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Line's new CEO restarts IPO prep after a strong 2014

3 months ago Chat service now has 181 million MAUs and more than $100m in quarterly game revenues


Midcore mobile competition as fierce as casual?

3 months ago Juicebox Games CEO and former Zynga dev Michael Martinez discusses the differences he's noticed moving between markets


5 The harsh reality of living the dream

3 months ago For three Dutch indies, making a living from mobile development is becoming harder by the day - "This is when the bubble bursts"


Brave Frontier publisher Gumi cuts 11% of staff following IPO

4 months ago Gumi hasn't had as much success outside of Japan as it expected, CEO not to receive pay for six months


36 Is mobile success now impossible for small developers?

Opinion 4 months ago Enormous budgets at the top end don't have to mean the end of the dream for everyone else


Former Disney execs "democratizing doing good"

4 months ago Tom Kang, John Pleasants leading new mobile publisher dedicated to empowering players to help global causes


1 "It's Open Season for Premium Creators" - Badland dev

Opinion 4 months ago Frogmind's COO shares his learnings on how to leverage a competitive multiplatform landscape

1 Clash of Clans, Hay Day help Supercell double profits in 2014

4 months ago Finnish mobile powerhouse has been gaining momentum as its revenues tripled over the last year


Android CPI back above iOS

4 months ago Both platforms hover around $1, but Android cost has halved in a year

Disney Tsum Tsum has reached $300 million in revenue

4 months ago And it's largely thanks to the reach of Line's mobile messaging service


5 Mobile budgets will go console crazy

4 months ago Hammer & Chisel founder Jason Citron sees maturing mobile market leading to the same problems home systems have dealt with for years

2 Sega's mobile hits inspire a shift in strategy

4 months ago With the publisher earning millions every month, the next fiscal year will see the rapid expansion of its mobile lineup


Gree appoints Vice President of RPGs

4 months ago Former Kabam exec Keith Kawahata will now lead the growth of Gree's Western portfolio


10 "Nintendo will be another titan in the mobile game industry"

4 months ago The mobile industry reacts with enthusiasm and optimism to Nintendo's huge news this week


Japan: Mobile game marketing reaches new heights

4 months ago Huge outdoor and TV campaigns have become essential for mobile game launches in Japan; success in this field has never been so expensive

Annual Rovio EBIT down 73% as merchandising falters

4 months ago Games income growing but consumer products plummets

1 Nintendo, not DeNA, to "mainly" handle mobile development - Iwata

4 months ago Satoru Iwata clarifies who's making Nintendo's mobile games and affirms that they may act as a bridge to dedicated game systems


Chillingo looks to China with Shanghai office

4 months ago Happy Fish Games will be Chillingo China's first client


5 Nintendo/DeNA: The Best of Both Worlds?

Opinion 4 months ago Nintendo IP on smartphones could hardly be more cautious; the endgame is still dedicated hardware

Nintendo and DeNA have been talking since 2010

4 months ago DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako believes his company can reach 100 million daily active users with Nintendo's IP


20 Roundtable: Is Nintendo's mobile move a smart play?

Opinion 4 months ago The GamesIndustry team discusses the strategy and implications of the landmark deal with DeNA

2 ESRB expanding to mobile, digital platforms

4 months ago ESRB and rest of the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) will bring global game ratings to Google Play, consoles and more

20 Nintendo moving to mobile with DeNA, announces new hardware

4 months ago Iwata says new "NX" hardware is proof of commitment to dedicated devices


2 Vainglory aims to be "caricature anti-monetizer"

4 months ago Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale on free-to-play and the unhealthy "industry obsession" with top grossing app charts


NativeX names new CEO

4 months ago "We are continuing to develop new innovative ad formats"

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