The Price of Fame

Superdata's Joost van Dreunen examines the impact YouTubers, Hollywood celebrities, and big-name developers are having on the industry

By Joost van Dreunen

Pulling off The Swindle

How the misfire of Gun Monkeys and an indie publishing assist helped Dan Marshall hit the mark with his new procedural stealth-action game

By Brendan Sinclair

EA drops NHL cover star

Patrick Kane yanked from NHL 16 box art in light of ongoing rape investigation

By Brendan Sinclair

iQU acquires TinyLoot, Target Gamers

Mobile marketing firm builds user acquisition portfolio

By Dan Pearson

CPI continues to climb on iOS and Android

Fiksu data shows iOS climbing faster, but remains the most cost-effective platform

By Matthew Handrahan

Motiga hires new head of publishing for Europe

Rahim Attaba brings experience from Trion Worlds and Wargaming ahead of Gigantic's launch

By Matthew Handrahan

SuperAwesome raises $7 million in Series A round

Bangkok and New York offices will grow following the influx of new funding

By Matthew Handrahan

Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid V cover

As the game's release looms, evidence of an official split with Konami is starting to pile up

By Matthew Handrahan

Marketing has come apart - EA CMO

Chris Bruzzo discusses the new interactivity of selling interactive entertainment, when you want cultural relevance, and when you don't

By Brendan Sinclair

Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity

Streamlined moniker to reflect peripheral maker's new focus on simple design, bold colors

By Brendan Sinclair

Original vision for Xbox One hasn't changed - Xbox CMO

Mike Nichols says non-gaming usage is high and growing, but games sell the system so that's where the marketing emphasis goes

By Brendan Sinclair

Roblox integrates SuperAwesome's ad platform

Attracted by "100 per cent kid-safe advertising and the global compliance"

By Rachel Weber

Angry Birds strike Lego deal

Next year's feature film adaptation will have tie-in toys from building block maker

By Brendan Sinclair

Ubisoft's Frag Dolls disband

Female gaming team shuts down after almost 11 years

By Rachel Weber

Mobile marketing costs continue to rise exponentially

User acquisition and retention has never been so expensive, says Fiksu

By Dan Pearson

Gearbox dropped from Colonial Marines lawsuit

Court also drops class action status, Sega in new settlement talks with original plaintiffs

By Matthew Handrahan

SGN hires Activision veteran as VP of communications

Ryh-Ming Poon brings extensive experience from GameFly, Machinima and Activision

By Matthew Handrahan

LoopMe predicts $500 million annual mobile ad budgets

"Mobile is disrupting television advertising, and television advertising is a $200 billion marketplace"

By Matthew Handrahan

RockYou acquires PlayHaven ad network

The "recycled games" business model is still working well for RockYou

By Matthew Handrahan

Taking Deus Ex beyond the core

Global brand director explains the strategy behind mysterious Twitch campaign to announce Mankind Divided

By Brendan Sinclair

Indies must learn to love marketing

Praying for discoverability to magically get better is no excuse for sending your games out to die today; marketing is a key development skill too

By Rob Fahey

Only 2.4% of gaming views on YouTube come from official channels

Fan-made content remains king, with Minecraft ruling the roost

By Dan Pearson

Playing The App Store Blues

Developers have many complaints about Apple's App Store, but success is possible despite these issues

By Steve Peterson

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