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1 THQ creditors, US Trustee object to quick sale

A year ago Groups take issue with proposed expedited bidding process, refusal to sell off specific series and assets

3 Seahorn Capital and DDM to finance gaming startups

A year ago Joint venture between investment firm and talent agency launches with Deadlight developer Tequila Works

4 Guitar Hero co-creator raises $6 million for Android controller

A year ago Charles Huang believes "mobile-to-TV gaming could quickly grow to surpass the console market"

8 Kickstarter UK sees 2 million pledged in first month

A year ago $3.33 million has found its way to creators in the UK

5 Don Daglow suspends Kickstarter campaign

2 years ago Smartphone games and Kickstarter do not mix, the industry vet says


65 Kickstarter: Funding revolution or digital panhandling?

Opinion 2 years ago As Braben and Molyneux start Kickstarters, the crowdfunding backlash gathers steam

16 THQ CFO resigns as company negotiates financing alternatives

2 years ago Paul Pucino is out. And THQ has reached an agreement with Wells Fargo, which removes the threat against the company for defaulting on loans

Perfect World revenue and profit down year-over-year

2 years ago The launch of Torchlight 2 helped, but profits still fell


3 GameStop: Trying to change faster than the market declines

2 years ago The traditional retail market continues to shrink, but the company fights to diversify with digital, kids and print offerings

14 Zynga CEO near tears over company's dive

2 years ago Mark Pincus is working hard to keep Zynga from dying

2 Gree reports revenue up 25%, profits down

2 years ago The Japanese mobile social giant is spending more on expansion

Swrve raises $6.25 million in funding

2 years ago The mobile app analytics firm will use funding to expand

Valve opens Steam up to Brazilian payments

2 years ago Brazilian Steam users can now pay with their own local currency


Careers in Games: Funding and How to Get It

2 years ago Video: IndieGoGo, The Wellcome Trust, Games Invest and PLA Studio on how to secure funding and presenting the perfect pitch

1 Hawken publisher raises $18 million in funding

2 years ago Meteor Publishing closes a second round of funding ahead of Hawken's launch


3 Chris Roberts' Star Citizen goes Kickstarter

2 years ago Overwhelmed by demand on his site, he launches Kickstarter today. We speak with Roberts

3 Kickstarter opens up for the UK on Oct 31

2 years ago Projects in the UK can start using Kickstarter soon

Zynga slashes 2012 forecast, up to $105 million in losses for Q3

2 years ago Zynga's financial numbers aren't going to be pretty and the stock is worse

6 Zipper Interactive vets form nobodinos

2 years ago The startup is looking to Kickstarter to help bring its game Bottom Feeders to mobile

4 EA buyout rumours power share price hike

2 years ago NASDAQ listing price up over $14 after New York Post story

Double Fine looks to completely shift away from work-for-hire

2 years ago Company wants to maintain its independence using investors and crowdfunding

5 Zynga hands out stock options to employees to stop exodus

2 years ago After earnings fall below expectations, Zynga entices staff with stock


Crowd-funding developer compares project to Breaking Bad

2 years ago Pendulo also discusses why they're on Gamesplanet Lab and not Kickstarter

5 THQ back in the black in Q1

2 years ago After a restructuring, THQ records $15 million net income

21 VR headset Oculus Rift passes Kickstarter goal with a month to go

2 years ago Start-up championed by Carmack, Newell, Bleszinski breezes past initial target of $250,000

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