De Fondaumiere: UK tax-breaks could be applied retroactively

The Quantic Dream co-founder on taxes, Hollywood and violence

By Dan Pearson

Game stigmas exaggerated, says Quantic Dream exec

Beyond: Two Souls studio's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere says image is improving, but industry falling short of its responsibilities

By Brendan Sinclair

MP highlights lack of women in games industry

Labour MP Chi Onwurah says only 6 per cent of UK ICT workers are female

By Rachel Weber

New Jersey task force pushes for violent game regulations

Report to governor's office recommends lawmakers curb sale of M-rated games to minors

By Brendan Sinclair

EU Commission "doubts" UK tax relief is necessary

Further delay as EU launches in-depth investigation with four major concerns

By Matt Martin

Random House launches free-to-play game

Joins forces with FailBetter Games for Black Crown

By Rachel Weber

IGDA head Kate Edwards: "Games are an art-form, pure and simple"

GDC 2013: Plus more on gender, cultural sensitivity and the resignation of Romero

By Dan Pearson

Games legislation still an option, says Sen. Feinstein

US Senator says industry should cut back on violent games before Congress steps in

By Brendan Sinclair

Dancing girls and industry evolution

Arguments over how the industry treats women are a good thing - they show how far we've come, as well as how much remains to be done

By Rob Fahey

Want more women in games? Start with girls

GDC 2013: Robin Hunicke, Anna Kipnis, Kiki Wolfkill and more on encouraging gender equality during Women in Games panel

By Brendan Sinclair

Brathwaite resigns from IGDA Women in Games SIG

GDC 2013: Industry veteran quits over dancers at trade body party

By Dan Pearson

Gaming's public image problem

GDC 2013: Violent games are in the cultural crosshairs; Mike Capps, Ian Bogost, and Daniel Greenberg debate how to change that

By Brendan Sinclair

Game retailers most effective at carding minors

FTC secret shopper report says it's still harder for US minors to buy M-rated games than R-rated movies or explicit music

By Brendan Sinclair

Developer takes aim at gun control debate

Molleindustria's The Best Amendment designed as sarcastic tribute to the NRA's "madness"

By Brendan Sinclair

UK games tax relief delayed

European Commission unable to approve required cultural test

By Matt Martin

VGVN hits 500,000 members

ESA's Video Game Voters Network online community hits half a million gamers ready to contact local legislators

By Brendan Sinclair

TIGA wants tax relief for cancelled games

Says 22% of UK developers have had games cancelled by publishers

By Rachel Weber

58% of parents see a tie between games, violence

Harris Poll finds majority of US parents believe games contribute to teen violence, 38% entirely unaware of ESRB

By Brendan Sinclair

ESRB: We help "protect creative freedom"

Patricia Vance talks about fighting the image of being a "censor" and outlines the benefits of ESRB's new automatic rating tool

By David Radd

BFI to administer cultural test for UK games tax breaks

Body hopes to use experience of film tests to streamline process

By Dan Pearson

ESRB awareness may be maxed out

Ratings system to continue outreach and education efforts despite plateaued 85% awareness among parents

By Brendan Sinclair

Rep. Pelosi defends violent games

House Minority Leader contests idea that media creates real-world violence in Fox News interview

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision's Skylanders franchise sells over 100m toys

While publisher signs new family friendly deal for Ninja Turtles rights

By Rachel Weber

UKIE: Tax relief must support businesses big and small

Trade body makes final recommendations for UK tax credits

By Rachel Weber

Ending the Violent Game Debate

Devs behind Twisted Metal, Night Trap, Papo & Yo, and Huntsman: The Orphanage on whether there's a problem, and what can be done to quiet the critics

By Brendan Sinclair

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