Exploring the "positive tension" between creativity and marketing

For Paradox Interactive and 11 Bit Studios, the best solution to "communication clutter" is to make games worth talking about

By Matthew Handrahan

Minecraft videos based on Super Mario DLC hit with copyright claims

4J Studios' official Wii U add-on was supposed to be exempt from Nintendo's insistence on taking a cut of YouTubers' revenue

By Matthew Handrahan

Rovio's Angry Birds film has earned $150 million worldwide

But after a $400 million Sony marketing push, how much further does it have to fly to return a profit?

By Matthew Handrahan

Tetris movie has an $80 million budget

Mortal Kombat producer's Threshold and Chinese investment firm Seven Star Works partner for sci-fi movie based on classic

By Brendan Sinclair

Make alternate future America great again

Deep Silver's Will Powers explains how Homefront: The Revolution is getting a boost from the US presidential race

By Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II

Ex-Lionhead art director recalls marketing department "just didn't get it," insisted on a white male for Xbox 360 RPG

By Brendan Sinclair

.games and .game website domains launching soon

Uniregistry plans to open .game availability this month as Rightside slates .games for third quarter

By Brendan Sinclair

Rovio ups the ante on Angry Birds marketing

Angry Birds Action! is a new pinball-styled game to serve as the focal point for marketing around The Angry Birds Movie

By James Brightman

Ubisoft opening Rabbids Amusement Center

Publisher's first foray into family entertainment centers opens doors in Montreal this August

By Brendan Sinclair

SNK recommits to games

After abandoning pachi-slot business, publisher emphasizes gaming focus with old logo, slogan

By Brendan Sinclair

Don Daglow: "I'm calling bullshit on core, mid-core and casual"

Veteran developer believes restrictive marketing language stems from industry's outdated veneration of difficulty

By Matthew Handrahan

IAP the least popular form of monetisation among players

Even premium was more popular than in-app purchasing in Unity survey, but video ads were by far the favourite choice

By Matthew Handrahan

Indie acclaim is "like a drug"

What Framed designer Joshua Boggs learned from his self-destructive pursuit of critical praise, and how he hopes to avoid repeating those mistakes

By Brendan Sinclair

Square Enix backs Final Fantasy XV with feature-length movie

Sean Bean and Lena Heady star in CG animated film, FFXV will also get a web series and mobile game

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo UK expands marketing and comms team

Matthias Hempfling and Kalpesh Tailor both take senior roles as they join from Frankfurt office

By Matthew Handrahan

What every indie needs to know about PR

ICO Partners' Thomas Reisenegger outlines five keys to success for indie devs

By James Brightman

What do Chivalry and Rocket League have in common?

Torn Banner's Alex Hayter explains the method behind the studio's madness for indie cross-promotions

By Brendan Sinclair

How free-to-play has evolved game marketing

Understanding release timing, consumer behavior and analytics has become key, says Crucial Path Media's Dirk Metzger

By Dirk Metzger

Far Cry Primal: Selling the Stone Age

The creative director and marketing boss on shipping Ubisoft's mammoth title

By Rachel Weber

Playing with Firewatch

Designer Nels Anderson on marketing a narrative-focused game without ruining the mystery and how much short games should cost

By Brendan Sinclair

NativeX acquired by China's leading mobile ad firm

$25 million deal will see NativeX become a subsidiary of Mobvista

By Matthew Handrahan

Mattel gets Halo master license

Toy manufacturer lays out plans for new Mega Bloks kits, action figures, foam dart guns, RC cars and more

By Brendan Sinclair

What small teams can learn from AAA communication tactics

Stefano Petrullo on the big budget tricks that indies should pay attention to

By Stefano Petrullo

Witcher 3 was the most written about game of 2015

PlayStation dominates brand coverage, says ICO Partners research

By Dan Pearson

No E3 booth for EA this year

Publisher replacing show presence with EA Play events in London and LA, Sunday afternoon press conference; ESA responds

By Brendan Sinclair

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