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1 Razer OSVR Hacker dev kit pre-orders open

3 months ago Open Source Virtual Reality headset $300 to devs and curious consumers

9 Microsoft stops reporting console sales

3 months ago Company shifts focus to Xbox Live engagement metrics


17 Could a 2016 NX launch work to Nintendo's advantage?

Opinion 3 months ago Giving up on Wii U too early could alienate core fans - but if handled correctly, a 2016 launch could help to reverse Nintendo's home console fortunes

Sony cuts PS4 price in Europe, Australia, more

3 months ago 500GB console now available for €349.99/299.99

27 Report: Nintendo already distributing SDK for NX

Rumour 3 months ago Rumours suggest machine could be in public hands in 2016

6 Oculus to sell 5m units next year - Credit Suisse

3 months ago Firm predicts virtual reality headset to sell at cost initially


1 Go Play Inside - Is Project Tango Going to Underpin AR?

3 months ago Project Lead Johnny Lee on Google's environment-mapping future tech

4 Sony cuts price of PS4 for North America

3 months ago US and Canada follow Japanese example

1 HoloLens dev kit ships Q1 2016

3 months ago Consumers will have to wait as Development Edition of Microsoft's augmented reality tech will cost $3,000

1 Steam Sections to appear at selected retailers

4 months ago "Creating a 'store within a store' across North America and the UK is a significant win" says Gabe Newell

7 Amazon to ban sale of Apple, Google streaming boxes

4 months ago "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion"

12 Oculus Rift will cost more than $350

4 months ago "We're roughly in that ballpark... but it's going to cost more than that," says Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey


14 Is Sony declaring defeat on handheld?

Opinion 4 months ago Vita looks set to be the firm's last handheld console - but Sony isn't giving up on handheld gaming, just moving its ambitions to Xperia

5 "We weren't expecting this many people would buy a PlayStation 4"

4 months ago Shuhei Yoshida says platform still exceeding expectations

13 Sony: "Climate is not healthy" for a new PlayStation handheld

4 months ago Shuhei Yoshida talks Vita on stage at EGX

iPhone 6s, 6s Plus sell 13m in launch weekend

4 months ago Boosted by China, Apple has broken the previous sales record it set with the launch of the iPhone 6

"Oculus Ready" PC line to start at under $1000

4 months ago Rift bundles will be an option; Touch controllers to ship in Q2 2016

11 Oculus announces new $99 Gear VR

4 months ago Lighter version of mobile headset will work with major 2015 Samsung phones, hits stores starting this November

2 Nvidia launches VR friendly laptops

4 months ago GeForce GTX 980 GPU loaded machines meet Oculus Rift specs

33 "The console installed base is as big as it's ever going to get"

4 months ago Growth in the "traditional gamer market" could require leaving traditional consoles behind, says Michael Pachter

Amazon intros $50 Fire tablet, 4K-capable Fire TV

4 months ago Online retailer revamps consumer electronics line with new features, price points

5 Andrew House: the PS4 is struggling against censorship in China

4 months ago "I don't think it has been a kind of a rocket launch start"

2 Sony rebrands Morpheus as PlayStation VR

4 months ago New colours for the Vita and the PS4 gets changeable faceplates


4 Apple TV: Limitation or Opportunity?

Opinion 4 months ago Graham McAllister sees a bright future for Apple's latest amalgamation of ideas


37 AppleTV has games potential, but its limitations disappoint

Opinion 4 months ago Technical limits create headaches for developers as lack of service offering could prevent new platform finding a big market early on

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