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50 Sony: Most gamers "don't want to buy online right now"

A year ago Sony SVP of PlayStation brand marketing talks about Sony's E3 press event, PS Vita, the One Sony strategy, and how retail is still critically important

4 King drops in-game ads

A year ago Candy Crush Saga developer eradicates intrusive advertising

8 Xbox One reveal watched by 8.45 million in first 24 hours

A year ago Microsoft's streaming event found a ton of viewers

Industry vets launch global comms agency Plan of Attack

A year ago New marketing and communications firm will have headquarters in London, Amsterdam and San Francisco

13 How Nintendo Can "Win" E3

A year ago "Effectively, Nintendo needs to relaunch the Wii U and make sure the audience understands what it is"

Defiance TV show renewed for second season

A year ago Syfy orders another 13 episodes of Trion MMO's transmedia tie-in

20 Gearbox calls Aliens suit "beyond meritless"

A year ago Developer calls Colonial Marines complaint frivolous as Sega offers more reserved defense


3 Gamers love swag: The lucrative world of collector's editions

A year ago We talk to one of the leading makers of game items about how they're made, the impact on sales, and why fans get crazy about game swag


Epic Games' global marketing head leaves to oversee Halo marketing

A year ago Kendall Boyd has joined Microsoft to direct all marketing on the blockbuster Halo franchise


4 Game Marketing: "If the rules of the game aren't working, change the rules"

A year ago Sessions on the growth of eSports, The Walking Dead's marketing, and the “wild wild west” of Google Play reveal how some are reaching new audiences

Publisher 2.0 - Data Driven Marketing

A year ago Steve Fowler on how big data affects game marketing

21 EA's Moore on Worst Company in America poll

A year ago Publisher's COO says company can and will do better, but gets more hate than it deserves


Hawken has an advantage due to “amazing” partnerships

A year ago Meteor Entertainment touts the benefits of working with Nvidia and Oculus

4 Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers

A year ago Letter from A.S.A. shows Sega's acceptance of gulf between in-engine videos and playable product

3 Capcom prepping new IP for kids

A year ago Elementary school age boys target of cross-media blitz for Gaist Crusher; 3DS game will feature anime, toy, music, and manga tie-ins

3 Digital game sales growing 33%

A year ago GDC 2013: Analysts from NPD, iResearch and Digi-Capital present data on the growing digital game market across the world

ESRB relaxes age gate rules

A year ago US rating board now allows clean trailers for M-rated games to be viewed without entering birthdate

Game Marketing Awards nominees announced

A year ago Black Ops II, Halo 4, Madden NFL 13, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, and Just Dance 4 up for Campaign of the Year


1 Mobile evangelist: We're not owed by Apple or Google

A year ago Video: Former PS Home architect Oscar Clark talks about why app stores are extensions, not core, to Apple and Google's business

2 New Rovio hires show push for brand partnerships

A year ago Exec hires from Apple, Nokia and MTV will strengthen Angry Birds as an advertising destination


17 Angry Birds was initially seen as "boring"

A year ago Ville Heijari talks about transforming a game into an entertainment brand


32 Growing Up Or Just Getting Old?

Opinion A year ago David Cage is a poor figurehead for industry evolution - but that doesn't make his arguments invalid

5 Paid user acquisition an arms race, says Triple Town dev

A year ago DICE 2013 Video: Mobile devs increasingly need to buy their way into the best-seller charts, says Spry Fox CEO

Sony hires BBH as new PlayStation creative agency

A year ago SCEA indicates new creative direction ahead of New York City event

28 Saints Row stifled by immature humor, says Bleszinski

2 years ago Gears of War designer says dildo weapon "doesn't help industry perceptions," keeps series from competing with Grand Theft Auto

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