The Last Guardian once again asks for your patience

Critical Consensus: After nearly a decade, is Ueda-san's latest worth the wait?

By James Brightman

New study explores sexism among Twitch commenters

Female streamers more likely to receive comments about their appearance than the games they play

By James Batchelor

Future's profits up, websites grow but magazines are down

PC Gamer revenue up 43% 'through strengthened relationships with hardware providers'

Is honesty the best policy?

Weekly round-up: EA's new YouTube rules and Game Awards premieres call for more transparency from a highly exposed industry

By James Batchelor

Warner Bros. to acquire Machinima

Longtime investor snaps up remaining portion of gaming and fan-focused video creator network

By Brendan Sinclair

EA wants to ensure that streamers disclose sponsorships

The publisher is requiring influencers to use hashtags and watermarks on their content

By James Brightman

Critical Consensus: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Game Freak wows critics with a new director, fresh ingredients and just enough nostalgia

By Dan Pearson

Nintendo: "We have no interest in switching our customers"

President Tatsumi Kimishima says the company will target families and kids through hands-on Switch demos

By Matthew Handrahan

The new is here!

A letter from the editor about our brand-new look

By James Brightman

Stranger Things' Shawn Levy is the new Uncharted director

Movie will be 'fast tracked' through production, awaits casting

“No reviews means no possibility of negativity”

Games critics weigh in on Bethesda's decision to withhold review codes for upcoming games

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo Switch media coverage: Good, but not great

ICO Partners finds new console announcement generated more articles than Scorpio, but not as many as PS4 Pro

By Brendan Sinclair expands UK team with two veteran editors

Ex-Develop editor James Batchelor and ex-MCV editor Chris Dring have joined ahead of our site relaunch

By James Brightman

Outside Xbox launches multi-platform channel, expands team

Attention Seekers' Ellen Rose and CNET's Luke Westaway join to broaden video coverage

By GamesIndustry Staff

PlayStation VR launch demonstrates Sony's PR expertise - ICO

Analysis by ICO Partners reveals that PSVR dominated media coverage compared to the launches of Rift and Vive

By James Brightman

CBS turning Candy Crush into TV game show

Wipeout and Fear Factor producer working on series with CBS TV Studios, Lionsgate, and King

By Brendan Sinclair

Battlefield 1: Critical Consensus

DICE's divergence from the genre formula lives up to the name of The Great War

By Brendan Sinclair

YouTube points the way forward for monetising video content

Acquisition of FameBit's "democratised marketplace" will increase frequency of branded content and product placement

By Matthew Handrahan

Critical Consensus: Gears of War 4 offers spectacular, familiar pleasures

The Coalition's first stab at the franchise is visually splendid and generously stocked, but light on new ideas

By Matthew Handrahan

Critical Consensus: PlayStation VR

Mainstream and enthusiast press agree on the headset's strengths and weaknesses, but split on whether the experience is worth it

By Brendan Sinclair

Overwatch is 2016's most popular Twitch game

TwitchCon also sees announcement of Twitch Prime, tied into Amazon service

By Dan Pearson

Firewatch headed for the big screen

Campo Santo partners with Good Universe for game-and-film projects; adaptation of developer's hit indie game up first

By Brendan Sinclair

Ubisoft launches publishing house

New Ubisoft Publishing initiative will manage books based on company's IP from conception to print

By Brendan Sinclair

Pixelmage sees "seismic shift" in game marketing

With Hero's Song, John Smedley's new studio is taking a transparent approach to paid influencers and crowdfunding

By Brendan Sinclair

ICG raises concerns over "de-monetisation" of YouTube content

YouTube guidelines, "could have the unintended consequence of discouraging creators from making edgy, interesting content"

By Matthew Handrahan

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