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14 Microsoft hints at its Xbox endgame

Opinion 7 months ago Phil Spencer gave glimpses of a future for Xbox with short product cycles and a smartphone-like business model

18 "There's no reason why console can't ride that same curve"

7 months ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer says consoles will soon have the “continuous innovation” of PC and mobile

7 Most gamers not interested in VR in 2016 - report

7 months ago An exclusive Gamer Network survey reveals that only 15% of players intend to purchase any of the VR platforms this year

8 Microsoft: MAU is the health metric of any service

7 months ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer on why sales numbers are not the metric for success

5 Vive pre-orders open today, international prices confirmed

7 months ago UPDATE: HTC rep claims Vive racked up 15,000 pre-orders in ten minutes

Raspberry Pi 3 debuts with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth

7 months ago Fourth anniversary of UK's best-selling computer marked with hardware refresh; 8 million units shipped to date

HoloLens dev kit ships March 30

7 months ago Microsoft launching $3,000 Development Edition hardware with three games, including a new Conker title

PlayStation TV discontinued in Japan

7 months ago The end may be nigh for the device Shuhei Yoshida believed, "didn't capture the consumers' imagination"


9 There's still merit in console secrecy

Opinion 7 months ago Not every studio gets the access needed to develop launch titles for new consoles - but there are solid commercial and economic reasons for that

1 PS4 to sell 100 million - DFC

7 months ago Research firm predicts Sony to hold dominant lead in console space; Xbox One and PS4 revenues to be 50% digital by 2019

22 Moon Studios CEO calls out console firms for hardware secrecy

7 months ago Thomas Mahler says Nintendo NX will "just not have any software support" at launch due to lack of devkits

19 Valve and HTC's Vive priced at $800

8 months ago VR kit will launch in April bundled with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption [UPDATE]: Recommended PC specs less demanding than Oculus Rift


16 Smartphones that rival console performance are not a threat

Opinion 8 months ago Smartphone chipsets that rival the performance of the PS4 in late 2017 isn't a threat to consoles; the usage context remains entirely different

Nvidia sees record quarter

8 months ago “Gaming is a $100 billion business,” says CEO

3 Apple opposes FBI order to build iOS "backdoor"

8 months ago Manufacturer says move would "undermine...freedoms and liberty"

9 ARM: Mobiles will be graphically equivalent to PS4/Xbox One by 2017

8 months ago Nizar Romdan says VR will bring a sea change in mobile gaming

17 Quantum Break cross-buy offer angers Xbox One owners

8 months ago Phil Spencer faced tough questions over giving free Windows version of Remedy's latest to Xbox customers

6 Nintendo puts "Quality of Life" sleep monitor to bed

8 months ago "We do not have the conviction that the [device] can enter the phase of actually becoming a product"

2 Nintendo's profits drop 30% year-on-year

8 months ago Splatoon sells 4 million, but no news on company's first smartphone game [UPDATE: Nintendo looking at VR]

Did EA's CFO reveal the install base for Xbox One?

8 months ago Blake Jorgensen quotes figure of 55m for combined current gen

Microsoft gaming revenues up 9%

8 months ago Halo 5 and Minecraft push software sales up 57% as holiday hardware drop is blamed on Xbox 360 declines

6 Microsoft: Hololens' visible area like 15" monitor 2ft away

9 months ago First official details of Hololens spec reveal wireless approach, 5.5 hour battery life

5 PC shipments showed record decline in Q4 2015

9 months ago IDC's data shows record-breaking 10.6 per cent drop, with Apple the only top five manufacturer making significant gains

2 Oculus open to subsidizing Rift in the future

9 months ago For now, the company just wanted to ensure it's at the break-even point, says Nate Mitchell


12 Xbox only hurting itself by refusing to share sales numbers

Opinion 9 months ago Fear of comparisons to PS4 is taking focus away from Xbox One's considerable successes

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