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37 AppleTV has games potential, but its limitations disappoint

Opinion 7 months ago Technical limits create headaches for developers as lack of service offering could prevent new platform finding a big market early on

6 New Apple TV adds games

7 months ago Set-top box runs new tvOS system, showcased with Crossy Road, Harmonix's Beat Sports


23 Can Apple TV shake up living room gaming?

Opinion 7 months ago A new platform from the industry giant promises new opportunities for developers - and perhaps even new experiences for consumers

5 Next Apple TV adds gaming functionality - Report

7 months ago Update: App Stores Games Twitter account adds fuel to rumour fire

Nintendo bringing New 3DS to North America

7 months ago Non-XL version of latest hardware launches in Animal Crossing bundle later this month

8 Analysts suspect Nintendo has shelved Quality of Life

8 months ago Mobile and NX seen as company's main priorities after Iwata's death


2 CastAR secures $15m in funding

8 months ago "It's a fun product, and fun is no joke here" says CEO

5 Third-party "Amiiqo" tech allows users to spoof Amiibo data

8 months ago Device lets Wii U owners download unauthorised data for Nintendo's NFC figures

2 Xbox One to get DVR in 2016

8 months ago Digital tuner users will be able to record over-the-air TV to an external drive, download shows to other devices

2 PlayStation Now adds Vita support

8 months ago Sony streaming service adds handheld to list of compatible platforms this week

2 Nvidia issues recall notice for Shield Tablets

8 months ago Certain batteries found to be overheating to point of combustion


9 When guarantees go wrong, developers get hurt

Opinion 8 months ago Razer's rescue of Ouya's devs highlights the need for much greater scrutiny of such schemes

3 Tobii launches $1 million fund for eye-tracking PC development

8 months ago "Eye tracking represents the next evolution in video games," says rep

2 Sony sells 3m PS4 in Q1 as operating income jumps 350%

8 months ago $2.4bn in revenues and $160m profit for Games & Network Services arm

3 Nintendo is closing TVii service for good

9 months ago "Every service has a life cycle, and it is time to focus our resources on other projects"

1 China lifts full console ban after 15 years

9 months ago After a slow start, console companies can now operate outside the Shanghai Free Trade Zone


11 Xbox One's resurgence is great for the industry

Opinion 9 months ago As Microsoft turns even more sharply towards enterprise, the console's bullish performance helps to secure its future within the company


Qualcomm to cut 15 per cent of its workforce

9 months ago Layoffs could reach 5,000 people as chip-maker tries to control costs

3 Microsoft to tackle revenge porn on Xbox Live

9 months ago "We want to help put victims back in control of their images and their privacy"

Nintendo triumphs in handheld patent suit

9 months ago Deems the case "unnecessary and inefficient," calls for patent reform in the US

Xbox revenue grows 27% in Q4

9 months ago Microsoft sees "strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first-party games"


10 Enterprise-first gives Hololens the best possible start

Opinion 9 months ago Taking the pressure off gaming "killer apps" and consumer appeal is the right choice for this technology


16 If consoles can't crack China, their future is limited

Opinion 9 months ago Failure in the Chinese market could mean consoles being pushed into an ever-smaller niche

Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity

9 months ago Streamlined moniker to reflect peripheral maker's new focus on simple design, bold colors

2 Facebook CTO advises "patience" on VR experiences

9 months ago Touch controllers are an important factor in immersion; AR tech needs more work before it's ready for the consumer

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