Teacher's Lounge: Insider Views on Games Education

Five leading professors discuss the growth of games education and what needs to happen to better the industry

By James Brightman

SOE: Teaching students to self-critique is crucial

The G.I.R.L. scholarship and its perspective on the changing role of education

By Rachel Weber

Teaching the Games Business

It's not enough to teach students to code, draw or design; truly well-trained staff must also understand the commercial sides of the business

By Rob Fahey

Education vs. Vocation

The Chinese Room's Dan Pinchbeck on the complex tension between learning the craft and getting a job

By Matthew Handrahan

"Games making should appeal to children as much as games playing"

Ian Livingstone on how to make sure education is serving the industry and getting away from "academic snobbery"

By Dan Pearson

Spector aims to build "Navy SEALs of game development training"

Industry veteran hoping to fill a critical void in the games business; he wants to cultivate the next round of leaders

By Steve Peterson

Mind Candy launches tech magazine for girls

Moshi Monsters developer encouraging girls to code, animate and design

By Rachel Weber

Trip Hawkins's If You Can raises $6.5m

Series A round led by Greylock Partners, company opens California office

By Matthew Handrahan

Abertay students working on FuturLab prototypes

"Having an opportunity to effectively triple our workforce to create prototypes for a year without risk is fantastic"

By Rachel Weber

B.U.G.S. program to launch tonight at BAFTA

Network aims to highlight industry graduate talent in the UK

By Dan Pearson

Abertay University now home to largest teaching lab in Europe

PlayStationFirst adds 30 new PlayStation Vita development kits

By Rachel Weber

Games still seen as "social ill" but there's opportunity in education - Hawkins

“You ever feel like what we're doing is too much like pornography?” asks Trip Hawkins

By James Brightman

Ubisoft launches graduate programme

"We are looking for strong team players who are results-oriented"

By Rachel Weber

Enter now for Dare to be Digital

Student game design competition opens, compete for a BAFTA Ones to Watch Award

By Rachel Weber

Stafford Uni gets Epic Games Centre

"This collaboration will enable Staffs students to have a direct link with Epic"

By Rachel Weber

IGF Student Showcase winners announced

Ostrich Banditos and Unblanched Peanuts among the lucky few

By Rachel Weber

Livingstone Hopes: Why Eidos' President is opening a school

"We need to train kids today for jobs that don't yet exist"

By Dan Pearson

Warren Spector named director of Denius-Sams Gaming Academy

The University of Texas at Austin has tapped the industry vet to lead the program, which offers advanced game development training

By James Brightman

Extra Life fundraising total hits $3.8m

Charity gaming marathon breaks records despite DDoS attack

By Rachel Weber

Sparking a generation of game designers

Project Spark's Soren Hannibal says the industry is at risk of losing out on software engineers if it can't make learning to code easier

By Brendan Sinclair

Epic's Gamble to lecture at Staffordshire University

Will speak about "how to succeed in what is a fast-changing and ultra-competitive environment"

By Rachel Weber

Sumo Digital founder awarded honorary doctorate

James North-Hearn recognised by Sheffield Hallam University

By Rachel Weber

Making the case for design school

New York Film Academy's Chris Swain explains the value of a degree and why designers should learn a bit of everything

By Brendan Sinclair

GI Fair schedule featuring Rare, Ubisoft and BAFTA now live

Event at Eurogamer Expo offering advice for students and grads looking for jobs in games

By Matt Martin

UC Santa Cruz hires Brenda, John Romero to run gaming program

Loot Drop designers named program director, creative director for school's new master's degree track

By Brendan Sinclair

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