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2 Nintendo NX is a portable console powered by a mobile processor - report

Yesterday Handheld component has detachable controllers, can be hooked up to a TV, with cartridges used for games

2 Gaming revenues down 9% at Microsoft as hardware sales slow

2 days ago Update: Xbox One price cut to $249 in the US for a "limited time" as new consoles loom


7 Microsoft rolls the dice in a huge Xbox gamble

Opinion 5 days ago A slump in Xbox hardware sales is to be expected before the One S arrives, but the company's next results will show whether Scorpio has taken a longer-term toll

Xbox One S "launch edition" to ship August 2 for $399

9 days ago Release dates for the smaller hard drive versions have not been provided yet

Nintendo faces its biggest test yet

Opinion 19 days ago Weekly roundup: Nintendo talks Wii U and NX, CS:GO gambling site owner comes under fire, Ubi continues to fight for independence

13 Wii U was expected to sell 100 million units

20 days ago Nintendo talks about the failed console, and it now expects any new games to sell 2m units worldwide

11 Nintendo NX may capitalize on "largely ignored" kids market - DFC

27 days ago "Someone is going to come along and take advantage of the opportunity to make games simple again"


21 Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo an "incredibly positive evolution"

A month ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two discuss why Microsoft and Sony launching new consoles more quickly is a big win

4 Sony settling PS3 Other OS suit

A month ago Six-year court battle over removal of Linux installation option to end with payouts of up to $55 per affected owner


15 Scorpio is a beast, but Microsoft needs to explain it better

A month ago The company needs to find a coherent party line about Scorpio, One S and Windows 10, and stick to it

3 Sony's House surprised by Project Scorpio

A month ago President of gaming group didn't expect reveal so early, says tech industry has shifted to more immediate gratification

PlayStation VR likely to be in short supply - Sony

A month ago With big questions about consumer uptake of VR, expect conservative shipments of new headset


26 Why Scorpio and Xbox One S sales don't actually matter

A month ago Phil Spencer explains why you shouldn't think "that everything we're doing is about selling you an Xbox console"

Xbox One price cut yet again to $279

A month ago Only a couple weeks after dropping from $349 to $299, Microsoft is looking to clear inventory to make way for Xbox One S


7 Roundtable: Who won E3?

A month ago With the major press briefings over, GI.biz considers who put on the best show

25 Project Scorpio unveiled at E3

A month ago Microsoft promises next system will take gaming "beyond generations" set for release in holiday 2017

Nintendo 3DS passes 60 million sold

A month ago 2DS price cut helps put company's latest generation of handhelds over a milestone sales mark

6 Sony confirms PlayStation Neo - but it won't be at E3

A month ago Andrew House says new SKU will be more powerful, more expensive

1 Microsoft scraps Xbox One DVR plans

A month ago Company says fan feedback has it focusing on more gaming-specific features instead


11 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080: Deep Dive

A month ago What does the new family of (comparatively) low-cost, high power cards mean for you?

Sony's divided attention gives Xbox an opportunity - Analyst

A month ago IHS' Piers Harding-Rolls says Microsoft could double-down on gamers while Sony balances going broad with appeasing the core

Patent filing gives first look at Magic Leap

A month ago Potential headset design registered with US Patent Office


Conflict mineral sourcing still hazy for games industry

Opinion A month ago Apple and Microsoft make significant improvements in their supply chains as Activision backslides; Time Warner and Facebook in apparent violation of SEC rules

3 Xbox One gets $50 price cut leading into E3

A month ago With rumors swirling about new Xbox hardware at E3, Microsoft has dropped the price on Xbox One through June 13


1 PlayStation has become Sony's cornerstone

Opinion 2 months ago PS4 is great, and PSVR/Neo will drive hype - but Sony's success is also down to its competitors' failures giving it a clear run at a thriving market

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