gamescom 2014

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Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "It's the right time to be democratic"

A year ago European boss Mike Gamble sees a much bigger market outside of AAA for Epic's engine


6 Oculus VR: Finding the Holodeck Solution

A year ago With the hardware taking shape, Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell are now turning their attention to content


5 Ubisoft: "Super Smash Bros. will increase the momentum of Wii U"

A year ago Alain Corre on a possible turning point for the Wii U, and the state of play in the new generation

1 Evolve picks up Best of Gamescom award

A year ago Turtle Rock's shooter has now won top awards at both E3 and Gamescom


9 EA: "We haven't always been great listeners, but we're getting better"

A year ago CEO Andrew Wilson sees EA Access as key to meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse audience

Paradox teases "big" announcement for Gamescom conference

A year ago Watch the livestream here 8pm BST, 9pm CEST


20 Sony: PS4 success is "important for the shape of the whole industry"

A year ago Jim Ryan explains how strong sales make innovation easier, and clarifies SCE's position on EA Access


12 Roundtable: Xbox One vs. PS4 at Gamescom

A year ago Microsoft had the biggest bombshell with Tomb Raider exclusivity, but is that enough to sap Sony's momentum?

EA covers all bases with big name conference at Gamescom

A year ago New Bioware title is only fresh IP for publisher in Cologne

4 Sony: "We said there'd be no complacency, we've demonstrated that"

A year ago Despite starting the generation with a good lead, Sony isn't letting up, announcing a slew of great content

15 PS4 sales top 10 million

A year ago Sony says installed base for latest console hits sold-through milestone in less than 10 months

63 Steady steps for MS at Gamescom press briefing

A year ago New Tomb Raider to be platform exclusive, 3 hardware bundles announced

1 Sony: Five guidelines for effective VR design

A year ago Jed Ashforth on how to "reboot your thinking" for the VR revolution

1 EA's Gamescom presser live-stream, 9am BST Wednesday

A year ago Keep up with the latest on Hardline, Dragon Age and Bioware's new project

15 "If they let me change League of Legends I could double its revenue"

A year ago Ubisoft's Teut Weidemann explains why Riot's smash hit is a bad role model for good monetisation

Microsoft's Gamescom event live here from 1pm BST, Tuesday

A year ago Live streamed via Twitch at 2pm CEST, 5am PDT and 8am EDT

Watch Sony's Gamescom press conference live, right here

A year ago Tuesday August 12 at 6pm BST, 7pm CET, 10am PDT, 1pm EDT

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