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Mobile gaming overtakes PC in Southeast Asia - Report

A month ago Niko Partners projects Vietnam and Indonesia to show fastest growth in coming years

2 Mobile consolidation on the way - Analyst

A month ago Doug Creutz says clear leaders emerging on mobile; Facebook gaming "looks like a virtual gambling den"


5 "It will be hard to tell the difference between what's real and what's virtual"

A month ago Google's Noah Falstein is a big believer in VR but he sees mobile as the greatest near-term opportunity


Rovio cuts 20 fewer jobs than expected

A month ago 110 employees still made redundant, Tampere studio closed

1 Space Ape Games nets $7 million ahead of new RTS

A month ago London studio's first game earned $20 million in aggregate revenue


21 Is F2P at a turning point?

Opinion A month ago Opponents shouldn't read too much into recent statements; free is firmly entrenched among mobile consumers

Inzen raises $750k to tackle Chinese mobile market

2 months ago Singaporean dev has rights to games created by MIT Gambit Game Lab

Gamevil acquires Waplesoft

2 months ago South Korean mobile developer will focus on RPG titles

KongZhong buoyed by Western titles in Q3

2 months ago Chinese firm's Guild Wars 2 and World of Tanks publishing deals continue to pay off

5 Premium mobile games have yet to find breakout success - EEDAR

2 months ago Patrick Walker, EEDAR's Head of Insights and Analytics ,takes a look at how premium priced mobile games are faring

Report: iPhone 6 pushed app downloads to record levels in October

2 months ago Top 200 iOS apps downloaded 7.8m times per day, says Fiksu

6 Free-to-play has reached its limits - Analyst

2 months ago SuperData CEO says he sees a sort of backlash against freemium models, kids and parents preferring premium

Flow State Media raises $1 million

2 months ago Realtime multiplayer on mobile brings in new funding for Letter Up dev


6 Free-to-play stigma unlikely to fade away soon - Celtic Heroes dev

2 months ago One Thumb Mobile's Paul Simon also sees more and more AAA gaming experiences coming to mobile

Chinese devs can now sell through Google Play

2 months ago But the Android store is still unavailable to Chinese smartphone users

4 App Store removes "Free" from game descriptions

2 months ago Apple follows Google's lead, now uses "Get" for download button on freemium titles

Adjust opens offices in Shanghai and Tokyo

2 months ago Mobile analytics company takes on Asian markets after 300 per cent regional revenue growth


1 When a AAA studio makes the jump to mobile

2 months ago Square Enix Montreal's Ollie Sykes on how the console shop created to breathe new life into Hitman fulfilled its goal on mobile

Fiksu analysis shows Android and iOS CPI still converging

2 months ago iOS costs up 25% YoY as Android drops by same amount


10 Mobile shifting away from consumables - X-Men dev

2 months ago Glitchsoft CEO Andrew Fisher says brands are becoming more interested in free games with for-pay expansions

Reliance looking to buy Western game studios

2 months ago Real Steel publisher assessing North American and European mobile developers for acquisition

1 Gumi to file IPO at $890 million valuation

2 months ago Japanese mobile dev will float on the Tokyo Stock Exchange next month

Tencent and Line make joint $110m investment in Korean dev

2 months ago 4:33 Creative Lab will provide content for messaging services

Scopely closes $35M Series A round

2 months ago "In a unique position to emerge as a leading network for touchscreen entertainment"

1 Big Fish Games to be acquired for $485 million

2 months ago Churchill Downs could pay an additional $400 million in earnouts

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