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GameStop makes publishing debut with Insomniac's Song of the Deep

3 months ago GameStop's Mark Stanley and Insomniac's Ted Price and Brian Hastings on why the retailer is publishing the studio's Metroidvania-style game


9 Critical Consensus: The Witness is tough, uncompromising, triumphant

3 months ago Jon Blow's second game is a visionary work, but one at odds with the expectations of modern players

Sony unites PlayStation and Network operations under one division

3 months ago Sony Interactive Entertainment will replace separate SCE and SNEI business units in April

5 Nintendo edits Fire Emblem: Fates for the West

3 months ago Drugging and gay conversion scene will be altered for audiences in North America and Europe


6 Hitman's episodic launch is a statement of confidence

Opinion 3 months ago Lowering the cost to entry should encourage more players to try it out - and if the game is good, it'll deliver handsome returns for Square Enix

Creative England and Andy Serkis' Imaginarium form publisher

3 months ago Venture to focus on supporting small studios, expects 5-10 games this year

6 New Hitman game switches to episodic model

3 months ago "We fully acknowledge that the decision may frustrate some players"

Vivendi sells its stake in Activision Blizzard

3 months ago Former parent company unloads remaining 5.7% interest in publisher for $1.1 billion

3 Call of Duty has sold 250 million units in its lifetime

3 months ago Black Ops III pushes shooter franchise to a remarkable milestone

Channel 4's publishing arm details launch line-up

3 months ago RetroFist's Fire Fu, No Code Studios' Super Arc Light and Snowhound's Apestorm are first up from All 4 Games


6 Early Access angst? Why it's OK to sell unfinished games

Opinion 3 months ago Payload Studios' Russ Clarke on embracing the Minecraft model of development and dealing with DLC backlash

1 Monument Valley downloads increased 10x in 2015

3 months ago Giveaway promotions led to 21 million downloads, sparked sales of premium expansion

Windows Store adopts IARC rating system

3 months ago Microsoft app store for PC, tablet and phones will use the streamlined content rating process


2 10 Years Ago This Month - January 2006

3 months ago A decade ago, the hottest trends were handheld game systems, acquiring doomed developers, and protecting our kids from the moral scourge of 25 to Life and/or virtual graffiti

1 The Catalis Group buys Curve Digital

3 months ago Indie publisher now allied with Kuju Entertainment and Testronic

1 Steam hosted $3.5 billion in paid game sales last year

3 months ago SteamSpy also noted a declining rate of new releases across 2015

6 Rise of the Tomb Raider sold "well over" 1 million units

3 months ago Crystal Dynamics' sequel was one of four Xbox One exclusives to hit that milestone over the holidays


10 Landing Kojima was a necessity for Sony

Opinion 4 months ago As third-party pubs become increasingly wary of the rising costs and high risk of AAA development, Sony must step into the breach to keep PS4 customers happy

Fable Legends officially delayed

4 months ago Free-to-play debut of Lionhead RPG series will miss 2015 launch window, open beta now scheduled for spring 2016

6 EA sets up Competitive Gaming Division

4 months ago Peter Moore stepping down as COO to assume new role as chief competition officer in charge of publisher's eSports efforts

1 Oculus aims to spark pre-orders with EVE: Valkyrie pack-in

4 months ago EVE: Valkyrie will premiere on the Oculus platform in Q1 2016 and all pre-orders of Rift will include a copy


4 Welcome to the post-indiepocalypse

Opinion 4 months ago The indiepocalypse is neither specific to indies nor apocalyptic; discuss amongst yourselves

Sega makes "multi-million dollar" investment in GoGame

4 months ago Singapore publishing startup is offering a flexible suite of services for mobile developers


2 10 Years Ago This Month: December 2005

Opinion 5 months ago Xbox 360 gets a chilly reception in Japan, Sony decides when the HD era really starts, and the concept of free-to-play needs an explanation

Ukie partners with Superdata, Reflection

5 months ago Trade group members will get research at a discount; tracking companies will get more data direct from the source

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