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4 Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers

A year ago Letter from A.S.A. shows Sega's acceptance of gulf between in-engine videos and playable product

3 Capcom prepping new IP for kids

A year ago Elementary school age boys target of cross-media blitz for Gaist Crusher; 3DS game will feature anime, toy, music, and manga tie-ins

3 Digital game sales growing 33%

A year ago GDC 2013: Analysts from NPD, iResearch and Digi-Capital present data on the growing digital game market across the world

ESRB relaxes age gate rules

A year ago US rating board now allows clean trailers for M-rated games to be viewed without entering birthdate

Game Marketing Awards nominees announced

A year ago Black Ops II, Halo 4, Madden NFL 13, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, and Just Dance 4 up for Campaign of the Year


1 Mobile evangelist: We're not owed by Apple or Google

A year ago Video: Former PS Home architect Oscar Clark talks about why app stores are extensions, not core, to Apple and Google's business

2 New Rovio hires show push for brand partnerships

A year ago Exec hires from Apple, Nokia and MTV will strengthen Angry Birds as an advertising destination


17 Angry Birds was initially seen as "boring"

A year ago Ville Heijari talks about transforming a game into an entertainment brand


32 Growing Up Or Just Getting Old?

Opinion A year ago David Cage is a poor figurehead for industry evolution - but that doesn't make his arguments invalid

5 Paid user acquisition an arms race, says Triple Town dev

A year ago DICE 2013 Video: Mobile devs increasingly need to buy their way into the best-seller charts, says Spry Fox CEO

Sony hires BBH as new PlayStation creative agency

A year ago SCEA indicates new creative direction ahead of New York City event

28 Saints Row stifled by immature humor, says Bleszinski

A year ago Gears of War designer says dildo weapon "doesn't help industry perceptions," keeps series from competing with Grand Theft Auto


7 Ni No Kuni: Marketing magic

A year ago "You're always going to get a gamer that just wants to shoot things"


3 American McGee on Kickstarter: “We turned it into Kicklauncher”

A year ago The Akaneiro developer thinks more Kickstarter projects should involve nearly finished games

12 American McGee retracts EA marketing claims

A year ago "It attracted a few pissed messages from EA"

11 American McGee: EA tricked Alice customers

A year ago Spicy Horse dev isn't pleased with EA's marketing team

5 Sony settles suit with Kevin Butler actor

A year ago Jerry Lambert agrees to avoid gaming ads for two years, admits Bridgestone Wii spot caused confusion

1 Disney Infinity merges real toys, virutal worlds

A year ago New Skylanders-like game platform to cross-over Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, and more [UPDATE: Activision "flattered"]

1 Angry Birds maker to talk about building brands at [a]list summit

A year ago Rovio's senior vice president of marketing headlines [a]list summit NY


Hunger Games dev: "We are changing the way Hollywood does business"

A year ago CEO of Facebook tie-in studio says free-to-play model is "the ultimate marketing tool"


Assassin's Creed III: Ubi wanted to avoid the “glorified add-on pack”

A year ago Ubisoft exec Tony Key on pitfalls of having an annual franchise and the marketing differences in the US and Europe

Epic opens merch store

A year ago Gears of War and Unreal Engine maker launches online storefront for T-shirts, art prints


Ubisoft: Just Dance won't go the route of Guitar Hero

A year ago Ubi marketer Tony Key talks about keeping Just Dance fresh and why it's like an annual sports franchise

18 Naughty Dog: We've been asked to push Ellie to the back of the box art

A year ago Last Of Us creative director and star Ashley Johnson tackle the sexism and game packaging

26 Levine: Bioshock box art isn't for fans

A year ago Irrational boss explains why Bioshock Infinite art is like salad dressing

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