Obama: Coding should be taught alongside the ABCs

"It's got to be everybody. Everybody's got to learn how to code early"

By Matthew Handrahan

Streamer 'Swatted' mid-broadcast after being doxxed

Police raid house of Joshua Peters, aim rifles at 10-year old brother

By Dan Pearson

War Games: the link between gaming and military recruitment

"Skillsets" of young players still sought by US and European forces

By Dan Pearson

TIGA reveals "20/20" vision for UK's industry

Calls for funding, export tax relief, regional promotion and better education

By Dan Pearson

Europe's data protection laws are changing, are you prepared?

Harbottle & Lewis' Nic Murfett examines the ramifications of forthcoming legislation

By Nic Murfett

ESA responds to Obama's calls for stronger data privacy laws

"Consumers need to be protected from illegal, malicious botnets and denial-of-service attacks"

By Rachel Weber

Journey composer could be expelled from union

Austin Wintory refusing to pay AFM fine for his non-union work as a composer on The Banner Saga

By James Brightman

Survey: 45% of the UK industry's women feel gender is a "barrier"

Next Gen Skills Academy also says 33% have been harassed or bullied

By Dan Pearson

White House considers a 30-day limit for disclosure of data breaches

Companies should be compelled to inform customers of hacks, says Obama

By Dan Pearson

Update: Valve returns Hatred to Greenlight after removal

Controversial game returns to Steam, despite Valve's initial objections over its content

By Dan Pearson

Activism is Freedom, Too

Campaigns for retailers to drop games or advertisers to pull marketing are a valid part of a free, healthy society

By Rob Fahey

UK Industry responds to Chancellor's Autumn statement

Help for SMEs and tax credits praised but skills funding still needed, say trade bodies

By Dan Pearson

EA named one of the best places for LGBT equality

Human Rights Campaign honors the publisher for the third year in a row

By James Brightman

No Dragon Age: Inquisition for India as EA pulls RPG

Local obscenity laws to blame, says EA, but same-sex relationships not the problem

By Dan Pearson

Sweden looking to label games that promote gender equality

Trade body Dataspelsbranschen awarded 272,000 kronor to explore ways of showing support for diversity in games

By James Brightman

UKIE issues 4-point proposal to government

Chancellor must make changes before Autumn statement, says trade body

By Dan Pearson

Kongregate CEO: It's harder to be a woman in games

Emily Greer says she gets four times the harassment as her co-founder brother

By Brendan Sinclair

Swedish developers sign declaration against sexism, abuse

Paradox, Massive, Mojang, Dice, Rovio, Starbreeze and more support diversity

By Dan Pearson

ESA: "There's no place in the video game community for threats"

US video game trade association speaks out on the growing number of harassment cases in the industry

By James Brightman

What's fueling GamerGate?

An attempt to acknowledge legitimate (but largely unspoken) grievances that have kept gamers supporting the cause

By Brendan Sinclair

"There is a literal war in this industry on women" - Wu

Giant Spacekat dev appears on MSNBC, CNN as GamerGate controversy starts grabbing national media attention

By James Brightman

Sony preparing around 200,000 PS4s a year for Chinese market

Company readies for new market after Xbox One's success

By Dan Pearson

TinyCo fined $300,000 over children's privacy

FTC issues heavy penalty to mobile developer

By Dan Pearson

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