BAFTA Breakthrough Brits 2016 announced

Honourees include five video games creators

By Christopher Dring

"Risk-takers are always sexy" - Yoot Saito

Designer of Seaman and SimTower candidly returns to commercial gaming for the money, suggests a spiritual sequel is on the way

By Brendan Sinclair

Steve Meretzky gone from GSN Games

Veteran developer has mixed feelings on his time with social casino studio, unsure of next steps

By Brendan Sinclair

Pro-skier Matilda Rapaport dies whilst filming footage for Steep

Extreme sports star killed by avalanche during Ubisoft project

By Dan Pearson

A Global Platform Through a Western Lens

Miodrag Kovacevic on why patience is better than rage

By Miodrag Kovacevic

Peter Vesterbacka leaves Rovio

Angry Birds' Mighty Eagle flies the coop to work in education

By Dan Pearson

Chris Smith and Paul Andrews resign as Retro Computers directors

Vega+ project now solely in hands of David Levy after "irreconcilable differences"

By Dan Pearson

Riot uses LoL chatlogs to weed out toxic employees

Being a troll in-game translates IRL, finds developer

By Dan Pearson

EA veteran David DeMartini passes away

Former Oculus exec, head of EA Partners and EA Origin is sadly no longer with us

By James Brightman

BAFTA to honor Amy Hennig

Former Uncharted writer/director to receive a BAFTA Special Award next month

By James Brightman

Women in Games Awards Winners

Bestwick, Twist, Reddy, Laird, Payne and Stanley take first ever prizes

By Dan Pearson

Rich Hilleman leaves EA

Influential Madden designer and chief creative director parts ways with publisher

By Brendan Sinclair

Audio vet Jory Prum passes away

Award-winning engineer known for work on LucasArts, Telltale projects succumbs to injuries from motorcycle accident

By Brendan Sinclair

Alex St. John: Shut up and be grateful for your 80 hour weeks

"Wage slaves" should "shake off mental shackles" says multi-millionaire. [UPDATE: St. John's daughter blasts his "toddler meltdown"]

By Dan Pearson

Tencent CEO Pony Ma makes $2bn charity pledge

100 million company shares to go to good causes in China

By Dan Pearson

Ken Levine working on Twilight Zone hybrid

BioShock director takes a side project with interactive video tech company Interlude

By Brendan Sinclair

Housemarque's Antti Kallioinen passes away

Veteran developer, serial entrepreneur, and Alienation art lead dies suddenly at age 42

By Brendan Sinclair

MaxPlay joins OGA

Hans ten Cate to chair OGA's Cloud Gaming special interest group

By Rachel Weber

Stainless Games appoints Jan Lindner as new CEO

Patrick Buckland shifts to Executive Chairman role

By Dan Pearson

Riot closing Brighton offices

Creative Services branch to be relocated to Dublin headquarters

By Dan Pearson

Activision, Riot among Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For"

"Everything we do starts with our employees' talent," says ATVI CEO Bobby Kotick

By James Brightman

Obituary: Fergus McGovern

Co-founder of Probe, Hotgen passed away suddenly at the weekend

By Dan Pearson

Candy Labs veterans found Fracture Games in Brighton

World of Warriors core team returns to mobile development

By Dan Pearson

Keith Ramsdale joins Testronic

Former EA boss joins QA arm of Catalis Group

By Dan Pearson

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