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25 Chi Onwurah: girls, gaming and growth

A year ago GameHorizon Live: "The lack of women in ICT is an absolute scandal that shames us as a country"

9 EA drops gun licenses, will use them anyway

A year ago Publisher says it doesn't need manufacturers' approval to put their weapons into games


12 Publishers Betting On "Fewer, Bigger, Bloodier"

Opinion A year ago The traditional game industry's growing reliance on violence is marginalizing the medium in short-sighted and self-destructive ways

1 US report cites piracy hotspots

A year ago Ukraine leads offending countries, Canada and Israel removed from Priority Watch List


De Fondaumiere: UK tax-breaks could be applied retroactively

A year ago The Quantic Dream co-founder on taxes, Hollywood and violence

Game stigmas exaggerated, says Quantic Dream exec

A year ago Beyond: Two Souls studio's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere says image is improving, but industry falling short of its responsibilities

10 MP highlights lack of women in games industry

A year ago Labour MP Chi Onwurah says only 6 per cent of UK ICT workers are female

2 New Jersey task force pushes for violent game regulations

A year ago Report to governor's office recommends lawmakers curb sale of M-rated games to minors

14 EU Commission "doubts" UK tax relief is necessary

A year ago Further delay as EU launches in-depth investigation with four major concerns

Random House launches free-to-play game

A year ago Joins forces with FailBetter Games for Black Crown


3 IGDA head Kate Edwards: "Games are an art-form, pure and simple"

A year ago GDC 2013: Plus more on gender, cultural sensitivity and the resignation of Romero

12 Games legislation still an option, says Sen. Feinstein

A year ago US Senator says industry should cut back on violent games before Congress steps in


65 Dancing girls and industry evolution

A year ago Arguments over how the industry treats women are a good thing - they show how far we've come, as well as how much remains to be done

42 Want more women in games? Start with girls

A year ago GDC 2013: Robin Hunicke, Anna Kipnis, Kiki Wolfkill and more on encouraging gender equality during Women in Games panel

41 Brathwaite resigns from IGDA Women in Games SIG

A year ago GDC 2013: Industry veteran quits over dancers at trade body party

Gaming's public image problem

A year ago GDC 2013: Violent games are in the cultural crosshairs; Mike Capps, Ian Bogost, and Daniel Greenberg debate how to change that

Game retailers most effective at carding minors

A year ago FTC secret shopper report says it's still harder for US minors to buy M-rated games than R-rated movies or explicit music


6 Developer takes aim at gun control debate

A year ago Molleindustria's The Best Amendment designed as sarcastic tribute to the NRA's "madness"

8 UK games tax relief delayed

A year ago European Commission unable to approve required cultural test

VGVN hits 500,000 members

A year ago ESA's Video Game Voters Network online community hits half a million gamers ready to contact local legislators

9 TIGA wants tax relief for cancelled games

A year ago Says 22% of UK developers have had games cancelled by publishers

22 58% of parents see a tie between games, violence

A year ago Harris Poll finds majority of US parents believe games contribute to teen violence, 38% entirely unaware of ESRB


2 ESRB: We help "protect creative freedom"

A year ago Patricia Vance talks about fighting the image of being a "censor" and outlines the benefits of ESRB's new automatic rating tool

1 BFI to administer cultural test for UK games tax breaks

A year ago Body hopes to use experience of film tests to streamline process


5 ESRB awareness may be maxed out

A year ago Ratings system to continue outreach and education efforts despite plateaued 85% awareness among parents

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