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3 Nintendo is closing TVii service for good

3 days ago "Every service has a life cycle, and it is time to focus our resources on other projects"

China lifts full console ban after 15 years

3 days ago After a slow start, console companies can now operate outside the Shanghai Free Trade Zone


11 Xbox One's resurgence is great for the industry

Opinion 6 days ago As Microsoft turns even more sharply towards enterprise, the console's bullish performance helps to secure its future within the company


Qualcomm to cut 15 per cent of its workforce

7 days ago Layoffs could reach 5,000 people as chip-maker tries to control costs

3 Microsoft to tackle revenge porn on Xbox Live

7 days ago "We want to help put victims back in control of their images and their privacy"

Nintendo triumphs in handheld patent suit

8 days ago Deems the case "unnecessary and inefficient," calls for patent reform in the US

Xbox revenue grows 27% in Q4

9 days ago Microsoft sees "strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first-party games"


10 Enterprise-first gives Hololens the best possible start

Opinion 13 days ago Taking the pressure off gaming "killer apps" and consumer appeal is the right choice for this technology


15 If consoles can't crack China, their future is limited

Opinion 20 days ago Failure in the Chinese market could mean consoles being pushed into an ever-smaller niche

Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity

21 days ago Streamlined moniker to reflect peripheral maker's new focus on simple design, bold colors

2 Facebook CTO advises "patience" on VR experiences

21 days ago Touch controllers are an important factor in immersion; AR tech needs more work before it's ready for the consumer


2 Microsoft cutting 7800 jobs, mainly in mobile

22 days ago "I don't take changes in plans like these lightly" says CEO

BBC's free Micro-Bit computer gets final specs

23 days ago Adds buttons and a motion sensor, will sell the hardware once 1 million unit giveaway is completed

8 Xbox One, PS4 sales "disappointing" in China - Report

29 days ago Niko Partners estimates that only 550,000 units of both platforms combined will be sold this year

1 Sony claims up to 90% market share in Europe

30 days ago SCEE Jim Ryan cites "considerable" momentum as reason to hold off on any price cuts

14 Nintendo's Miyamoto "not actively participating" in NX development

30 days ago Legendary designer says he's more focused on software these days, talks about why Wii U failed

2 Steam's hardware early pre-orders sell out

A month ago Valve now taking pre-orders for November 10 release

Microsoft puts Windows and games at the centre of its strategy

A month ago Satya Nadella memo lays out his vision for the company's future, reveals a new official mission statement


4 Original vision for Xbox One hasn't changed - Xbox CMO

A month ago Mike Nichols says non-gaming usage is high and growing, but games sell the system so that's where the marketing emphasis goes

12 PlayStation TV didn't capture consumers' imagination - Yoshida

A month ago Sony president of worldwide studios says Vita-based microconsole did lots, but wasn't great at any one thing

1 New PS4 models set to launch this month

A month ago Lighter, less power hungry and, for Europe and PAL territories, 1TB of disk space

1 Luckey: VR's iPhone moment is coming, but not yet

A month ago Rift inventor urges patient, optimistic caution on the future of the tech

2 HoloLens' field-of-view may be a problem without a solution

A month ago Kudo Tsunoda says the final hardware's FOV won't be "hugely noticeably different"

1 Nod Labs raises $13.5 million for VR controllers

A month ago Nod Backspin is a multiplatform device that combines traditional and gestural inputs

PlayStation at E3: Watch the live stream here

A month ago Uncharted 4 is a given, but what other surprises are in store?

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