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9 Xbox One sales double after Kinect cut

A month ago Microsoft reveals that June's sales more than two times that of May

2 Oculus VR will cancel eBayed pre-orders

A month ago Community lead confirms its keeping an eye out

3 "Devs will see mobile as revenue they can only ignore at their peril"

A month ago Mad Catz' Olivier Voirin on the impact of the smart device boom and how his company aims to leverage it with M.O.J.O.

Raspberry Pi gets an overhaul

A month ago The "final evolution" of the hardware is on sale for the same low price

3 PS4 doing "okay" in Japan - Sony

A month ago Lack of locally produced games, healthy PS3 and handheld markets cited for lukewarm reception

3 Plan to use retail Xbox Ones as dev kits scrapped - Report

A month ago [UPDATE] Xbox's Martin Fuller says there are no plans to bring that feature out in the future; Microsoft calls remarks "inaccurate"

8 Kinect for Windows pre-orders now open

A month ago Improved sensor will retail for $199, officially launches July 15

18 Hackers claim to have penetrated Wii U's defences

A month ago But exploit is already blocked by recent 5.0 firmware update

3 Ouya trials $60 All-Access Pass

2 months ago Offer covers 800 games for 12 months, could lead to lasting changes


3 Sony: Turnover helped foster indie love

2 months ago Worldwide Studios' Scott Rohde on how PlayStation attracts small devs, and how the competition can replicate that success


27 Kinect's dead, no matter what Phil says

Opinion 2 months ago Dropping it from the Xbox One was a good idea, but where's the new USP?

4 Google promises "PC gaming graphics in your pocket"

2 months ago New Android version to offer improved visuals; company also unveiled its Android TV product, which plays movies, games and more

15 Ben Cousins: Forget pride, make games for wearable computers

2 months ago Former DeNA exec predicts vast gaming audience for wearable devices - "in the billions"


21 VR will be in "almost every household" - Oculus

2 months ago CEO Iribe sees VR following similar trajectory to smartphone adoption, says tech needs more than just ports to play before consumer debut

22 Japan's Xbox One launch line-up revealed

2 months ago Titanfall, Tomb Raider and Ryse all included


10 Nintendo's comeback strategy: Whale hunting

Opinion 2 months ago After a generation of casual success, tough times have brought Nintendo home to its core fans - and Amiibo is the perfect welcome back


27 Wii U at the tipping point - Nintendo

2 months ago Scott Moffitt says Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will turn the console's narrative, explains VR's biggest drawback

9 Amazon introduces the Fire Phone

2 months ago Online retailer keeps the Fire name for its first ever smartphone - AT&T exclusive launches on July 25

1 Kinect voice commands, camera will work after XDK update

2 months ago Devs will receive a graphics boost, but Microsoft confirms that certain Kinect features will endure

1 Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs spark big US game sales in May - NPD

2 months ago Consoles retained momentum as hardware sales jumped 95% over last May, led by PS4

12 Wii U sales up 4x following Mario Kart 8

2 months ago And Reggie Fils-Aime believes Amiibo will have "larger footprint" than Skylanders or Infinity

10 Ouya: 1000 developers sign up every month

2 months ago CEO says average value per game has doubled since launch

1 PS4, Xbox One seeing much higher digital download attach rates

2 months ago Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says that the new consoles are "driving gaming sales and enthusiasm across the board"


Oculus VR hires Jason Rubin

2 months ago Former THQ president joins as head of worldwide studios


20 Can Wii U dodge the banana peel?

Opinion 2 months ago As new-gen titles slip to 2015, Nintendo must capitalise with MK8

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