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2 Ubisoft shutters Casablanca studio

3 months ago 48 employees to be transferred or cut as handheld developer that worked on Rayman series halts production next week

Apple will allow subscriptions for games

3 months ago App Store opening up option for all apps; revenue share for subscription devs will increase after a year

10 Mohawk wants user reviews, sales, refunds removed from Early Access

3 months ago Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company postmortem highlights the tension between developer and consumer interests on Steam

1 Gameloft CEO to step down, Vivendi issues letter to employees

3 months ago Update: Guillemot family to sell majority of its 21% stake, "against the best interest of Gameloft"


Positech Games: An Indiepocalypse survival guide

3 months ago Game devs are now as numerous as struggling actors in L.A., says Cliff Harris, so prosperity is a matter of finding your niche and investing in marketing

1 Horizon Zero Dawn delayed to 2017

3 months ago Guerrilla's next PS4-exclusive pushed back to February 28 "to deliver fully on our ambitious vision"

Mad Catz profit turns to $11m loss on "incredibly disappointing" Rock Band 4

3 months ago The resurgence of the music genre did not go according to plan

4 Overwatch and the death of the midnight launch

3 months ago Overwatch ships two days ahead of midnight launch, attracts over 7 million players in less than 10 days


1 How an American company topped China's mobile charts

3 months ago Kabam COO Kent Wakeford shares the company's big lessons from self-publishing Marvel: Contest of Champions in China

1 Rocket League hit $110m in revenue by giving away content for free

3 months ago PlayStation Plus giveaway and free major DLC updates are behind rapid growth, says Psyonix

Activision still committed to toys-to-life

3 months ago Eric Hirshberg says genre remains "fundamentally appealing" as company announces fall release of Skylanders: Imaginators

Vivendi has shareholder backing for Gameloft takeover - Report

3 months ago French mobile publisher in tough position as ownership hopes for court intervention to thwart hostile takeover

Overwatch steals UK #1 from Uncharted 4

3 months ago Blizzard's shooter secures another win, Total War: Warhammer sneaks into the retail chart

Starbreeze acquires full rights to Payday IP from 505 Games

3 months ago Deal is worth $30 million stock, and Starbreeze has marked the occasion by removing microtransactions from Payday 2

Tencent acquiring 5% equity in Paradox

4 months ago Chinese online giant's investment puts Crusader Kings publisher's total value around $420 million


3 Tiger Style: A tale of two Spiders

4 months ago Six years is a long time in mobile gaming. For Randy Smith, it meant the difference between success and failure

Uncharted 4 resists Homefront onslaught to remain UK #1

4 months ago Deep Silver's long in the making sequel settles for third place in its debut week

3 Monument Valley has earned over $14 million in two years

4 months ago But ustwo gave 80 per cent of the game's 26 million downloads away for free

13 Apple deems Palestinian dev's game "not appropriate" for the App Store

4 months ago UPDATE: Apple relents - Liyla & the Shadows of War published under the App Store's Games category

Minecraft to launch on PC and mobile in China

4 months ago Microsoft is partnering with NetEase to develop and release a new version of Mojang's game in the world's most populous country

Take-Two beats forecasts for third straight year

4 months ago Grand Theft Auto V and still-growing GTA Online continue to fuel publisher's performance as digital makes up 54% of net revenues

Nintendo preps expansion into medical device business

4 months ago Company updates articles of incorporation in advance of diversification efforts, notes moves into "computer software"

"We are providing self-actualization for a great many of our players"

4 months ago Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson slots gaming just behind air, food, shelter, and water in the hierarchy of needs, says hardware refresh cadence has gone from six years to six months

Sega returns to profit on cuts and streamlining

4 months ago But revenue across Sega's games business was flat or in decline as new products failed to excite

eSports supremacy beckons as Overwatch beta pulls 9.7m players

4 months ago Blizzard's hero shooter attracted more players than Battlefront and The Division

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