Nordic Game 2014

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"Your backers are smart, they've done this before. That's our main advice"

2 years ago Kickstarter's Cindy Au talks funding, fans and the risk of failure


4 Reiner Knizia: "I think people will come back to full-price games"

2 years ago With over 500 games to his name, Knizia is still finding new horizons


4 Bithell: "You stop looking punk if you used to be in Boyzone"

2 years ago On Twitch, Thomas and why today's indies are tomorrow's corporate execs


2 "Success buys freedom. It's really just as simple as that"

2 years ago Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt on Ubisoft, F2P and new technology

3 Housemarque's Resogun voted GOTY at Nordic Game Awards

2 years ago PS4 launch exclusive takes grand prize at Malmo show

3 Why is the Nordic region so good at making games?

2 years ago Massive CEO David Polfeldt explains all at the Nordic Game Festival

Nordic Game sees strong UK delegation

2 years ago 16 British companies break conference record

Final Nordic Game line-up confirmed

2 years ago David Braben, Steve Gaynor, Marty O'Donnell all attending Malmö event

1 Nominees unveiled for Nordic Game Awards 2014

2 years ago Region prepares to showcase its talent in Malmö next month

Keynote speakers confirmed for 10th Nordic Game

2 years ago Braben and Polfeldt head bill spanning audio, crowdfunding and AAA development

UKTI and TIGA offer Nordic Games Conference grants

2 years ago "I expect demand for these grants to be very high"

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