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Ubisoft opening production studio in Philippines

A month ago New location to bolster Ubi's South East Asia presence, will work closely with Ubisoft Singapore

Keiichi Yano, Chris Esaki form Jumo

A month ago Veteran developers launching indie toys-to-life outfit with mobile shooter Infinite Arms

7 Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2

A month ago EA apologizes to Khabib Nurmagomedov, pledges to fix issue in game's next update

Firewatch has sold 500,000 units since launch

A month ago Panic Inc. recouped its investment in a single day, wants to partner with Campo Santo on another project

Encore Publishing Group launches Octopus Tree

A month ago New label for indie devs, has three PC titles out this year

1 Tequila Works reacquires Rime rights from Sony

A month ago Could hint at multi-platform future for adventure title

Sony responds to Microsoft's cross-platform play announcement

A month ago Sony is "happy to have the conversation" about cross-platform play on PlayStation 4.

2 Ubisoft continues to back VR with new IP Werewolves Within

A month ago Ubisoft takes early adopter approach to VR, while other AAA publishers sit on the sidelines

9 Xbox Live adds cross-network multiplayer

A month ago Microsoft allowing developers to make Xbox One games that can connect with other console networks

Cities: Skylines has sold 2 million units

A month ago Colossal Order's city-builder reaches a new milestone, buoyed by its vibrant modding community

1 Sumo Digital takes the reigns on Dead Island 2

A month ago British studio signs on to Deep Silver's troubled zombie franchise

Paradox-Ruffian partnership "amicably terminated"

A month ago Hollowpoint on hold after creative differences cause publisher and developer of co-op action game to part ways

Paradox aiming for an IPO this year

A month ago Publisher behind Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis exploring conditions to go public

16 Tim Sweeney blasts Microsoft's "aggressive UWP initiative"

A month ago Epic co-founder says program is designed to turn PC into a closed platform; Microsoft responds, "UWP is a fully open ecosystem"

7 Steam user reviews can be bought for $5 - Report

A month ago It's surprisingly easy to get positive reviews for Steam games on the Fiverr website, PCGamesN found


Zynga's recipe for a turnaround

A month ago Once and future CEOs Mark Pincus and Frank Gibeau discuss how they plan to get the Words With Friends publisher back on top

No Disney Infinity 4.0 this year

A month ago With the company's biggest brands already accounted for, Disney shifts strategy to prolong 3.0 support

8 Microsoft: MAU is the health metric of any service

A month ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer on why sales numbers are not the metric for success

Ubisoft seeks investors to avoid Vivendi takeover

2 months ago Publisher has been courting potential partners in Montreal, Toronto and London, would welcome direct investment from Canadian government

Nintendo halves profit forecast, cuts 1m from expected 3DS sales

2 months ago Company still expects to clear 17BN Yen in FY2016

1 SNK Playmore establishes SNK Entertainment

2 months ago New subsidiary created "to bring back many of our once dormant IPs" with game development and licensing opportunities

Firewatch out-sold Campo Santo's "wildest expectations"

2 months ago Sales performance of debut project ensures US indie will continue for some time yet

Tinybuild harnesses Twitch to push Punch Club to success

2 months ago Lazy Bear's game has now hit $2 million in revenue from 250,000 sales

1 Activision Blizzard-King acquisition closes

2 months ago Publisher touts "largest game network in the world" with 500 million users

3 Industry has become less hit-driven, more dependable - Ubisoft

2 months ago Publisher's plans to grow revenues by 60% over next three years includes "strong push on multiplayer-centric games"

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