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PlayStation Network attacked "every day" - Yoshida

18 days ago SCE's president of worldwide studios says that his company is playing a "cat and mouse" game at all times with hackers

1 British teen arrested in connection with PSN and Live hacks

2 months ago Apprehension of 18 year-old described as "significant" by police


18 Spoiled Xmas Mornings: The Dark Side of the Online Future

Opinion 2 months ago The XBL and PSN outages are a warning shot; consoles and games must be built to recognise that “always-online” services aren't

6 Lizard Squad claims responsibility for PSN login outage

3 months ago Group promises more of the same over Christmas period

3 Sony denies group's claims that PSN was hacked

4 months ago Company "found no evidence that there was any intrusion into our network"

10 Hackers claim to have raided PSN, 2K, Origin, Windows Live mail

4 months ago Group who DDOS'd Blizzard posts partial list of passwords & emails

15 Hackers claim to have penetrated Wii U's defences

8 months ago But exploit is already blocked by recent 5.0 firmware update

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