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Ubisoft expands Quebec studio to head production on new Assassin's Creed

27 days ago Ubisoft Quebec getting $4 million investment to move into new, cutting-edge studio [UPDATE: Montreal will continue to be a lead studio for AC]

1 ASA deems Dungeon Keeper ads "misleading"

27 days ago UK advertising watchdog upholds consumer complaint about EA's free-to-play release

4 Airtight Games shuts its doors - report

27 days ago Dark Void developer hits the wall, equipment is sold off at Redmond office

1 Riot closes League Of Legends chat rooms

27 days ago "Chat rooms have grown rife with RP sellers, scammers and Elo-boost spam"


5 Million-dollar mobile budgets are very common now- Chillingo

27 days ago Ed Rumley on savvy consumers, increasing expectations, and bringing new games to market


28 Core gamers uncomfortable with industry growth - Moore

28 days ago EA COO says gaming must embrace disruption or risk the same fate as the pre-Napster music industry

3 Ouya trials $60 All-Access Pass

28 days ago Offer covers 800 games for 12 months, could lead to lasting changes


12 EA hopes to benefit from "great fight" among consoles - Moore

29 days ago EA COO talks about burying original Xbox, VR's "dork factor," Origin vs. Steam, and lack of support for handhelds


Seriously hires Rovio marketing exec

29 days ago Finnish mobile studio increases seed funding to $5 million, adds new advisors


Stephen Toulouse returns to Microsoft

29 days ago Former Xbox Live community and security boss now working on Gears of War at Black Tusk


3 Sony: Turnover helped foster indie love

A month ago Worldwide Studios' Scott Rohde on how PlayStation attracts small devs, and how the competition can replicate that success


10 Nintendo re-elects Satoru Iwata as president

A month ago As Mario Kart 8 hits 2 million sales


27 Kinect's dead, no matter what Phil says

Opinion A month ago Dropping it from the Xbox One was a good idea, but where's the new USP?

Square Enix Europe plans HQ move

A month ago New office in London in September


21 "I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-f***ing-play"

A month ago Devolver's Graeme Struthers celebrates the defeat of the console naysayers


14 "2015 is going to be our year"

A month ago Paradox's Fredrik Wester talks doubling revenues, Steam sales and that Sony deal


4 Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They'll buy it

A month ago Phil Spencer says "consumers love the device," believes developers will continue supporting it


2 HB Studios: No licenses, no problem

A month ago The huge cost of licensing has seen many sports neglected by big publishers - HB Studios is working on the solution


21 VR will be in "almost every household" - Oculus

A month ago CEO Iribe sees VR following similar trajectory to smartphone adoption, says tech needs more than just ports to play before consumer debut

5 EA: Innovation and tech problems go hand-in-hand

A month ago Andrew Wilson puts Battlefield 4's issues in context, new safeguards now in place

Bandai Namco shutting Ridge Racer Driftopia

A month ago Free-to-play racing game servers to close in August

Gone Home dev starts Dim Bulb Games

A month ago Johnnemann Nordhagen out on his own after one project with The Fullbright Company


27 Wii U at the tipping point - Nintendo

A month ago Scott Moffitt says Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will turn the console's narrative, explains VR's biggest drawback

7 Yoshida: Expect fewer first-party games for Vita

A month ago Sony WWS president points to indies, cross-platform and ports as primary sources of new content

4 Mario Kart 8 on top in Japan for third week

A month ago Nintendo's racer zooms past 400,000 sales

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