year decline of packaged goods revenues

By Brendan Sinclair

Sucker Punch samurai game headlines Sony show

The Ghost of Tsushima, Evolution Studios' Onrush, and Spelunky 2 revealed in Paris Game Week briefing

By Brendan Sinclair lets devs distribute to Patreon backers

"Experimental" feature automatically generates keys for users who have linked their Patreon accounts to indie storefront

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could face ban in China

Game deviates from values of socialism, according to China's content watchdog

By Haydn Taylor

Switch shipments will near 17 million units by the end of March

Six-month results show big increases in revenue and profit, with 50 million units of software expected to ship this fiscal year

By Matthew Handrahan

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