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Sony's divided attention gives Xbox an opportunity - Analyst

4 months ago IHS' Piers Harding-Rolls says Microsoft could double-down on gamers while Sony balances going broad with appeasing the core

Patent filing gives first look at Magic Leap

4 months ago Potential headset design registered with US Patent Office


Conflict mineral sourcing still hazy for games industry

Opinion 4 months ago Apple and Microsoft make significant improvements in their supply chains as Activision backslides; Time Warner and Facebook in apparent violation of SEC rules

3 Xbox One gets $50 price cut leading into E3

4 months ago With rumors swirling about new Xbox hardware at E3, Microsoft has dropped the price on Xbox One through June 13


1 PlayStation has become Sony's cornerstone

Opinion 4 months ago PS4 is great, and PSVR/Neo will drive hype - but Sony's success is also down to its competitors' failures giving it a clear run at a thriving market

PlayStation 4 sales exceed 40m worldwide

4 months ago Sony notes that the PS4 continues to be the company's fastest-selling console in its history

16 Xbox One "Scorpio" coming in 2017 - reports

4 months ago Microsoft is working on several new Xbox devices, and its headline act will be even more powerful than Sony's rumoured Neo

4 Sony predicts 20m PS4 sales in FY2016

5 months ago But is the boom year forecast based on Neo, PSVR or a hardware price cut?

Tencent thought to be interested in Supercell purchase

5 months ago The world's biggest games company also announced a new console for China


Daydream could make mobile VR matter

Opinion 5 months ago Weekly recap: Mobile VR gets a big push, Nintendo goes Hollywood, and E3 may mark the beginning of half-step console upgrades

Microsoft showing new hardware at E3 - Report

5 months ago Xbox One to get a new standard controller alongside a "much larger" announcement

Gear VR sold 300k in Europe year-to-date - Samsung

5 months ago Company continues to push mobile VR hardware with S7 phone promotions

Starbreeze, Acer forming joint venture for StarVR headset

5 months ago Payday studio skipping consumer market, aiming hardware at location-based entertainment and professionals

Nintendo drops 2DS price to $80

5 months ago System will be available with downloadable Mario Kart 7 at lower price starting May 20

3 PS4 and Xbox One have a new competitor in the Chinese console market

5 months ago Fuze's new Tomahawk F1 console is smaller and digital only, but the similarities are plain to see

Nvidia and Samsung settle all existing patent litigation

5 months ago Legal back-and-forth started with an Nvidia lawsuit in 2014, settlement arrived hours before final hearing

1 Nintendo won't sell NX at a loss

5 months ago Kimishima explains why he won't repeat Wii U's launch strategy, expects new system to quickly make up for Wii U sales decline


Drinkbox cuts through the noise

5 months ago Severed studio founders reflect on eight years in business, mid-gen console upgrades, the already crowded VR market, and the problem of relying on popularity to solve discoverability


4 Smart device pivot could cost Nintendo at home

Opinion 5 months ago Kimishima embraces smartphones in his NX strategy, but it's a move that'll be tough to sell to the firm's most loyal customers - Japanese families


4 "The roadmap for a successful Nintendo console is unclear"

5 months ago Launching the NX and delaying Zelda is the right call, analysts say, but Nintendo's place in the modern console market is not assured

3 Nintendo's tumbling profits underline need for new hardware

5 months ago Fiscal year net income down 60 per cent; Wii U sold 3.26 million units in 12 months, could halt production by March 2018

13 Nintendo NX will launch in March 2017

5 months ago The console will be a "brand-new concept," and it won't make its debut at E3 - but new Zelda will

AMD's "design wins" point to new console hardware in 2016

6 months ago More than $1.5 billion in revenue expected from three new products in AMD's console-focused Semi-Custom business

Xbox Live sees growth but hardware dips in Microsoft's Q3

6 months ago Xbox Live monthly active user base stands at 46 million

Update: Gfinity says Xbox One sales figures were estimated

6 months ago Upton arrived at 18 million figure from previous public guesses

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