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22 Moon Studios CEO calls out console firms for hardware secrecy

7 months ago Thomas Mahler says Nintendo NX will "just not have any software support" at launch due to lack of devkits

19 Valve and HTC's Vive priced at $800

7 months ago VR kit will launch in April bundled with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption [UPDATE]: Recommended PC specs less demanding than Oculus Rift


16 Smartphones that rival console performance are not a threat

Opinion 7 months ago Smartphone chipsets that rival the performance of the PS4 in late 2017 isn't a threat to consoles; the usage context remains entirely different

Nvidia sees record quarter

7 months ago “Gaming is a $100 billion business,” says CEO

3 Apple opposes FBI order to build iOS "backdoor"

7 months ago Manufacturer says move would "undermine...freedoms and liberty"

9 ARM: Mobiles will be graphically equivalent to PS4/Xbox One by 2017

7 months ago Nizar Romdan says VR will bring a sea change in mobile gaming

17 Quantum Break cross-buy offer angers Xbox One owners

7 months ago Phil Spencer faced tough questions over giving free Windows version of Remedy's latest to Xbox customers

6 Nintendo puts "Quality of Life" sleep monitor to bed

7 months ago "We do not have the conviction that the [device] can enter the phase of actually becoming a product"

2 Nintendo's profits drop 30% year-on-year

7 months ago Splatoon sells 4 million, but no news on company's first smartphone game [UPDATE: Nintendo looking at VR]

Did EA's CFO reveal the install base for Xbox One?

8 months ago Blake Jorgensen quotes figure of 55m for combined current gen

Microsoft gaming revenues up 9%

8 months ago Halo 5 and Minecraft push software sales up 57% as holiday hardware drop is blamed on Xbox 360 declines

6 Microsoft: Hololens' visible area like 15" monitor 2ft away

8 months ago First official details of Hololens spec reveal wireless approach, 5.5 hour battery life

5 PC shipments showed record decline in Q4 2015

8 months ago IDC's data shows record-breaking 10.6 per cent drop, with Apple the only top five manufacturer making significant gains

2 Oculus open to subsidizing Rift in the future

8 months ago For now, the company just wanted to ensure it's at the break-even point, says Nate Mitchell


12 Xbox only hurting itself by refusing to share sales numbers

Opinion 8 months ago Fear of comparisons to PS4 is taking focus away from Xbox One's considerable successes

1 Vive preorders open Feb 29, HTC confirms

8 months ago Price reveal will leave Sony the last major contender to confirm details

3 Luckey: "I handled the messaging poorly"

8 months ago Oculus founder apologises for pricing shock, but maintains that "we don't make money on the Rift"

26 Oculus Rift priced $600, ships in March

8 months ago The much anticipated VR headset finally has a retail price [Update: Palmer Luckey says Rift "obscenely cheap"]

3 HTC upgrades Vive VR headset with Vive Pre

8 months ago Front facing camera, better controllers for the virtual reality kit

3 PS4 sales nearing 36 million

8 months ago Sony added 5.7 million systems to installed base over the last six weeks of 2015


9 The Year that Handhelds Died

Opinion 9 months ago Will there ever be another dedicated handheld system? The evidence in 2015 points to "no"


7 CastAR to pay back Kickstarter backers

9 months ago "We want to do right by our backers and think that this is the right way to do that"

HTC and Valve's VR headset pushed back to April 2016

9 months ago An additional 7,000 developer units will be released early next year


6 Why a 20m target for Nintendo NX is actually realistic

Opinion 9 months ago A much-maligned Digitimes report is actually far from crazy; Nintendo's historical data suggests that a 20 million target for NX is plausible

10 "We're not building the next version of Wii or Wii U"

9 months ago Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima discusses the NX and his company's approach to mobile

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