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Sony readies PlayStation launch in China

2 months ago Partners with Oriental Pearl Culture Development for launch of unspecified platforms

13 Hirai: PS4 can earn more profit than PS2

2 months ago Sony CEO claims that new console is "likely" to outperform its hugely popular antecedent

2 Samsung prepping VR headset - Report

2 months ago Galaxy maker looks to outfit mobile devices with cheaper alternative to Sony, Oculus VR efforts

4 Palmer Luckey: "Really bad VR is the only thing that can kill off VR"

2 months ago Oculus founder points to quality software as a major obstacle for developers

6 Steam Machine will be Alienware's least profitable PC ever

2 months ago Specialist hardware makers weigh in on Valve's bid to bring Steam into the console world

11 Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3

2 months ago "This is the tablet that can replace your laptop," Panos Panay says of the new Surface, which has a 12-inch screen

6 E3 2014: Sony's Challenges

Opinion 2 months ago The PS4 is the best-selling console, but can Sony keep it that way?

9 Atari CEO: "I didn't buy the company to make T-shirts"

2 months ago Frederic Chesnais sees a future where Atari will be, "a hardware brand"

13 Philips alleges Nintendo patent infringement

2 months ago Files suit in the US, demands Wii consoles and peripherals be removed from sale


15 Xbox One to overtake PS4 in US by 2015, says analyst

2 months ago Just how big is the impact of unbundling the Kinect camera from Xbox One? Analysts weigh in on the strategy

6 Nintendo two years away from redefining video game platform - Iwata

2 months ago Company expecting Quality of Life initiative to launch next year, Wii U's best days still ahead of it

38 Xbox One to be sold without Kinect for $399

2 months ago It's official: Microsoft has unbundled its Kinect camera to offer a cheaper hardware option for consumers

17 SCEA: We have to do something different to get AAA on Vita

2 months ago Don Mesa says AAA economics just don't work for the handheld


4 PS4 to lead all consoles with 51 million sold by 2016 - IDC

2 months ago Research firm also expects Kinect to be unbundled from Xbox One and physical game sales to decline 45% compared to last gen

13 Preorders open for $500 NES

2 months ago Analogue Interactive's latest uses aluminum casing, original NES parts for retro connoisseurs

15 Oculus CEO: "We want to put a billion people in VR"

2 months ago Brendan Iribe describes ambitious vision for, "the largest MMO ever made"

20 Nintendo: No new hardware at E3

2 months ago Mario maker squashes unconfirmed reports of system unveiling at next month's convention

14 ZeniMax claims Oculus uses its IP

2 months ago UPDATE: John Carmack reveals lines of ZeniMax code used in Oculus: "Zero"

9 American McGee: "Xbox One will fail in China"

2 months ago Spicy Horse head gives five reasons why

3 Microsoft launching Xbox One in China this September

2 months ago Console will be the first to take advantage of Shanghai Free Trade Zone

3 Microsoft: 1.2m Xbox One units sold in Q3, $20.40b in revenue

3 months ago "Xbox One has sold in over 5 million units since launch"


37 La Vita e Bella?

Opinion 3 months ago Sony's handheld might not be selling well, but it is popular, says Rob Fahey

6 Xbox One debuts in Japan September 4

3 months ago Microsoft sets date for third attempt to gain foothold in Japanese console market

12 Microsoft trumpets Titanfall success as Xbox One hits 5m shipped

3 months ago Xbox One selling 60 percent better than Xbox 360 at same point in time, Microsoft says

19 Titanfall tops chart, but PS4 leads hardware again in March - NPD

3 months ago While the Xbox One shooter fared well, Sony's PS4 led hardware sales for the third consecutive month in the US, NPD said

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