State Senator Leland Yee arrested

California politician who penned game law that went before Supreme Court up on corruption charges

By Brendan Sinclair

UKIE frustrated by missing tax relief

Rumours prove false as Budget fails to feature

By Rachel Weber

TIGA's Open Letter to the Chancellor, George Osborne

Delay in tax relief will cost jobs unless rectified soon, says Richard Wilson

By Dan Pearson

Why The Violent Game Debate Actually Isn't Over

Ninja Metrics CEO Dmitri Williams offers a counterpoint on the violent games topic - the issue runs much deeper in our society, he says

By Dmitri Williams

Livingstone Hopes: Why Eidos' President is opening a school

"We need to train kids today for jobs that don't yet exist"

By Dan Pearson

China temporarily lifts ban on foreign consoles

Deal requires machines to be made in Shanghai's free trade zone

By Dan Pearson

The violent game debate is over

A year after Newtown, the industry is getting all the defense it needs from games it never wanted to make in the first place

By Brendan Sinclair

Snowden papers allege NSA/GCHQ embedded in WoW, XBL

Agencies monitor individuals, recruit players and record conversations

By Dan Pearson

Microsoft to sever all ties with KSI

London launch event "does not represent Microsoft's endorsement of KSI's personal views." [UPDATE: KSI rep responds, "Sexism is not something he condones or wants to be associated with"]

By Dan Pearson

Scotland gets its own video game trade body

Scottish Games Network officially forms to represent talent in the region

By Matt Martin

WB Games expanding Montreal studio by 100 devs

Quebec invests $63 million into Batman: Arkham Origins studio to up headcount within five years

By Brendan Sinclair

GTA V actors reject accusations of encouraging violence

Parents should take more control and stop being hypocritical, say stars

By Dan Pearson

Screen Australia backs 21 indie games

Hands over $2.6 million to back country's developers

By Rachel Weber

GTA V may not be misogynist - but its 'supporters' are

This vicious treatment of unpopular opinions robs us all of the chance to have nuanced discussions about our medium

By Rob Fahey

Whore Of The Orient offends Australian councillor

"The O-word is very similar to the N-word for African-American communities"

By Rachel Weber

Violent Content Research Act draws ECA ire

Consumer group paints measure as a first step toward legislating game content, tells members to contact lawmakers

By Brendan Sinclair

Australian government report tears apart "unjustifiable" games pricing

Digital downloads worst offenders, Steam, Origin, PSN, XBL named

By Dan Pearson

Games vs. Guns: How the ESA outspends the NRA on lobbying

Former NRA and MPAA lobbyists talk tactics, explain the ins and outs of political clout, and why official numbers don't tell the whole story

By Brendan Sinclair

China may relax console bans

Restrictions would be loosened, but foreign system makers would still need government approval to sell gaming hardware

By Brendan Sinclair

Rhode Island budget includes 38 Studios debt payments

After examining consequences of defaulting, state plans to chip away at $112.6 million debt in 2014

By Brendan Sinclair

How To Open Up The Treehouse

Add Gender CEO Pernilla Alexandersson on making the industry more inclusive

By Dan Pearson

Second episode of Damsels in Distress resurfaces after disappearance

Sarkeesian's series back on YouTube after community flags remove it

By Dan Pearson

German commissioner highlights Xbox One privacy concerns

"The Xbox continuously records all sorts of personal information" says Peter Schaar

By Rachel Weber

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