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29 The violent games debate isn't about facts; it's about hearts and minds

Opinion A year ago America's continuing culture wars bemuse the rest of the world, but the industry has no choice but to engage positively

20 Obama calls for violent game research [Updated]

A year ago President asks Congress to fund studies on effects of games on kids, saying, "We don't benefit from ignorance"

12 Missouri legislator proposes violent game tax

A year ago Sin tax on games rated T and higher would pay to treat "mental health conditions associated with exposure" to violent games

6 Arma III devs make bail

A year ago Bohemia rep confirms developers arrested on suspicion of espionage say pair will return to Czech Republic soon

2 No mention of games in Biden proposals

A year ago Violent media reportedly absent from 19 suggested executive actions to prevent gun violence


64 It's Time to Reconsider the Violent Game Debate

Opinion A year ago Restraint, reflection necessary to distinguish overly defensive game industry from entirely divisive gun lobby

10 NRA releases iOS game

A year ago Gun lobby launches firearm safety and target shooting app rated for ages 4 and up

7 Massachusetts pulls violent games from rest stops

A year ago Newtown shooting prompts state to remove some arcade machines; town of Melrose starting violent game collection drive

21 US parents blame violence on games as much as guns

A year ago Both believed to contribute to real-world violence by 75% of parents polled

ESA confirms Biden meeting on game violence

A year ago UPDATE: Industry trade group comments on "productive and candid" meeting with vice president

3 IGDA writes Biden, calls for more game violence research

A year ago Developer group offers advice to VP, acknowledges responsibilities that come with right of free speech

8 Town ditches plan to collect, destroy violent games

A year ago Event organizer says goal already accomplished, no need to follow through with actual event

14 Biden meeting with game industry

A year ago White House says vice president will meet with reps of gun and game industries on policy changes to curb gun violence

15 NJ governor joins violent game debate

A year ago Chris Christie insists Newtown response looks at games, mental health, and substance abuse as well as gun control

2 Apple rejects game based on Syrian conflict

A year ago Endgame: Syria falls foul of Apple's real-world depiction guidelines

EMA speaks up on Newtown shooting

A year ago Retail trade group tells VP Biden violent media not the cause of school shootings

43 Connecticut town gathering, destroying violent games

A year ago Southington, CT group says giving up gory games is "an action of responsible citizenship"

55 NRA blames games in wake of shooting

A year ago US gun lobby blasts "callous, corrupt shadow industry" as part of culture of violence, says the media encourages shootings


2 War in Syria: Using Games to Understand Conflict

A year ago Why Auroch Digital made a game based on a real-world war in two weeks

10 Tax relief will have no minimum budget

A year ago Draft legislation outlines tax relief and reveals details of cultural test


6 TIGA: Tax relief will combat brain drain

A year ago Dr. Richard Wilson believes that 25 per cent tax relief will combat loss of UK dev talent

21 Osborne promises "most generous" tax relief for games

A year ago UPDATE: TIGA and UKIE respond to 25 per cent games tax relief

1 Czech president joins ArmA 3 dev cause

A year ago Asks Greek president to "follow this unfortunate affair with special attention"

3 Slant Six Games: Vancouver industry "in a bit of peril"

A year ago CFO calls for more investment in the region

2 Presidential debate draws 100,000 on Xbox Live

2 years ago Swing voters call it for Obama as Microsoft touts engagement numbers

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