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GTA V now biggest UK game launch ever

7 months ago Rockstar's hit title quickly sold 1.57 million units on its first day at retail

9 Blizzard to remove real-money auction house from Diablo III

7 months ago Developer acknowledges that it "ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot"

3 GTA V creator: "It's not just about shooting anymore"

7 months ago Rockstar's Dan Houser talks about the blockbuster GTA series and how his studio has catered to a wider audience

5 GTA V expected to generate $1 billion in first month

7 months ago The newest epic from Rockstar is about to go on sale, and analyst Colin Sebastian expects it to be massive

Xbox Live Arcade, Indie Games go missing

7 months ago Minecraft, hundreds of other titles disappear from Xbox 360 digital storefront, Microsoft looking into issue

17 Valve prepares Steam Family Sharing for beta

7 months ago Soon, you'll be able to share your game libraries with authorized friends and family.

Gone Home & TowerFall are IndieCade 2013 finalists

7 months ago This year's IndieCade finalists have been announced

58 Rockstar's Houser explains lack of female protagonist in GTA V

7 months ago Rockstar Games' co-founder explains why there's three male protagonists in the next GTA.


13 Gearbox had "no clear path" for Homeworld IP

7 months ago As Gearbox prepares two new next-gen projects, it invests in Blackbird Interactive's renamed Homeworld: Shipbreakers

31 Plants vs Zombies 2 downloads have already exceeded original

7 months ago PvZ2 is at nearly 25 million downloads, which is more than the total lifetime downloads for the original PvZ game, EA said

1 Cie Games looks to out-rev CSR Racing

7 months ago [a]list daily talks with the marketer turned game developer about its advantages in the mobile racing sphere

Guild Wars 2 marketed more like HBO or Netflix than Call of Duty

7 months ago On the game's one-year anniversary, [a]list daily speaks to ArenaNet's global marketing head about the game's success

2 Saints Row IV sells over 1 million copies in first week

7 months ago PC version of game more than tripled its first week's sale numbers over Saints Row: The Third

33 Nintendo cuts Wii U by $50, announces 2DS handheld

7 months ago New 2DS removes 3D effect, sells for the low price of $129, while Deluxe Wii U and special Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle both sell for just $299 [UPDATE: added video of 2DS]


20 Bungie: Destiny can surpass Halo, sit alongside Star Wars

7 months ago Pete Parsons talks to us about future-proofing Bungie and how the studio believes next-gen gaming is “no longer just about the hardware”

1 33 Games on PS4 by the end the of year

8 months ago 15 New titles announced at last night's Gamescom briefing


3 Call of Duty dev: We want Battlefield 4 to succeed

8 months ago Mark Rubin gets excited seeing what EA DICE is doing; he also explains how Infinity Ward's tumultuous past has “future proofed” the studio


3 EverQuest Next to kick off "Emergent Era" of MMOs

8 months ago SOE president John Smedley says "our players can actually make better stuff than us," entire company moving toward emergent content

3 Blizzard admits it's overhauling Titan project

8 months ago Developer says it's been assessing the "new direction" to take the game, "unlikely" to be subscription MMORPG

Warner Bros bringing The Witcher 3 to North America

8 months ago CD Projekt Red has partnered with WBIE for the distribution and promotion of the game

15 Sony gives green light to Gran Turismo movie

8 months ago Feature film adaptation of racing franchise has entered development, 50 Shades of Grey producers attached


40 GameStop exploiting devs and consumers, says Ready at Dawn boss

9 months ago Ru Weerasuriya on fighting back against used games, and why he's launching The Order 1886 exclusively on PS4

EA locks down college football deal

9 months ago Publisher signs new three-year deal with Collegiate Licensing Company for more than 150 schools, conferences, and bowl games

Angry Birds Star Wars II intros Skylanders-like toys

9 months ago Hasbro to make more than 30 "Telepod" toys to interact with upcoming game through phone and tablet cameras

21 Fez sells 105,000 in Steam sale

9 months ago Game moves more copies in first day of promotion than in first three months on Valve's service

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