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British eSports Association formed

22 hours ago "An important initiative in furthering the credibility of the eSports industry in the UK"


Peter Moore and EA's eSports masterplan

10 days ago "I think engagement is the one word answer"

eSports' "path to profitability farther off than VR" for publishers - Pachter

25 days ago Despite the slow ramp up of headsets, VR should monetize better for publishers in the next few years, the analyst says

6 Capcom bans pro player for sexual harassment

28 days ago Noel Brown gone for the season after grabbing a woman on camera, second offense will result in lifetime ban

WESA responds to Faze Clan departure

A month ago The eSports organisation loses a team after just two weeks


3 Professionalism and toxicity threaten eSports' breakthrough

Opinion A month ago We're on the cusp of a revolution in eSports dreamed of for almost 20 years, but a toxic culture and lack of professionalism must be tackled first


3 eSports "more a promotional tool than anything else" - Zelnick

A month ago Take-Two CEO doesn't see trend as a profitable stand-alone business yet, believes physical goods will continue to be "lion's share" of revenue in future

8 Blizzard and Twitch pledge to fight racism with pilot program

A month ago An incident at a recent live-streamed Hearthstone tournament has highlighted the need for change in eSports

World Esports Association founded

A month ago "A critical milestone on our way to grow eSports globally"

eSports supremacy beckons as Overwatch beta pulls 9.7m players

A month ago Blizzard's hero shooter attracted more players than Battlefront and The Division

Activision Blizzard's Media Network launching new stream features in June

A month ago "eSports is a cultural phenomenon at its tipping point"

eSports awareness to surge past 1 billion consumers in 2016 - Newzoo

A month ago Research firm credits increased media exposure, publisher involvement and formation of more leagues

League of Legends bans three teams from competition

A month ago Team Impulse, Renegades, and Team Dragon Knights banned for variety of offenses, have until May 18 to find new owners

International eGames Committee names advisory board

A month ago The "Olympics of eSports" gets first round of overseers

ESL launching 24/7 eSports channel

2 months ago The world's first eSports-focused TV channel will go live in Nordic and Baltic countries next month


Early Access "good for our whole industry" - Daybreak

2 months ago Laura Naviaux Sturr, Daybreak's chief publishing officer, on adapting to new business models and bringing H1Z1 into the world of eSports

1 ESL cuts ties with YouPorn sponsored eSports team

2 months ago Regional laws against advertising pornography cited, ESL turned down Team YP's offer to rebrand

Update: Gfinity says Xbox One sales figures were estimated

2 months ago Upton arrived at 18 million figure from previous public guesses


NRG eSports appoints new CEO

2 months ago Andrew Pruett joins from Apple

eSports involvement actually greater among women than men - PwC

2 months ago "The eSports consumer is young, racially diverse, tech-savvy and often female"

SB Nation, Polygon launch League of Legends site

2 months ago Vox Media sports and gaming sites pooling resources to produce The Rift Herald

Nielsen: eSports audience is 81 per cent male

2 months ago In an increasingly diverse games market, a new report gives the eSports audience a distinctly retro feel

Wargaming wants an eSports players union

2 months ago World of Tanks publisher to help pros create an independent player-run organization to represent pros' interests

Activision Blizzard boasts new CS:GO eSports viewership record

2 months ago A record-breaking 45 million hours of live broadcast were watched

SiriusXM launching a daily eSports show

2 months ago Yet another mainstream media company is getting into the world of eSports coverage

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