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Xbox revenue grows 27% in Q4

4 months ago Microsoft sees "strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first-party games"


10 Enterprise-first gives Hololens the best possible start

Opinion 4 months ago Taking the pressure off gaming "killer apps" and consumer appeal is the right choice for this technology


16 If consoles can't crack China, their future is limited

Opinion 4 months ago Failure in the Chinese market could mean consoles being pushed into an ever-smaller niche

Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity

4 months ago Streamlined moniker to reflect peripheral maker's new focus on simple design, bold colors

2 Facebook CTO advises "patience" on VR experiences

4 months ago Touch controllers are an important factor in immersion; AR tech needs more work before it's ready for the consumer


2 Microsoft cutting 7800 jobs, mainly in mobile

4 months ago "I don't take changes in plans like these lightly" says CEO

BBC's free Micro-Bit computer gets final specs

4 months ago Adds buttons and a motion sensor, will sell the hardware once 1 million unit giveaway is completed

8 Xbox One, PS4 sales "disappointing" in China - Report

4 months ago Niko Partners estimates that only 550,000 units of both platforms combined will be sold this year

1 Sony claims up to 90% market share in Europe

4 months ago SCEE Jim Ryan cites "considerable" momentum as reason to hold off on any price cuts

14 Nintendo's Miyamoto "not actively participating" in NX development

4 months ago Legendary designer says he's more focused on software these days, talks about why Wii U failed

2 Steam's hardware early pre-orders sell out

4 months ago Valve now taking pre-orders for November 10 release

Microsoft puts Windows and games at the centre of its strategy

5 months ago Satya Nadella memo lays out his vision for the company's future, reveals a new official mission statement


4 Original vision for Xbox One hasn't changed - Xbox CMO

5 months ago Mike Nichols says non-gaming usage is high and growing, but games sell the system so that's where the marketing emphasis goes

12 PlayStation TV didn't capture consumers' imagination - Yoshida

5 months ago Sony president of worldwide studios says Vita-based microconsole did lots, but wasn't great at any one thing

1 New PS4 models set to launch this month

5 months ago Lighter, less power hungry and, for Europe and PAL territories, 1TB of disk space

1 Luckey: VR's iPhone moment is coming, but not yet

5 months ago Rift inventor urges patient, optimistic caution on the future of the tech

2 HoloLens' field-of-view may be a problem without a solution

5 months ago Kudo Tsunoda says the final hardware's FOV won't be "hugely noticeably different"

1 Nod Labs raises $13.5 million for VR controllers

5 months ago Nod Backspin is a multiplatform device that combines traditional and gestural inputs

PlayStation at E3: Watch the live stream here

5 months ago Uncharted 4 is a given, but what other surprises are in store?

8 Xbox shines at E3: Backward compatibility, HoloLens and more

5 months ago New firmware update to bring backward compatability, Xbox launching an Early Access program

Xbox at E3: Watch the live stream here

5 months ago Microsoft has come a long way since the Xbox One PR blunders from years past - can it impress this time?

Razer quiet on Ouya rumours

5 months ago "Razer has always been supportive of Ouya"

12 Oculus reveals consumer unit, Oculus Touch

5 months ago Update: More details on fund for indies, Oculus Share and Home

2 3DS tops 15 million sold in US

5 months ago New 3DS pushes handheld hardware sales up 50% year-over-year, but pace still trails Nintendo's previous portables

Oculus: Image leak shows "ancient" concept

5 months ago Palmer Luckey explain concept art is old news as press conference looms

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