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23 Wii U at the tipping point - Nintendo

6 months ago Scott Moffitt says Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will turn the console's narrative, explains VR's biggest drawback

9 Amazon introduces the Fire Phone

6 months ago Online retailer keeps the Fire name for its first ever smartphone - AT&T exclusive launches on July 25

1 Kinect voice commands, camera will work after XDK update

6 months ago Devs will receive a graphics boost, but Microsoft confirms that certain Kinect features will endure

Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs spark big US game sales in May - NPD

6 months ago Consoles retained momentum as hardware sales jumped 95% over last May, led by PS4

12 Wii U sales up 4x following Mario Kart 8

6 months ago And Reggie Fils-Aime believes Amiibo will have "larger footprint" than Skylanders or Infinity

10 Ouya: 1000 developers sign up every month

6 months ago CEO says average value per game has doubled since launch

1 PS4, Xbox One seeing much higher digital download attach rates

6 months ago Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says that the new consoles are "driving gaming sales and enthusiasm across the board"


Oculus VR hires Jason Rubin

6 months ago Former THQ president joins as head of worldwide studios


16 Can Wii U dodge the banana peel?

Opinion 6 months ago As new-gen titles slip to 2015, Nintendo must capitalise with MK8


5 E3 2014: California Dreaming

Opinion 6 months ago As the AAA console industry beats its chest, we discusses our expectations for the big companies at the show

13 Mandatory Kinect was a 10% drain on Xbox One's GPU

6 months ago New dev-kits show significant increase in processing after camera's removal


2 Oculus VR hires Jason Holtman

6 months ago Valve's former head of biz dev joins the rapidly growing team at Oculus

4 Sony halts PSP shipments in Japan

6 months ago The end draws near for Sony's handheld

iOS 8, new hardware expected at Apple WWDC tonight

6 months ago iOS 8 and bigger screens also rumoured

8 Take-Two CEO skeptical of Oculus' broad appeal

6 months ago Zelnick concedes Rift is an "anti-social" technology, but says it could be great for core gamer audience


9 A Tale of Two CEOs

Opinion 6 months ago Hirai and Nadella come out in support of their respective consoles; but the context of their statements couldn't be more different

6 Nvidia responds to AMD's Watch Dogs claims

6 months ago "The deals we do, and the GameWorks agreements, don't have anything to do with restricting access to builds"

7 Valve pushes Steam Machines into 2015

6 months ago User experience lead tells Steam forums not to expect Valve's hardware this year

3 Nadella: No change to Xbox business

6 months ago Microsoft CEO has a reassuring message for Xbox gamers

10 E3 2014: Nintendo's Opportunity

Opinion 6 months ago Nintendo has set expectations low, but the company could take advantage of the situation with a good showing at E3

10 Sony will "rigorously pursue" PS4 sales

6 months ago "The biggest driver for our network business will be the PlayStation 4" - Kaz Hirai, CEO

1 Microsoft matches Sony on Xbox One Japanese pricing

6 months ago Console priced at 39,980, Kinect not mandatory at launch

Sony readies PlayStation launch in China

6 months ago Partners with Oriental Pearl Culture Development for launch of unspecified platforms

8 Hirai: PS4 can earn more profit than PS2

6 months ago Sony CEO claims that new console is "likely" to outperform its hugely popular antecedent

2 Samsung prepping VR headset - Report

6 months ago Galaxy maker looks to outfit mobile devices with cheaper alternative to Sony, Oculus VR efforts

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