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4 Critical Consensus: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

3 months ago The critics agree about the latest entry's strengths and weakness, but disagree widely about whether it's actually a good game.

Vivendi raises stake in Ubisoft to 10.4 per cent

3 months ago Ubi's resolve to stay independent tested again


"I think you need to work hard to get luck"

3 months ago Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund on the ups and downs of self-publishing Vermintide

Ubisoft: "We're going to fight to preserve our independence"

3 months ago CEO Yves Guillemot reassures staff about "unwelcome" Vivendi share purchase

26 Payday 2 players in revolt over micro-transactions

3 months ago UPDATE: Overkill has made micro-transaction item free via patched random loot drops

1 Ubisoft Club replaces Uplay Win

3 months ago Uplay accounts, Uplay shop, and Uplay PC will all continue on

2 Ubisoft joins Open Gaming Alliance

3 months ago "PC gamers are important to Ubisoft"


2 Yager Development: Back from the dead

3 months ago The loss of Dead Island 2 was "catastrophic," says MD Timo Ullmann, but the German studio weathered the storm and is now focused on the future

Nexon sells shares in NCSoft, ending takeover bid

3 months ago Korean publishers end hostile relationship in $533m deal

12 EA not interested in remakes - Moore

3 months ago COO says HD re-releases feel "like pushing stuff out because you've run out of ideas"


15 Ending the Cycle of Abuse in Publisher-Developer Relationships

Opinion 3 months ago Jessica Curry is merely the most recent high-profile departure due to the unhealthy nature of pub-dev relationships - the whole field needs a rethink


Stompy Bot Corporation expands board of directors

3 months ago Jon Gill joins executive team at publisher

Blazing Griffin moves into film production with new hires

3 months ago Scottish developer to announce first post production and feature film projects soon

1 Star Wars Battlefront beta attracts 9 million

3 months ago DICE shooter becomes largest beta in Electronic Arts history; $50 Season Pass DLC plan announced with few details


3 Heroes' fate could determine Activision's

Opinion 3 months ago SuperData's Joost van Dreunen examines how Heroes of the Storm is faring months after launch and what it means for ATVI

1 SAG-AFTRA now has the authority to strike

4 months ago More than 95 per cent of union's voting members voted yes in the referendum, negotiations to re-open


8 Critical Consensus: Soaring prices mar the excellent Lego Dimensions

4 months ago Traveller's Tales aces the toys-to-life genre, but series expectations sit uneasily next to the cost of the experience

Ubisoft acquires Ivory Tower studio

4 months ago The Crew team ready to "benefit from Ubisoft's infrastructure, support, tools, technology and vision"

Square Enix cancels unpopular Augment Your Pre-Order program

4 months ago "A resounding amount of negative feedback"

5 Introversion has earned $19m from Prison Architect

4 months ago "We think that Prison Architect could be the biggest hit of the next 15 years at Introversion"

6 Star Wars Battlefront won't save the Battlefield franchise - SuperData

4 months ago The game should see $800m in revenues but it won't reverse Battlefield's continued decline, says firm


Sega Europe: "We're definitely on the right track"

4 months ago Niche PC franchises and European dev talent is now the bedrock of Sega's games business, with Creative Assembly leading the charge

1 Project Spark ditches micro-transactions

4 months ago Microsoft exits "the content creation business" as it transitions to an "incubation environment"

7 Carmack: Minecraft is "the single most important application for VR"

4 months ago Oculus CTO revels in "huge, huge win" for the Rift; details of Oculus Platform online service revealed

Revolution's Noirin Carmody is the new chair of Ukie

4 months ago Andy Payne steps down after 10 years as chair; Bidwell, Barratt, Rigden and Woodley elected to the board

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