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King's Z2 studio cuts support staff

A month ago "We are removing some support functions and capitalizing on the experience and talent within the studio"

Firefly Games raises $10 million more

A month ago Rush of Heroes publisher will invest funding in movie-based games, VR, eSports


11 "Premium is dead. That's a fact, so let's deal with it"

A month ago With Lost in Harmony, Digixart's Yoan Fanise confronted the death of premium on mobile, but that shouldn't mean the death of variety

GREE Inc. is back in the black after transitional year

A month ago Japanese firm readies for "new release blitz" in the next fiscal year after 12 months of declining revenue

1 Pokémon Go sponsorships will ease "that pressure" to dial up IAP

A month ago "It's tough to be disciplined and understand where you want to draw the line between monetisation and fun gameplay" - Niantic CEO John Hanke

3 Pokémon Go blocks third-party services as global rollout continues

A month ago Niantic's game earned a reported $200 million in its first month, giving rise to a cottage industry of external sites


9 Beware the Pokemon Go Bandwagon

Opinion A month ago The phenomenal success of Niantic's game is driving developers, IP holders and venture capitalists towards mobile AR, but most of those bets won't pay off

Zynga posts another up-and-down quarter

A month ago Frank Gibeau says company turnaround is building momentum, confirms work on games using VR, AR, and wearables


Zynga names Matt Bromberg COO

A month ago Former EA senior VP of mobile strategy and operations joins Words With Friends publisher

App Store devs have earned $50 billion

A month ago Apple CEO shares news

Samsung Gear VR hits 1 million MAUs

2 months ago Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg sheds light on the growing reach of mobile VR, believes that AR will follow the same path

Brazil, India and Russia in the top 5 markets for Unity installs

2 months ago Q2 data shows the growing importance of mobile markets outside of Europe and North America


1 Crossy Road studio Hipster Whale expands into publishing

2 months ago The Australian mobile studio has hired Atari and Krome vet Clara Reeves to run the business

Pokemon GO drives Nintendo market cap past Sony

2 months ago Nintendo's value has doubled, approaching $40 billion, thanks to Niantic's Pokemon mobile game

China overtakes US in iOS game revenues - App Annie

2 months ago And Japan now finds itself in third place on iOS, according to the market intelligence firm


8 5 Ways to Improve Pokémon GO from a Location-based Game Designer

Opinion 2 months ago Wes Leviton of Adrian Crook & Associates offers his insights based on firsthand experience with location-based mobile games

SoftBank to buy ARM for Ł24bn

2 months ago UK processor firm will keep Cambridge base, expects to double workforce


Pokemon GO shows us the power of brands and AR

Opinion 2 months ago Weekly roundup: Nintendo flexes its muscle, PewDiePie is vindicated, and Valve finally distances itself from gambling

Line IPO raises $1.1 billion, the biggest in tech in 2016

2 months ago Around 40% of revenue comes from games, stickers and comics, and Japanese messaging service is seeking to expand with new content


9 Pokemon GO is the perfect marriage of IP and technology

Opinion 2 months ago Both Niantic and Nintendo deserve credit; if Nintendo can find such good matches for its other core IPs, the company's future is bright

7 Pokemon GO is now the biggest US mobile game ever

2 months ago Niantic's insta-hit has topped Twitter's daily users and sees more engagement than Facebook

7 Location, location, location: Pokémon GO's unique strength and biggest problem

2 months ago Niantic eyes sponsored locations just as the complaints from real-world businesses start to roll in

15 Pokemon GO's launch was an unqualified success - almost

2 months ago UPDATE: SuperData estimates that the game has generated $14.04 million across mobile platforms since its release

SGN acquires TinyCo

2 months ago "Buying TinyCo helps us diversify the types of games we offer"

Animoca acquires Finnish dev TicBits

2 months ago Brand-based mobile publishers pays €2.35m for small team

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