Raptr is shutting down this month

CEO Dennis Fong says September 30 will be the last day for the online optimization service

By James Brightman

Rockstar's first virtual reality release is LA Noire

GTA developer also releasing 2011 crime thriller for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 - with enhancements for X and Pro

By James Batchelor

eBay UK launches dedicated video games store

Marketplace makes major play with 'The Entertainment Shop'

By Christopher Dring

PUBG: "When you ask about growth on PC, I just look at League of Legends"

Brendan Green on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' growth, raising price-points, and the fringe benefits of working with Microsoft

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo meets need for external Switch storage with official cards

"A microSD card will be needed for certain Nintendo Switch games that contain an especially large amount of content"

By Matthew Handrahan

Good Shepherd projects averaging 30% profit

Game investment platform cites Train Fever as biggest success, earning investors more than 220% total return

By James Brightman

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tops 10 million sold

Bluehole hit shooter racks up another milestone after less than six months in Early Access

By Brendan Sinclair

Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned over $1m

Community-driven marketplace has been a success for the Minecraft ecosystem

By James Brightman

All proceeds from Shadow of War DLC will go to Michael Forgey's family

Warner Bros. has clarified that it will make no profit from the DLC, regardless of where it is sold

By Matthew Handrahan

Channel 4's games publishing arm breaks out, goes independent

All 4 Games will be spun out as an independent publisher, although still retain ties with UK broadcaster

By James Batchelor

Xbox joins Investment Summit

This month's event now featuring over 100 independent developers

By Christopher Dring

Switch can't handle Final Fantasy's Luminous Engine

Meanwhile, Furi dev says Switch port will depend on "a good enough framerate"

By James Batchelor

Making Games in Tehran: A massive market, disconnected

The first Tehran Game Convention gave Brie Code insight into an emerging industry hobbled by sanctions and restrictions

By Brie Code

Steam's problem with sex games surfaces again

A modified version of Strangers in a Strange Land is back on sale, users must download a patch to see its sex scenes

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve data shows Oculus Rift gaining market share on Steam

Rift had a strong August, gaining the most ground in a single month since Valve's survey started

By Matthew Handrahan

Halo 3 eclipses the industry

10 Years Ago This Month: The hype machine around Bungie's Xbox 360 debut engulfed the industry in a way that doesn't happen much any more

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo "disagrees" with $10m lawsuit verdict

Texas jury rules that platform holder's best-selling Wii console infringes on iLife's patents

By James Batchelor

Mixed Reality is Microsoft's biggest 2017 launch

With strong partnerships and control of the Windows ecosystem, is Microsoft positioned to win the VR/AR race in the long run?

By Rob Fahey

Funcom: "You can't survive for 20 years without a few scars"

With a new logo, new website and new product strategy, Funcom CEO Rui Casais is facing the future with confidence

By Matthew Handrahan

Gaming in the Middle East is poised for a breakout

Lara Noujaim, director of publishing at Game Cooks, explains why the Middle East will provide the next big opportunity for games

By Lara Noujaim

Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo being reissued

Capcom and iam8bit producing new run of playable cartridges for $100 each, warn that they will be a fire hazard

By Brendan Sinclair

Monster Hunter XX Switch falls short of sales expectations

But still tops Japanese weekly chart and helps to more than treble console's sales

By James Batchelor

Codemasters and Koch renew global distribution deal

Saints Row publisher will handle UK studio's games in EMEA and Americas for another two years

Tequila Works to publish first game from new UK studio Glowmade

The Rime developer is partnering with an indie studio formed by Lionhead and Media Molecule veterans

By Christopher Dring

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