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Nexon sees revenues jump 16% in Q2

A year ago Free-to-play publisher cites success of Dungeon&Fighter along with DomiNations

6 Nexon to publish free-to-play Titanfall in Asia

A year ago EA has partnered with the free-to-play company to bring an online PC version to Asia


2 How intelligent in-game ads can change free-to-play

A year ago Merely including in-game ads isn't enough; they need to be presented in a way that keeps both users and advertisers happy

GREE opens new studios in Berlin, Melbourne

A year ago Mobile publisher acquires Australian dev Twiitch, which will lead the Melbourne studio


Is there a moment in my game worth sharing?

A year ago David Perry offers a key question for devs in the future, reflects on his path from free-to-play to streaming


22 Fallout Shelter shatters the dogma of core gamers hating F2P

Opinion A year ago If the brand, the game and the business model are right, core F2P can be just as successful in the west as it has been in Japan


"We're trying to make 25 games this year. It's ridiculous"

A year ago Mirko Topalski of Eipix on the limits of ambition


23 F2P Comes of Age: How to make money without being 'evil'

A year ago Digital Dragons in Kraków delivers the goods

Wargaming partners with mobile casual developer

A year ago Deal with Melesta Games to let World of Tanks company "experiment with new business models"


12 Discoverability is not the platform holders' problem

A year ago FunPlus head of biz dev and former App Store games manager Greg Essig on mobile challenges and how PublishingPlus helps devs tackle them

26 Nintendo's mobile strategy: No whales

A year ago Iwata shuns free-to-play conventional wisdom, sheds light on philosophy behind upcoming NX game system


Happy fans equal happy returns

A year ago Big Viking's Albert Lai shares lessons from taking Zynga's doomed YoVille and growing it back up as YoWorld

FunPlus launches publishing business

A year ago Former App Store games manager Greg Essig working on free-to-play-focused PublishingPlus


2 "For kids' games, I think it's out of the question"

A year ago Joyful Works' Basar Simitci draws a line under free-to-play apps for children


Ron Moravek leaves Nexon XP

A year ago Relic co-founder departs Western publishing division behind upcoming Dirty Bomb, BlueStreak

5 EA is closing two-thirds of its core free-to-play games

A year ago Only The Old Republic and C&C: Tiberium Alliances will remain after FIFA, Battlefield and Need For Speed titles close


3 Star Wars, Dragon Age and Diablo designers lead new RPG for Kabam

A year ago Spirit Lords team explains how it's making a "proper" RPG that's not watered-down

12 Fixing free-to-play's image problem

Opinion A year ago Free-to-play games, especially on mobile, are scorned by many gamers - but their image can be fixed


1 MOBAs will overtake MMORPGs in F2P revenue this year - EEDAR

A year ago EEDAR analyst Ed Zhao examines why the MOBA field is red hot; MOBAs should generate half a billion dollars in North America this year


Playing games with the media

A year ago Double Zero One Zero's Pontus Lunden spins the issues facing indies and getting ink for his censorship simulator

1 Microsoft preps free-to-play Halo Online

A year ago Saber Interactive PC game entering closed beta test in Russia


2 Free-to-play format still evolving - Schubert

A year ago Ex-Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer says customers will drive devs to adopt a more effective billing model

9 Iwata takes issue with "insincerity" of free-to-play

A year ago Nintendo president worries about undermining value of content, but says "free-to-start" can co-exist with packaged retail games

Elder Scrolls Online goes subscription-free

A year ago Bethesda's MMO succumbs to financial pressures in advance of console launches


2 Vainglory aims to be "caricature anti-monetizer"

A year ago Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale on free-to-play and the unhealthy "industry obsession" with top grossing app charts

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