Mobile marketing costs continue to rise exponentially

User acquisition and retention has never been so expensive, says Fiksu

By Dan Pearson

Gearbox dropped from Colonial Marines lawsuit

Court also drops class action status, Sega in new settlement talks with original plaintiffs

By Matthew Handrahan

SGN hires Activision veteran as VP of communications

Ryh-Ming Poon brings extensive experience from GameFly, Machinima and Activision

By Matthew Handrahan

LoopMe predicts $500 million annual mobile ad budgets

"Mobile is disrupting television advertising, and television advertising is a $200 billion marketplace"

By Matthew Handrahan

RockYou acquires PlayHaven ad network

The "recycled games" business model is still working well for RockYou

By Matthew Handrahan

Taking Deus Ex beyond the core

Global brand director explains the strategy behind mysterious Twitch campaign to announce Mankind Divided

By Brendan Sinclair

Indies must learn to love marketing

Praying for discoverability to magically get better is no excuse for sending your games out to die today; marketing is a key development skill too

By Rob Fahey

Only 2.4% of gaming views on YouTube come from official channels

Fan-made content remains king, with Minecraft ruling the roost

By Dan Pearson

Playing The App Store Blues

Developers have many complaints about Apple's App Store, but success is possible despite these issues

By Steve Peterson

Apps are the most competitive market ever - Rovio exec

VP of acquisition and engagement says user acquisition costs must be part of core development budget

By Brendan Sinclair

"I had my first build in a few hours, so why not share it?"

Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin talks data, disclaimers and the margin of error

By Dan Pearson

Nobody's figured out how to market mobile - Bing Gordon

Former EA exec says selling a game's social aspects is still a mystery, dismisses cloud gaming as "a fake demo" that doesn't work outside the showroom

By Brendan Sinclair

FTC approves Sony PS Vita settlement

Early adopters to receive $25 cash or up to $100 in games as amends for deceptive advertising

By Brendan Sinclair

Publishers must stop marketing adult games to kids

Police action is going too far - but the industry does nothing to help embattled parents

By Rob Fahey

Steam data reveals impact of Discovery update

More games reaching more customers, more often

By Dan Pearson

Supercell at the Super Bowl

"It wasn't about getting our game in front of however many millions of eyeballs"

By Rachel Weber

Hideo Kojima removed from Metal Gear marketing

[UPDATE] Fallout between Konami and Kojima Productions reportedly has developer departing after completion of Metal Gear Solid V

By Brendan Sinclair

A word on dealing with publishers: Don't

Skulls of the Shogun dev Borut Pfeifer cautions indies against signing deals for marketing help, says many exist to leech value

By Brendan Sinclair

The Curation Question

Can developers earn a crust on the App Store without Apple's aid?

By Keith Andrew

Z2 Live vets form new mobile consultancy

Mobile Game Partners will offer bespoke services to mobile devs under a payment-on-success model

By Matthew Handrahan

Apple promotes "Pay Once & Play" games

Dozens of games without in-app purchases receive prominent placement on App Store

By Brendan Sinclair

Minecraft dominates YouTube gaming views - Study

Mojang game accounts for three times as much traffic as next biggest game franchise

By Brendan Sinclair

Sega rounds out new look marketing team

Anna Downing promoted to Head of Product Marketing, will report to new European Marketing Director

By Matthew Handrahan

Assassin's Creed movie dated

Michael Fassbender feature film to hit theaters December 21, 2016

By Brendan Sinclair

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