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8 Bridging the console/tablet gap

2 months ago Ubisoft's VP of digital Chris Early analyzes how consoles and tablets are working together

1 Twitch beats Facebook, Amazon in U.S. online traffic

2 months ago Streaming service had fourth highest peak traffic share for week ending Feb. 3

6 PS4 boosts SCE op. profit 290 per cent in Q3

2 months ago But sale of PC business and changes in TV division will see another 5000 people lose their jobs


12 Keyboards, Kickstarter and Copyright Law: Elite Systems under fire

2 months ago Why unpaid developers are asking the public not to buy their games

4 Ouya launches 16GB model for $130

2 months ago The new version features a black matte finish, doubled memory, improved Wi-Fi and a "refined" controller

16 Xbox One will see cheaper SKU this year - rumor

Rumour 2 months ago A senior publishing source has confirmed that Microsoft is definitely looking to bring down costs to match PS4

17 Xbox One campaign pays gamers to trade in PS3s

2 months ago Microsoft Stores giving $100 credit toward purchase of new console when customers trade in competitor's old system

11 PS Vita Slim to launch in UK

2 months ago Thinner, lighter Vita will hit UK on February 7 for 180 - also, Sony's Killzone on PS4 has now sold over 2.1m copies

20 Nintendo outlines plans for long-term growth

2 months ago Satoru Iwata on flexible pricing, smartphone apps and the company's future focus on "Health"

12 Satoru Iwata's salary to be cut by 50 per cent

2 months ago Miyamoto takes 30 per cent hit, remaining directors get 20 per cent cut

2 Qualcomm faces $1 billion Chinese antitrust fine

2 months ago Chip-maker feels the weight of Chinese market regulators

3 3DS reaches 15 million sold in Japan

2 months ago Combined sales of 3DS and XL give Nintendo a reason to celebrate

9 Sony's credit rating cut to "Junk"

2 months ago PS4 performance not enough to convince Moody's that Sony stock is worth investment

16 Jon Blow: Valve's VR can take games to a "new place"

2 months ago The Witness will now support Valve's VR headset and "similar devices"


41 What Nintendo needs isn't smartphones, but surprise

Opinion 2 months ago The industry's top company only succeeds when it does the unexpected

1 Console earnings boost AMD's Q4 report

2 months ago Graphical and Visual Solutions division counterbalances weaknesses elsewhere

8 Sony creating new PS3 hardware for PS Now - report

3 months ago Digital Foundry says Sony is essentially "shrinking the equivalent of eight PS3s onto a single motherboard, housed in a slimline server cabinet"

29 Nintendo should "get out of the Wii U business" - Pachter

3 months ago The Wedbush analyst sees Nintendo ditching the Wii U and pulling a Sega, but only for a limited time before it launches new hardware

27 Nintendo evaluating new business, "studying" smart devices

3 months ago Nintendo is feeling the pressure of its latest poor fiscal report

1 Valve will not release VR tech to consumers - report

3 months ago But Palmer Luckey believes Valve headset is the best around

25 Weak Christmas hardware sales slash Nintendo forecasts by 80bn

3 months ago Publisher expects full-year loss of 25bn as Wii U estimates are cut by half

12 Games industry still in "Dark Ages" says Dyack

3 months ago Denis Dyack sees a Renaissance ahead, one where hardware becomes irrelevant; console makers "are all under siege" now he says


31 Nintendo's Next Move: Consolidation

Opinion 3 months ago Nintendo's Wii U has been struggling while the 3DS has performed admirably - how can Nintendo build on its strengths?

5 Unity to add Vita support with 4.3

3 months ago Deal made in March last year comes to fruition


1 Xbox multimedia exec leaves Microsoft

3 months ago Blair Westlake resigns after ten years, cites company's "new direction" as reason

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