GDC 2014

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Lanning: "I don't think we could do an Oddworld title for $2m"

A year ago Oddworld creator confident New 'n' Tasty! will sell 500K

6 Rogue Legacy was profitable after one hour

A year ago And sold 100,000 copies in its first week


2 Marc Whitten leaving Microsoft to join Sonos

A year ago Chief product officer of Xbox becomes part of consumer electronics company

1 Devs share free-to-play retention tips

A year ago Raph Koster, Steve Meretzky and more give advice on upping retention for everything from social casino to hidden object games

How to make a game about slavery

A year ago Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry devs explain why strong player reactions can be better than positive ones


9 Next-gen is "a better marketplace" - EEDAR

In association with QUALCOMM

A year ago EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin shares observations on how the new consoles compare to the last generation


GDC's financial impact on San Francisco: $46 million

In association with QUALCOMM

A year ago San Francisco Travel Association weighs in on the importance of the Game Developers Conference to the city


8 GDC on a budget

In association with QUALCOMM

Opinion A year ago Will Luton's tips on how to explore San Francisco without breaking the bank


99 GDC "opening a curtain" on misogyny, racism and homophobia

In association with QUALCOMM

A year ago Meggan Scavio, GM of GDC events, on the expansion of the advocacy track at this year's conference


8 Social currency has real value

A year ago Ninja Metrics CEO says industry has been forward-thinking in adapting to new business models, but still undervalues community

2 1-in-5 devs working on PS4 - GDC survey

A year ago Resurgence of consoles, growth of crowdfunding among most notable findings; organizer talks advocacy track

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