Bethesda joins ESA

Fallout publisher signs up with trade group alongside Vantiv, Greybox, and Snail Games

By Brendan Sinclair

ESA names new gov't affairs directors

Trade group taps Nika Nour, Melissa Foxman, Kevin O'Hanlon to advocate for games industry with US federal officials

By Brendan Sinclair

80% of US gamers plan to vote in 2016 - Survey

ESA-funded look at gamers' political leanings find more identify as conservative than liberal

By Brendan Sinclair

Ukie aims for £1 billion UK market growth by 2020

"Blueprint for Growth" report seeks to build on national industry's current strength

By Matthew Handrahan

ESA butts heads with UN over online harassment report

[UPDATE] UN pulls report on cyber violence against women and girls, apologizes for errors and poor sourcing

By Brendan Sinclair

All creative staff should support the actors

Actors haven't jumped an imaginary queue by demanding better treatment, but their stand might improve conditions for all creatives

By Rob Fahey

Australia sees surge in banned games

Classification of digital games using IARC leads to 220 titles banned in less than four months

By Brendan Sinclair

Apple pulls games with Confederate flag imagery

Civil War games removed from App Store [UPDATE: Apple reinstating some games with the flag]

By Brendan Sinclair

France reforms cultural tax breaks for games

Government loosens restrictions on qualification, allowing 18-rated games

By Dan Pearson

Conflict minerals the real link between games and violence

Game industry's track record of making sure its money doesn't fund war crimes in DR Congo is improving, but still appalling

By Brendan Sinclair

John Whittingdale named head of Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Former chair of CMS select committee is a longstanding supporter of games industry tax breaks

By Matthew Handrahan

GamerGate meetup halted by bomb threat

Police interrupt weekend Washington, D.C. gathering of movement supporters

By Brendan Sinclair

Is the US gov't finally over video game violence?

Mark DeLoura, former senior advisor at the White House, says the government is far more concerned with opportunities games offer the public

By James Brightman

Report: Firmware update sets Chinese Xbox Ones region free

Machines thought to be able to play imported games, international multiplayer

By Dan Pearson

Tax breaks and Talent: 5 years with the coalition

Jo Twist on what the election means for the UK's industry

By Jo Twist

Julia Hardy's Misogyny Monday

How to get the most out of your online sexist abuse

By Julia Hardy

UK industry welcomes budget funding

TIGA and UKIE praise £8 million injection to skills and prototyping

By Dan Pearson

Why is the Grand Theft Auto CEO also chairman of the ESRB?

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick's role undermines the perceived independence crucial to the US ratings board's legitimacy

By Brendan Sinclair

Obama: Coding should be taught alongside the ABCs

"It's got to be everybody. Everybody's got to learn how to code early"

By Matthew Handrahan

Streamer 'Swatted' mid-broadcast after being doxxed

Police raid house of Joshua Peters, aim rifles at 10-year old brother

By Dan Pearson

War Games: the link between gaming and military recruitment

"Skillsets" of young players still sought by US and European forces

By Dan Pearson

TIGA reveals "20/20" vision for UK's industry

Calls for funding, export tax relief, regional promotion and better education

By Dan Pearson

Europe's data protection laws are changing, are you prepared?

Harbottle & Lewis' Nic Murfett examines the ramifications of forthcoming legislation

By Nic Murfett

ESA responds to Obama's calls for stronger data privacy laws

"Consumers need to be protected from illegal, malicious botnets and denial-of-service attacks"

By Rachel Weber

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