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8 Is Sega finished with console retail?

A month ago Voluntary retirement and further redundancies will hit Sega's workforce as it focuses on the "growth area" of Digital Games


39 Why Nintendo must stay the course with hardware

Opinion A month ago Wii U and 3DS missed targets, but a future without hardware still looks commercially unappealing for the House of Mario

Synthesis looks to China with its new Taiwan office

A month ago Localisation firm capitalises on the new Chinese console market

18 Wii U still flounders but Nintendo predicts full-year profits

A month ago Sales forecasts drop but currency shifts help target of 30bn for FY 2015

10 Players will expect a free-to-start experience - EA

A month ago CEO Andrew Wilson says publisher is preparing for a free trial future as a way to get new users into its services [Update: EA also seeing strength in old gen]

EA holiday quarter exceeds expectations

A month ago Publisher beats forecast as digital revenues top physical on a trailing 12-month basis for first time ever

Rovio to launch Young Adult novel series

A month ago Mintie Das' Storm Sisters is already being targeted for a film adaptation

8 Nintendo does not reward risk taking - Adelman

A month ago Dan Adelman, who oversaw digital efforts for nine years at Nintendo, reveals some insights into the company's inherent problems


Uncertainty separates the strong from the weak - Divnich

A month ago Tilting Point's Jesse Divnich weighs in on the upside to industry blind spots and the suddenly crowded indie publishing services market

Club Nintendo will close in September

A month ago But Nintendo has a replacement loyalty programme in the works

5 Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category

A month ago Publishers highlight dueling sales figures as Nintendo enters race with 2.6 million Amiibos sold in US

Starbreeze sells Brothers IP for $500,000

A month ago Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will now be controlled by 505 Games

1 Playhubs: "You'll be able to walk in here and see the future"

A month ago A non-profit accelerator backed by the UK industry's biggest names is aiming to become the focal point for entrepreneurial talent

7 Devolver claims Hotline Miami 2 verdict "stretched the facts"

A month ago And the game's developer has advised an angry fan to pirate the game if it's never released in Australia


Kalypso opens mobile office in Hamburg

A month ago Former Bigpoint and Eidos exec Marcus Behrens joins as its publishing director

1 Hotline Miami denied classification in Australia

A month ago A sequence of implied sexual assault is at the core of the problem


Square Enix shutters Indonesian mobile studio

A month ago Smileworks closed after 18 months, Square Enix to nurture partnerships in the region in its place

Ubisoft launches 2015 Graduate Program

A month ago Application deadline is January 31

1 Evolving Business Models For The Top Game Brands

Opinion A month ago How Activision and other publishers are changing the nature of games business one piece at a time

1 Blizzard's Overwatch hits trademark snag

A month ago Paintballing app and gun mount poses a problem for upcoming team shooter

Call of Duty Online launched in China

A month ago Activision and Tencent have "tens of millions" of new gamers in their sights

6 Nintendo exits Brazil thanks to high taxes

A month ago Nintendo will no longer distribute its games or hardware in the region


3 Bigger Bets, Fewer Gambles: Getting Core Publishers Back on Top of Mobile

Opinion A month ago "It's outright embarrassing how totally unrepresented many of the industry's biggest players are," says Bandai Namco's new head of mobile

Yokai Watch 2 reigns supreme in Japan

A month ago Shin Uchi holds the top spot after a superlative 2014 for Level-5's franchise


David Haddad new head of Warner Bros. gaming division

A month ago Martin Tremblay moving on as executive VP and GM Haddad will oversee day-to-day operations at WBIE

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