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36 Nvidia promises "same graphics features as PS4/Xbox One" from Tegra K1

3 months ago New 192-core mobile GPU shown running Unreal Engine 4 at CES

1 Wikipad joins the mobile controller fray

3 months ago The tablet maker is making a detachable mobile game controller called the Gamevice


2 PopCap losing cofounders

3 months ago CEO Dave Roberts, chief game designer Jason Kapalka reportedly leaving Plants vs. Zombies studio; John Vechey becomes new GM


16 Hope Springs Eternal: Can Mobile Offer a Console Experience?

4 months ago Ryan Payton on developing République, going episodic and why F2P is "manipulative, evil and anti-consumer"

41 Nintendo targeting Wii U marketing to kids, families

4 months ago Reggie Fils-Aime lays out holiday plan for latest console, says Nintendo experimenting with mobile experiences


2 Happy Trails

4 months ago 2013 News of the Year, Part 1: It's been an eventful year but we're counting down the top 10 events and trends for easy digestion

12 Samsung reveals GamePad and Mobile Console app

4 months ago Samsung decides to take on consoles with its Galaxy device lineup

14 Apple names Ridiculous Fishing iPhone Game of the Year

4 months ago Explosive Vlambeer hit takes small-screen nod as Frogmind's Badland earns iPad Game of the Year

Kontagent, PlayHaven to merge

4 months ago Companies teaming up to help app developers "understand user behavior, decide what it means, and act immediately to impact their businesses"


3 "Fast follow" no longer works in mobile

4 months ago As TinyCo gets into licensed fare with Family Guy, studio's Andrew N. Green says quality games, more traditional marketing key for future

2 Miniclip hits 250 million mobile downloads

4 months ago "Game players know that the Miniclip brand represents great quality games"

3 King delays IPO amid one-hit wonder concerns

4 months ago Candy Crush Saga company worried that the game is "too successful," wants to prove it can follow up with more hits


32 Mobile Controllers: Game On or Dead On Arrival?

4 months ago We chat with several devs about the new iOS game pads and what impact they will ultimately have


4 Giving Away Your Game is Hard

4 months ago Frogmind COO Teemu Mäki-Patola (developer of Badland) on how to choose a business model for your mobile game, why F2P may not be best for some

16 Epic: "We've yet to see the real value of the second screen"

4 months ago Epic vice president Mark Rein on the mobile market and the impact on consoles

14 Google Glass could have iPhone-like impact on gaming

4 months ago Glu Mobile CEO sees potential for a wearable computing revolution as mobile's big players only get bigger

8 iOS cost per install to exceed $7 over holidays

4 months ago Superdata warns of "user acquisition bloodbath," suggests skipping the seasonal marketing push

14 iPhone gets its first officially licensed controller

5 months ago Moga's Ace Power controller utilizes the new framework built into iOS 7 and gives any iPhone 5 or 5th gen iPod Touch console-like controls

GungHo considers moving HQ to Finland

5 months ago Low taxes and vibrant start-up culture tempt Supercell owner

7 Candy Crush Saga hits half a billion downloads

5 months ago "The fact that you can access it on lots of different devices is very important"

6 Nintendo stock rises after mobile investment

5 months ago But Dwango Co. share buy is ad-related, not content

Nokia Growth Partners makes $6m investment in MAG Interactive

5 months ago 45 million Ruzzle downloads attract attention of mobile investor

3 Devs shouldn't dismiss complainers despite what metrics say

5 months ago Kingdoms at War producer says community feedback key to making data-driven design make sense

10 Devs can't "create magic" with a spreadsheet in front of them

5 months ago Sociologist Jen Whitson examines how analytics are shaping the industry for better and, more pressingly, for worse

1 Moshi Monsters publisher: US is "definitely a focus"

5 months ago The UK success story is turning its attention towards the US

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