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2 Political unrest cancels Chinese gaming tournaments

2 years ago Organisers fear hosting anime show could be target of crowd aggression


4 Electronic Arts to create a further 300 jobs in Ireland

2 years ago Irish PM and government back growth of SWTOR and FIFA support centre in Galway

2 38 Studios collapse affecting Rhode Island elections

2 years ago Candidates can't escape questions about the $75m loan even though the major officials responsible have already resigned

8 UKIE makes tax relief recommendations

2 years ago Asks for 30%, no minimum budget threshold and support for indies

8 Government report snubs Scottish games industry

2 years ago DC Research claims only 200 working in games, values it at 0

4 Ubisoft's Raymond: controversial topics need "certain level of polish"

2 years ago Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond on tackling tough topics

1 Byron, Twist: safe gaming starts with parents

2 years ago New, legally enforceable ratings are good, but adults must take responsibility

2 Vaizey praises UK games investment at Creative Content Summit

2 years ago Minster for DCMS highlights Creative Assembly and Activision Leeds

2 Popcap leads new Clustering Development Team for Ireland

2 years ago Aims to create 2,500 new jobs in digital games sector by the end of 2014

7 EA, Microsoft, Zynga join opposition of Defence of Marriage Act

2 years ago Publishers sign amicus brief in opposition to proposed law against same-sex marriages

2 TIGA spent 95,000 on tax relief PR

2 years ago Trade association reveals cost of lobbying UK government and raising profile of campaign


37 A Simple Case of Bad Parenting?

Opinion 2 years ago As another child racks up a huge bill on Xbox Live, we shouldn't be surprised that consumers are still confused by online transactions


26 Woman Vs. Internet: How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls

2 years ago The Feminist Frequency founder on games, Kickstarter and what she wants to change

1 ACTA denied by European Parliament

2 years ago Controversial treaty defeated in landslide vote, could be revived by the European Commission


Podcast #7: PEGI Comes of Age

2 years ago Jo Twist and Andy Robertson discuss the ramifications of age-ratings finally becoming law

3 Dutch refuse to ratify ACTA, no matter what EU parliament decides

2 years ago Demands that it be "indisputably shown to be in line with the constitution"

Update: TIGA/UKIE launching consultation iniatives for UK tax breaks

2 years ago Bodies gathering industry opinions to ensure appropriate legislation


10 Fatal Distraction: Don't Blame Violence For Gaming's Woes

Opinion 2 years ago Has mature content in games gone too far? No, but responsibility for it doesn't go far enough, writes Johnny Minkley

3 Australia formally passes mature game rating

2 years ago With R18+ designation, Australian gamers are finally able to play games with fewer restrictions on censorship

4 Feminist Frequency Kickstarter project smashes target, extends reach

2 years ago Anita Sarkeesian's appeal gathers nearly 15x cash goal despite hate campaign

4 UK government drops ICT curriculum

2 years ago Teachers given power to choose information and communication technology focus


133 Can't We Discuss This Like Adults?

Opinion 2 years ago Sexualised violence against women is a serious topic. It deserves a serious debate, not conniving and dishonesty


Irish government helps attract Red 5's new European office

2 years ago Firefall dev to create 30 jobs in Cork; local govt "really understand games companies"


From the '80s to Israel: The New Inspiration for Next Gen Skills

2 years ago Johnny Minkley explains why coding campaigners are focused on the successes of the Middle East

10 TED book blames game and porn addiction for "the demise of guys"

2 years ago A book written by the creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment puts games alongside porn

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