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3 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare negativity doesn't worry Eric Hirshberg

23 days ago Activision Publishing boss says Black Ops II went through the same bad reaction at its reveal

King pushes Activision Blizzard to record Q1

23 days ago Candy Crush acquisition and Activision performance more than offset a down quarter for Blizzard

Zelda anchors Nintendo E3 plans

23 days ago Time slot typically reserved for press conference or Digital Event will now host a livestream dedicated to Wii U Zelda game

Critical Consensus: Uncharted 4 a real treasure

23 days ago A Thief's End draws widespread praise for bringing Nathan Drake's story to a satisfying close


"Cross-play with other networks? That's not the Microsoft of ten years ago"

23 days ago Marcin Iwinski sees a bright future for CD Projekt's GOG Galaxy, even in a world where Steam and UWP exist

Respawn is latest EA partner on Star Wars

24 days ago Titanfall studio making a third-person action adventure, led by former God of War director Stig Asmussen


"We don't call ourselves a publisher. We're looking for friends"

26 days ago Grip Digital on why there's still a role for people making connections

GameAnalytics now available to Unreal Engine devs

27 days ago Free analytics service can be integrated with any game made with Unreal

ESA loses three members

A month ago Mad Catz, Little Orbit, and Slang have parted ways with trade group as Pop Up Gaming signs on

Nolan Bushnell inks three game deal with Spil Games

A month ago The Atari founder's first game is expected to launch in early 2017

Minecraft makes its VR debut

A month ago The game John Carmack called his "grail" is now available for Samsung Gear VR

3 Average Steam game sales plummeting - Steam Spy

A month ago Storefront tracker says top games sell as well as ever, but the rest of the ever-expanding catalog languishes


3 CD Projekt wants to emulate "the Rockstar model"

A month ago The Witcher 3's success won't turn the company into a ten-project studio, says CEO Marcin Iwinski, but it has raised its ambitions for Cyberpunk

1 Stolen Uncharted 4 copies hit shelves early

A month ago Sony reports theft of A Thief's End shipment, asks people not to buy Naughty Dog's latest before official launch

3 Blizzard considering "pristine" World of Warcraft

A month ago After shutting down pirate servers running original version of MMO, publisher weighs in on proper support for the idea

Ratchet & Clank unseats Dark Souls III as UK #1

A month ago But Star Fox Zero finished the week in sixth place


Toys-to-life grew 7% in 2015 - NPD

A month ago Analyst says market likely to shrink this year but a bubble burst could be avoided if publishers innovate, expand audience beyond boys aged 8-12


4 Toys-to-life's problem isn't saturation; it's fatigue

A month ago Jumo CCO Chris Esaki attributes recent struggles of Skylanders and Disney Infinity to lack of innovation, refusal to grow with audience


GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust

A month ago Retailer officially moves into publishing, initially only with smaller indie titles, Mark Stanley tells us

Shovel Knight passes 1.2m sales, with 200k from retail

A month ago "Keeping our game at full price has been a major part of our strategy"

Toytalk targets wider audience, rebrands as PullString

A month ago Kids no longer the sole focus as Pixar vets' interactive entertainment startup moves into emerging chatbot market

5 Fable Legends' closure marks the end of Lionhead Studios

A month ago Microsoft is in the process of issuing refunds to those who purchased in-game currency after beta is taken offline


2 Working With Publishers: A Clarification

A month ago Dlala's AJ Grand-Scrutton puts a few things into context

Enter The Gungeon sold 200,000 copies in a week

A month ago Dodge Roll Games and Devolver's partnership pays off

Epic opens Berlin outpost

A month ago Publishing office to give company a more local presence in Europe and Russia

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