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Wargaming: Free-to-play on Oculus Rift needs 10m users

5 months ago CEO Victor Kislyi says that once Oculus hits the right numbers, he'll be there


15 Microconsoles: Back for Round Two

Opinion 5 months ago Tiny devices from Amazon, Google and Apple will infiltrate countless living rooms this year - but will gaming really be on the menu?

2 Redesigned PS Vita hits US May 6

5 months ago Hardware will come bundled with Borderlands 2, 8GB memory card for $200

2 Amazon details "nuanced" approach to game development

5 months ago Fire TV games will fall between blockbuster and casual markets

5 Xbox lines up big names for TV push in June

5 months ago Channel 4, Seth Green and Sarah Silverman making shows, with 12 series in development

5 Google preparing Android TV for launch - report

5 months ago New service will feature film, TV and games with a strong emphasis on simple discovery


12 Ouya boss on Fire TV: Gaming isn't an "added bonus" for us

5 months ago Julie Uhrman apparently unfazed by Amazon's new Android-powered microconsole


19 Amazon Fire TV: A "nonevent" for games?

5 months ago Analysts chime in on the impact of Amazon's new Android-powered box; most don't think Microsoft or Sony have anything to fear

27 Amazon launches Fire TV for $99

5 months ago Android-based media streaming box available now, features original games, quad-core processor, dedicated GPU

Valve's Nicholls joins Oculus VR

5 months ago Follows Abrash and joins the R&D team in Bellevue

5 Carmack: Facebook "get the Big Picture"

5 months ago But Oculus VR CTO admits to being surprised by the deal

1 Sony "excited to give lots of Morpheus units to indie PS4 devs"

5 months ago Shuhei Yoshida believes indies will create the stand out titles


13 Is Facebook buying Oculus a boost for Morpheus?

Opinion 5 months ago Why Sony must be relieved at Oculus' $2bn deal


11 Roundtable: Social Reality or Virtual Nightmare?

Opinion 5 months ago Thoughts from the GI team on Oculus' acquisition by Facebook

30 Oculus sale meets mixed reactions from developers

5 months ago Notch bows out, CCP remains on board, Carmack keeps coding

3 Sony: PS4 camera shortages down to Twitch

5 months ago Shuhei Yoshida claims Sony underestimated popularity of livestreaming

2 Molyneux: "Never underestimate Nintendo"

5 months ago Gaming veteran says the Wii U isn't sexy but its creators are "super-smart"

7 Hands on with Sony's Morpheus headset at GDC

Opinion 5 months ago PlayStation's VR challenger put through its paces

MS reveals first ID@Xbox line-up

5 months ago 25 games including Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut and CastleStorm

21 Sony unveils Project Morpheus VR headset at GDC

5 months ago Device to be demoed to attendees on Sony's booth at show

2 26 additional territories for Xbox One in September

5 months ago Japan, Russia, India and more


9 Next-gen is "a better marketplace" - EEDAR

In association with QUALCOMM

6 months ago EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin shares observations on how the new consoles compare to the last generation

9 Xbox One, PS4 drive US retail sales up 9% in February - NPD

6 months ago Xbox One and PS4 were neck and neck for the month, helping to boost overall hardware sales by 42%


Microsoft prepares for UK Titanfall launch

6 months ago Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle on the new console's killer app

ZTE and The9 partner on new console for China

6 months ago The Tegra 4-powered Fun Box will launch this month

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