DICE 2014

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3 "We're in this kind of historic, golden moment"

2 years ago Nexon's Min Kim on why ARPU should come second to delight

Devolver, Ninja Theory and Blizzard added to DICE Europe roster

2 years ago New speakers lined up for London event this September

2 The Last of Us sweeps DICE Awards

2 years ago Naughty Dog's adventure wins 10 awards including the Game of the Year

46 Oculus: VR "one of the most important technologies in the history of mankind”

2 years ago Palmer Luckey on the huge impact VR will have and the challenges that remain

9 Games shouldn't be judged on sales - Inafune

2 years ago Mighty No. 9 creator talks about the impact of crowdfunding on the industry and the way he thinks about games

Cerny, Jarvis see a continued gaming "renaissance"

2 years ago Eugene Jarvis and Mark Cerny talk about the state of the industry, the maturity of the audience and the big VR push

Unknown creators need to be "more indie than indie" - Gaynor

2 years ago Gone Home producer sees problems as new generation of developers compete against the follow-ups to Braid, Bastion, etc.

1 The Saga of Ed Fries

2 years ago Xbox co-founder describes how his love of creating things has been passed down through the generations

2 Insomniac's keys to success: Trust and Ballz

2 years ago Ted Price on the two (or three) attributes every creative team leader needs to embrace

Devs need to give back - Vlambeer

2 years ago Rami Ismail encourages industry to lower barriers to creation, promote diversity in developer community

7 Games still seen as "social ill" but there's opportunity in education - Hawkins

2 years ago “You ever feel like what we're doing is too much like pornography?” asks Trip Hawkins

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