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Xbox committed to slow growth in China

A month ago Phil Spencer wants to help Chinese devs go global even as Microsoft establishes foothold in massive market

6 Nexon to publish free-to-play Titanfall in Asia

A month ago EA has partnered with the free-to-play company to bring an online PC version to Asia


1 Motiga hires new head of publishing for Europe

A month ago Rahim Attaba brings experience from Trion Worlds and Wargaming ahead of Gigantic's launch


Spil Games hires Bigpoint, Ubisoft vets

A month ago Jan-Michel Saaksmeier and Christian Godorr join in high-level publishing and monetisation roles


3 EA's Söderlund on Star Wars

A month ago "There's been a lot of guidelines and rules that you need to follow"


1 NetEase investing millions in mobile indies

A month ago NetEase North America GM David Ting explains the new Success Fund and the Chinese firm's Western expansion

6 New IP can't be judged until the third game - Square Enix head

A month ago Yosuke Matsuda says first two entries allow for experimentation; third game is when scale can be expanded

Yo-Kai Watch Busters sells 700,000 units in Japan

A month ago Level-5 IP continues to perform, beating out Capcom's Ace Attorney


Wada aims to give cloud tech a silver lining

A month ago Former Square Enix president discusses his streaming startup Shinra, the unsustainable AAA market, and VR's fragmentation problem

1 Yager dropped from Dead Island 2 after 3 years

A month ago [UPDATE] "Yager and Deep Silver's respective visions of the project fell out of alignment," says Yager CEO

6 Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid V cover

A month ago As the game's release looms, evidence of an official split with Konami is starting to pile up

EA offers game streaming through Comcast

A month ago Xfinity Games will let players stream games like Plants vs. Zombies or NBA Jam using tablets or smartphones as controllers

GameAnalytics launches indie publishing initiative

A month ago "Runway" will offer soft-launches, data gathering and analysis to small teams


Marketing has come apart - EA CMO

A month ago Chris Bruzzo discusses the new interactivity of selling interactive entertainment, when you want cultural relevance, and when you don't


9 Ubisoft: "You need to find the golden nugget"

A month ago Executive Vice President of EMEA Alain Corre on emerging markets, taking risks on new IP, and leveraging VR

Starbreeze acquires Payday film rights

A month ago Payday Productions has been developing a movie since 2012, Starbreeze now owns all assets associated with the IP

Ubisoft's Q1 sales suffer with tough comp against Watch Dogs

A month ago Sales for the French publisher's first quarter fell 73% compared to the previous Q1 that saw the release of Watch Dogs


3 Soderlund: EA "can't just be a company that's only about gigantic big things"

A month ago The EVP of EA Studios shares his strategies for tech, VR and mobile

4 PlayStation Now will give new long tail to industry, says Sony

A month ago "It's like this breath of fresh air into a franchise," Sony's Jack Buser commented


Samantha Ryan new head of EA Mobile

A month ago Former Monolith president and WBIE exec tapped to succeed Frank Gibeau at Electronic Arts

12 We've lost the trust of older fans - Sega CEO

A month ago Hajime Satomi wants to win customers back, establish the company's brand once more

1 Mad Catz expresses "substantial doubt" about future

A month ago CFO downplays situation as company filings say it's relying on Rock Band 4 to help it continue as a going concern

Square Enix pulls Mac Final Fantasy XIV from sale

A month ago Incorrect system requirements were published in the "chaos" of Heavensward's multi-platform launch


8 Sony: For VR to make progress people who make content have to make money

A month ago Find out why Shuhei Yoshida hasn't taken his Morpheus headset home just yet

6 Reactions to Nintendo's E3 "not that unfavorable" - Iwata

A month ago Iwata says visitors to Nintendo's booth were smiling and playing, "unlike the other booths in general"

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