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57 EA's Dungeon Keeper is a real torture

Opinion 6 months ago Rather than condemning all F2P, Dungeon Keeper should be a lesson in what can go wrong and how to avoid it

DeNA revenue and profits continue slide in Q3

6 months ago Japanese mobile firm's operating profit has declined in each of the last five quarters

Line hits $70m game revenue in Q4

6 months ago Japanese messaging app now a major publishing platform for game developers


1 Take-Two plays the waiting game with mobile

6 months ago Strauss Zelnick on Wii U, Oculus Rift, and what happens with Rod Fergusson's Bay Area studio now that he's jumped ship to Microsoft


1 Zynga feeling the Euphoria

6 months ago Clive Downie on why NaturalMotion isn't another OMGPop, and how the Euphoria tech will act as a "catalyst" for creativity and emotion in its games


3 Activision considering closing The Blast Furnace

6 months ago The UK mobile studio behind Call of Duty: Strike Team is currently being evaluated by the publisher

Gameloft full-year sales up 12%

6 months ago Mobile game maker touts longevity as more than 75% of revenues came from games launched before 2013

4 Nintendo denies report of going mobile

6 months ago Mario maker says there are no plans for minigames on smartphone devices

10 Rovio: We don't work with government spies

6 months ago Angry Birds maker says it won't share end user info with NSA or other surveillance agencies

1 Apple sells record number of iPhones, iPads

6 months ago Company sets new marks by selling 51 million phones, 26 million tablets over holiday quarter

15 Nintendo going mobile - Report

6 months ago Japanese paper says company will make free smartphone demos of Nintendo-exclusive titles

1 Quark Games becomes fifth dev to partner with Tilting Point

7 months ago Tilting Point to help fund and market Quark's mobile and tablet games as part of multi-title agreement

1 Kabam doubles revenue in 2013, "seriously considering" IPO

7 months ago The mobile publisher behind The Hobbit said it generated $360 million last year

27 Nintendo evaluating new business, "studying" smart devices

7 months ago Nintendo is feeling the pressure of its latest poor fiscal report

10 Plastic surgery game removed from sale

7 months ago Apple, Google yank child-focused Plastic Surgery for Barbie game from App Store and Google Play

Apple settles FTC complaint over kids' in-app purchases

7 months ago iPad maker questions regulator's involvement, but will pay $32.5 million to avoid legal battle

2 Mobile gaming to push industry above $100 billion by 2017

7 months ago Digi-Capital's Tim Merel says much of this growth will come from Asian markets

1 SoftBank leads $120m investment round in Chinese app store

7 months ago Wandoujia poised to unify lucrative but fragmented Chinese mobile market


5 EA sees Chillingo founders depart

7 months ago EA has confirmed the latest set of studio founders to leave the company

36 Nvidia promises "same graphics features as PS4/Xbox One" from Tegra K1

7 months ago New 192-core mobile GPU shown running Unreal Engine 4 at CES

1 Wikipad joins the mobile controller fray

7 months ago The tablet maker is making a detachable mobile game controller called the Gamevice


2 PopCap losing cofounders

7 months ago CEO Dave Roberts, chief game designer Jason Kapalka reportedly leaving Plants vs. Zombies studio; John Vechey becomes new GM


16 Hope Springs Eternal: Can Mobile Offer a Console Experience?

8 months ago Ryan Payton on developing République, going episodic and why F2P is "manipulative, evil and anti-consumer"

41 Nintendo targeting Wii U marketing to kids, families

8 months ago Reggie Fils-Aime lays out holiday plan for latest console, says Nintendo experimenting with mobile experiences


2 Happy Trails

8 months ago 2013 News of the Year, Part 1: It's been an eventful year but we're counting down the top 10 events and trends for easy digestion

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