GDC 2014

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Thunder Bunnies and the Social Contract

16 days ago Dan Cook on why community can be more important than content to online games


6 Why Godus is probably 22Cans' last game

22 days ago Molyneux: "We're going to be centralizing all of our creativity on one entity: Godus."

10 Ubisoft embracing indie-style projects at big studios

23 days ago Jade Raymond talks about how Ubisoft Toronto is looking to leverage industry best practices, including indie-style development

1 GDC 2014 breaks attendance record

23 days ago Over 24,000 industry professionals attended the conference in San Francisco last week

Platform holders will foster new funding alternatives - Phil Spencer

26 days ago Microsoft Studios head addresses possible alpha funding of Xbox One games, an iOS App Store approach to certification, and the potential of VR

17 Levine reveals plans for a new approach to narrative structure

26 days ago Remixable NPCs could lead to infinite story possibilities, narrative as service

16 What it means to be a woman in games

26 days ago Developers, press, academics share highs, lows in #1ReasonToBe GDC panel


GDC Roundup: Day Four

In association with QUALCOMM

26 days ago What is a game? How far is too far? The big questions answered as GDC moves into its final day


14 Virtual dreams dominate GDC

27 days ago Can the VR dream defy the odds and become a commercial reality in this generation of hardware?

68 Adam Orth: Internet toxicity has been "chilling" for industry

27 days ago Former Microsoft employee describes what he went through after the #dealwithit tweet and how internet toxicity is hurting devs

9 Why is Gone Home a game?

27 days ago Steve Gaynor addresses detractors, explains why his indie hit had to be a video game

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold 7.38 million

28 days ago Director Aya Kyogoku says team diversity was key to 3DS exclusive's success

16 Is crowdsourcing less ethical than free-to-play?

28 days ago Ben Cousins looks at the "ethical scorecard" for a variety of business models; F2P is under fire from the establishment, he says

7 Hands on with Sony's Morpheus headset at GDC

Opinion 28 days ago PlayStation's VR challenger put through its paces

The Last of Us and Papers, Please storm GDC Awards

28 days ago Naughty Dog action game takes Game of the Year honors as indie hit earns Seumas McNally Grand Prize award

40 We must reject stereotypes in games - Manveer Heir

28 days ago BioWare designer challenges the industry to stand up and "stop being so scared" to make games that comment on prejudices in society

4 "Save the rocket cats," US gov't tells devs

28 days ago National Endowment for the Humanities rep implores studios to preserve more than just their finished games


8 Microsoft pushing to democratize Xbox One access

28 days ago Phil Harrison says console walled gardens are closer to hedges, wants to lower barriers to entry even further

9 Epic converts Unreal Engine to subscription service

28 days ago $19 monthly fee and 5% of gross revenues gets any developer complete source code, full access to latest version of engine


7 Oculus in "cloudy phase," aims to attract more content with new dev kit

28 days ago Nate Mitchell discusses the "historic challenge" that Rift is facing


1 GDC Roundup: Day Two

In association with QUALCOMM

28 days ago Sony's great VR gamble, and the mass migration of AAA developers continues

4 Gaming's social liabilities and broken role models

29 days ago Ashly Burch and Rosalind Wiseman on how games can play into school-age popularity and reinforce negative behavior among boys

21 Sony unveils Project Morpheus VR headset at GDC

29 days ago Device to be demoed to attendees on Sony's booth at show


GDC Roundup: Day One

In association with QUALCOMM

29 days ago Free-to-play design, business and narratives in San Francisco

Lanning: "I don't think we could do an Oddworld title for $2m"

29 days ago Oddworld creator confident New 'n' Tasty! will sell 500K

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