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7 Platform, not gender, drives gamer differences - EEDAR

17 hours ago Dr. Heather Nofziger, EEDAR's head of survey research, offers some perspective on common misperceptions about gender


Work-for-hire is not an admission of failure

2 days ago Pastagames' pragmatic approach lets dev make passion projects without needing them to be hits, says Pix the Cat designer

3 So you think video game research sucks?

Opinion 2 days ago Superdata's Joost van Dreunen explains the method to a gaming analyst's madness


4 Brazil Game Show: This is one market that Xbox One can win

3 days ago Wild inequality in console prices highlights the difference in Microsoft and Sony's commitment to Brazil


2 "Scared blank check journalism appears to be the status quo"

3 days ago Shacknews' new CEO Asif Khan on the latest incarnation of the site and the challenges of games journalism today


40 Are there lines games shouldn't cross?

4 days ago Can a dev go too far with violence? What about moral responsibility? Laws aren't the answer, but what is? Rami Ismail, Warren Spector and more discuss


14 Mobile could soon dominate - so what?

Opinion 7 days ago Japan's experience suggests that it might be good for everyone, says Rob Fahey


1 Helgason: Negative view on Riccitiello is "incredibly unfair"

8 days ago Unity's outgoing CEO on a most surprising appointment, and the myriad ways the company stands to benefit


Sweet Success: the Difficult Second Album

8 days ago Mind Candy's Brighton arm, Candy Labs, on developing to expectations


2 With Riccitiello, is Unity planning something big?

8 days ago Analysts weigh in on what the appointment means - could the company be aiming for an IPO?


5 Community management isn't just a complaints department

9 days ago Ludia's Philippe Ha talks about the passion of casual players and the need to bring player liaisons into the development process sooner

20 Report: Mobile to become gaming's biggest market by 2015

9 days ago 42% YoY rise in sector value will see it take console's crown, says Newzoo

2 VR sweet spot no more than $200 - EEDAR

9 days ago EEDAR survey of consumers finds cost is still the biggest factor despite high level of interest in VR headsets

20 Psychology of video game play - low hanging fruit!

9 days ago Cyberpsychologist Berni Good explains the science behind flow

6 Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019 - DFC

10 days ago DFC Intelligence is revising its global forecast because consoles are "losing their second tier audience"

2 Life is Short (for Mobile Games)

10 days ago Fiksu's Benjamin Hansz offers some advice on sustainability in a market of throw-away success


1 From BioShock to The Black Glove

10 days ago "This is the best way to make an uncompromisingly original game" says Day For Night Games's Joe Fielder


Tale of Tales: Making a game for gamers

11 days ago After a decade of testing the limits, Sunset shows the Belgian indie developer thinking about its audience in a different way


"It would be stupid not to try to support it more in the UK"

11 days ago Giffgaff's Gregg Baker explains why a mobile network is involved in eSports


28 Nintendo's Window is Closing

Opinion 14 days ago 2014 was Wii U's chance in Japan; but Nintendo is at the root of the malaise around all consoles there


54 What's fueling GamerGate?

Opinion 16 days ago An attempt to acknowledge legitimate (but largely unspoken) grievances that have kept gamers supporting the cause


"You need to be at peace with uncertainty"

16 days ago Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin on why games should be instruments, not pieces of music


"Amazon is trying to do things a little differently"

17 days ago Amazon Games reveals three new titles, studio head explains philosophy


10 Critical Consensus: Bayonetta 2 is a rare beauty

17 days ago Wii U-exclusive action game draws near-universal praise, perfect scores from GameSpot, Joystiq, Edge


Newzoo expands into Asia with new China offices

18 days ago Move comes as research firm plans biggest study yet

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