GDC 2013

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3 Digital game sales growing 33%

3 years ago GDC 2013: Analysts from NPD, iResearch and Digi-Capital present data on the growing digital game market across the world

42 Want more women in games? Start with girls

3 years ago GDC 2013: Robin Hunicke, Anna Kipnis, Kiki Wolfkill and more on encouraging gender equality during Women in Games panel


12 Ouya: Room in the market alongside PS4, next Xbox

3 years ago GDC 2013: console will officially launch on June 4 with "hundreds" of games ready to download and free-to-try; we speak with Julie Uhrman

41 Brathwaite resigns from IGDA Women in Games SIG

3 years ago GDC 2013: Industry veteran quits over dancers at trade body party


6 Torsten Reil: "We can create a world-leading games economy in the UK"

3 years ago The Natural Motion boss on why he sees opportunity in Great Britain

15 EA Spouse says EA doesn't get enough credit

3 years ago Erin Hoffman says publisher has undergone a massive reformation for quality of life; EA devs attest to changes

Food, firing, and freedom

3 years ago GDC 2013: Other Ocean, 17-bit, and Capy Games give tips for creating positive studio cultures without breaking the bank

Total War goes free-to-play with Arena

3 years ago Creative Assembly creates its first free-to-play title

5 Bioware: Female characters will follow commercial success

3 years ago Successful female protagonists necessary to change "accepted industry wisdom"

Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine 3 to the browser

3 years ago Mozilla shooting for parity between native and web performance for AAA games

9 Metacritic debunks score weighting report

3 years ago "Their guesses are wildly, wholly inaccurate" says score aggregator site

12 #1ReasonToBe panel shows female devs still struggling for equality

3 years ago GDC 2013: Women in gaming still have a ways to go to find daylight

1 Journey sweeps GDC Awards

3 years ago GDC 2013: ThatGameCompany's latest goes six-for-six in developer-chosen awards ceremony; Dishonored wins Audience Award

Cart Life wins Grand Prize at Independent Game Festival

3 years ago GDC 2013: Richard Hofmeier's game about food cart workers sweeps IGF, while FTL won multiple awards as well

PlayStation 4 promises a “simple” experience for developers and players

3 years ago GDC 2013: Sony outlines the PlayStation 4's interface, controller, and social features

Gaming's public image problem

3 years ago GDC 2013: Violent games are in the cultural crosshairs; Mike Capps, Ian Bogost, and Daniel Greenberg debate how to change that

8 Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are Metal Gear Solid V

3 years ago Kojima confirms news at GDC keynote


36 EA: "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy"

3 years ago EA Labels president Frank Gibeau responds to "conspiracy theories" about SimCity and puts his foot down when it comes to DRM

Over 100 developers made over $1m on Facebook last year

3 years ago Social network generated $2.8 billion for developers in 2012

9 Battlefield 4 officially revealed

3 years ago GDC 2013: EA & DICE show off the next generation of Battlefield

2 There's still big money in paid apps

3 years ago GDC 2013: Capy's Nathan Vella tries to get devs to move towards more paid apps

1 Diversity means dollars

3 years ago GDC 2013: Microsoft narrative designer Tom Abernathy says going beyond the straight white male yields dividends


Sony sees developer meetings "like a focus test"

3 years ago GDC 2013: Adam Boyes tells us how critical developer feedback is becoming for PS4 and all PlayStation platforms

5 The industry needs writers earlier in development process

3 years ago GDC 2013: Content can't evolve if writers are the last step in development

PlayStation Pub Fund devs: "We're living and dying by our own sword"

3 years ago GDC 2013: Zombie Studios is bringing Blacklight: Retribution to the PS4, and Lukewarm Media is making Primal Carnage: Genesis for PS4

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