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37 A Simple Case of Bad Parenting?

Opinion A year ago As another child racks up a huge bill on Xbox Live, we shouldn't be surprised that consumers are still confused by online transactions


27 Woman Vs. Internet: How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls

A year ago The Feminist Frequency founder on games, Kickstarter and what she wants to change

1 ACTA denied by European Parliament

A year ago Controversial treaty defeated in landslide vote, could be revived by the European Commission


Podcast #7: PEGI Comes of Age

A year ago Jo Twist and Andy Robertson discuss the ramifications of age-ratings finally becoming law

4 Dutch refuse to ratify ACTA, no matter what EU parliament decides

A year ago Demands that it be "indisputably shown to be in line with the constitution"

Update: TIGA/UKIE launching consultation iniatives for UK tax breaks

A year ago Bodies gathering industry opinions to ensure appropriate legislation


10 Fatal Distraction: Don't Blame Violence For Gaming's Woes

Opinion A year ago Has mature content in games gone too far? No, but responsibility for it doesn't go far enough, writes Johnny Minkley

3 Australia formally passes mature game rating

A year ago With R18+ designation, Australian gamers are finally able to play games with fewer restrictions on censorship

5 Feminist Frequency Kickstarter project smashes target, extends reach

A year ago Anita Sarkeesian's appeal gathers nearly 15x cash goal despite hate campaign

4 UK government drops ICT curriculum

A year ago Teachers given power to choose information and communication technology focus


136 Can't We Discuss This Like Adults?

Opinion A year ago Sexualised violence against women is a serious topic. It deserves a serious debate, not conniving and dishonesty


Irish government helps attract Red 5's new European office

A year ago Firefall dev to create 30 jobs in Cork; local govt "really understand games companies"


From the '80s to Israel: The New Inspiration for Next Gen Skills

A year ago Johnny Minkley explains why coding campaigners are focused on the successes of the Middle East

10 TED book blames game and porn addiction for "the demise of guys"

A year ago A book written by the creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment puts games alongside porn

1 Progress on PEGI ratings, law expected by July

A year ago Parliamentary process begins for Video Standards Council to rate all games for UK

European commissioner casts doubt on ACTA

A year ago Kroes "observing political reality" over Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

President's Council turns to active video games to promote health

A year ago The President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition hopes active video games will get kids off the couch

5 Australian parliament to investigate software pricing

A year ago Enquiry will address price imbalance in the region compared to other international territories

3 Tax credits for video games extended by EU

A year ago 20% Industry rebate deal moves UK bid ever closer to fruition

4 TIGA urges government to reconsider DCMS abolition

2 years ago Department of Culture, Media and Sport under threat in tax-cut measure

4 Games have finally moved beyond a "period of infantilization" says author David Kushner

2 years ago The author behind Masters of Doom and just last month Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto speaks up


29 Tut-Tut: What's Wrong with Maxim's Gamer Girl?

Opinion 2 years ago Will Luton isn't angry with Maxim's Gamer Girl contest, just disappointed

US Government amends proposed cybersecurity bill

2 years ago New legislation will pass into House of Representatives before May


3 How seriously does the UK Government take child safety?

Opinion 2 years ago Years after the new PEGI system was agreed upon the age ratings game is still stuck on pause. Johnny Minkley asks what has gone wrong.


70 EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters

2 years ago EA is standing up for same sex relationships in games despite outrage from some

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