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SoulCalibur Lost Swords to close November 30

A month ago Free-to-play spin on fighting game shuts down after 1.5 years


Critical Consensus: Thank the Mario Maker

A month ago Nintendo's design-a-platformer game/tool draws high scores across the board despite some limitations

1 Half of Steam's million-sellers in 2015 are on Early Access

A month ago H1Z1, Besiege and Ark: Survival Evolved are shifting big numbers despite being works-in-progress

Bleszinski: "People get jaded in this business"

A month ago Boss Key founder nearly quit the industry for good amidst "jaded" atmosphere at Epic Games

1 Mortal Kombat X for 360 and PS3 cancelled

A month ago Warner Bros. gives up on legacy generation ports for hit fighting game, cites quality concerns

1 Disney Infinity audience split 50/50 male-female

A month ago VP behind toys-to-life franchise says appeal also balanced between young and old

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices

A month ago Over 122 years of gameplay streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10 devices


1 Pulling off The Swindle

A month ago How the misfire of Gun Monkeys and an indie publishing assist helped Dan Marshall hit the mark with his new procedural stealth-action game

8 Nintendo increasingly considering movies

A month ago Miyamoto says company has been thinking more and more about its role in non-gaming entertainment


4 Critical Consensus: Metal Gear Solid V

A month ago Hideo Kojima's latest (and possibly last) game for Konami draws rave reviews, perfect 10s

8 Analysts suspect Nintendo has shelved Quality of Life

A month ago Mobile and NX seen as company's main priorities after Iwata's death

Leonie Manshanden, Tim Ponting found IndieDevKit

A month ago "Online knowledge platform for self-publishing game developers."

Jade Raymond on EA: "I kind of feel like a kid in a toy store"

A month ago Former Ubisoft exec on why she chose EA and how it's different from the French publisher


10 Market expansion is no zero-sum game

Opinion A month ago Best-ever core console sales prove that the dramatic expansion of the games market hasn't come at the expense of its traditional stalwarts

3 King revenues, profits shrinking

A month ago Declines blamed on Candy Crush Saga "maturation," second quarter results still better than had been expected

GTA V on PC drives TTWO sales up 142%

A month ago Latest release pushes shipments of Rockstar blockbuster to 54 million copies and counting


13 Konami's draconian workplace raises no eyebrows in Japan

Opinion A month ago Japanese publishers and studios routinely treat staff badly; if they hope to hold on to talent this attitude must change

Square Enix rides mobile, MMO add-ons to growth

2 months ago Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X expansions help publisher boost Q1 sales, profits

Games revenues up by 135% at WB

2 months ago Batman and Mortal Kombat boost profits at media giant

Nordic buys Jagged Alliance

2 months ago PC turn-based strategy series the latest IP in publisher's ongoing acquisition spree

Activision Blizzard results up even as WoW subs plummet

2 months ago World of Warcraft down to 5.6 million subscribers, but continued strength of Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Destiny bolster bottom line

Xbox at Gamescom: Watch the livestream here

2 months ago Microsoft kicks off the week's festivities with a bang as Sony sits on the sidelines

14 Windows 10 already on 14 million devices

2 months ago Free upgrades help push install base of Microsoft's latest operating system


18 Inside Konami: public shaming, tyrannical management and punitive reassignment

Opinion 2 months ago Nikkei paints a picture of publisher not just in disarray, but dissolution

Sega narrows its losses in games in Q1

2 months ago But the sluggish performance of its Pachinko business drags the company into the red

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