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4 FTC settles first ever crowdfunding case

18 days ago Board game creator must pay $111,000 in misbegotten Kickstarter funding

1 Activision Blizzard improves conflict minerals sourcing

28 days ago Publisher says there's no longer reason to believe its products could be funding armed conflict

Gearbox dropped from Colonial Marines lawsuit

A month ago Court also drops class action status, Sega in new settlement talks with original plaintiffs

UK's Watchdog program to air investigation into Sony

A month ago Digital refunds policy comes under the spotlight

1 TIGA publishes free equal opportunities templates

A month ago Osborne Clarke and Stevens & Bolton pen documents for use by all

31 17-year-old pleads guilty to swatting

A month ago British Columbian admits to 23 offences, harassment mostly aimed at young women who played League of Legends

16 Rockstar sues BBC

A month ago Publisher claims upcoming film about Grand Theft Auto infringes on its trademarks


ESA hires Ex-Viacom exec as general counsel

A month ago Stanley Pierre-Louis signs on with gaming industry trade organization

2 Duke Nukem rights suit settled

A month ago Gearbox, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment reach agreement in dispute over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction

Former Interzone CEO facing a maximum 120 years in jail

A month ago Marty L. Brickey charged with wire fraud and money laundering related to five different companies


3 All for one and one for all?

A month ago The erosion of national markets across the European Union

GamerGate meetup halted by bomb threat

A month ago Police interrupt weekend Washington, D.C. gathering of movement supporters

37 Maximum sentence for internet trolls raised to 2 years in the UK

2 months ago Proposed legislation now in effect, quadruples the previous maximum sentence

Rovio awarded $2.7 million in copyright case

2 months ago Toy Amazon Corporation ordered to pay up after failing to attend the court hearing

1 FTC approves Sony PS Vita settlement

2 months ago Early adopters to receive $25 cash or up to $100 in games as amends for deceptive advertising

3 Sony's US Bloodborne trademark expired on launch day

3 months ago Corporation files for extension after mix-up

8 Lilith Games suing uCool over cloning

3 months ago Says Heroes Charge is "identical to Soul Clash"

Twitter tweaks harassment reporting

3 months ago Victims of abuse can now be sent email summaries to aid law enforcement efforts


4 Taking the fear out of contracts

3 months ago Adriaan de Jongh had to understand legalese before he could create a tool to help devs eliminate it; he just didn't expect to enjoy it so much

6 Facebook to stand trial over virtual currency

3 months ago October court date set by California judge over unauthorised payments made by children

4 Dealing with harassment

3 months ago Zoe Quinn, Elizabeth Sampat, Donna Prior, and Neha Nair give advice based on their own experiences

3 FCC sets net neutrality rules

4 months ago US regulators reclassify broadband as a telecom service, prohibiting blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization practices

20 Bethesda triggers trademark dispute over Fortress Fallout

4 months ago "Essentially, we're being strong-armed into having to change our name" - BluBlox Games

China hits Qualcomm with record $975m antitrust fine

4 months ago Chip-maker won't contest the fine, but admits "disappointment" at the result

16 Streamer 'Swatted' mid-broadcast after being doxxed

4 months ago Police raid house of Joshua Peters, aim rifles at 10-year old brother

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