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13 The Legend of Zelda Wii U delayed until 2016

A month ago Producer also confirms the game won't appear at E3

1 Supercell at the Super Bowl

A month ago "It wasn't about getting our game in front of however many millions of eyeballs"


12 Capitalism killing games and the world - Lanning

A month ago Oddworld founder despises growth models but is encouraged by the indie scene and rise of digital distribution


Smite developer to expand HQ with new eSports studio

A month ago Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios looking to grow headcount by 50 positions this year

Scopely partners with Kung Fu Factory

A month ago Adventure Time Card Wars developer signs multi-year deal

Telecomms minister pledges support for Lebanon's games industry

A month ago "Words are no longer enough" in the race to be the MENA region's leading market and industry for games

Minecraft lead dev joins Stugan accelerator program

A month ago Jens Bergensten and others to help mentor a new generation of developers


1 "It's Open Season for Premium Creators" - Badland dev

Opinion A month ago Frogmind's COO shares his learnings on how to leverage a competitive multiplatform landscape


Greg Zeschuk: From burnout to beer and playgrounds

A month ago "We're creating this generation of digital natives where they're so stuck to screens, and I'd like to help figure out ways to prevent that." lets developers dictate revenue share

A month ago Indie game marketplace introduces "open revenue sharing," pledges to put money raised back into the storefront

12 Critical Consensus: Bloodborne is the first great PS4 exclusive

A month ago From Software's latest has the critics saucer-eyed with admiration - the stream of 9s and 10s starts here


1 Improbable scores $20m investment from Andreessen Horowitz

A month ago Partner Chris Dixon joins board at tech company

8 Lilith Games suing uCool over cloning

A month ago Says Heroes Charge is "identical to Soul Clash"


5 Sony's Evolution confirms layoffs

A month ago Update: Sources say 55 people cut at DriveClub studio


11 "I don't believe the killer app for VR is going to be shooting"

A month ago Papo & Yo developer Vander Caballero says he's betting it all on virtual reality, starting with Time Machine

505 Games stock sale values Starbreeze at $187 million

A month ago Payday publisher acquires 2.37 per cent for $5 million, commits to two more years of co-funding the series' development

2 Konami wants new blood to lead next Metal Gear

2 months ago Hideo Kojima says he will see The Phantom Pain through to the end as publisher commits to continuing franchise


5 Mobile budgets will go console crazy

2 months ago Hammer & Chisel founder Jason Citron sees maturing mobile market leading to the same problems home systems have dealt with for years


5 “I couldn't even guarantee you a 10% chance of a hit anymore” - Capps

2 months ago Former Epic president on the massive difficulties in development today and why he happily spoke at Unity's GDC presentation

4 Valve: “If there's something useful, we'll give it away"

2 months ago Gabe Newell on making sure that the PC ecosystem thrives


1 Diablo III: We learnt a lot of things the hard way

2 months ago Game director Josh Mosqueira on the living legacy that is Blizzard's Diablo

11 Free Windows 10 for pirates

2 months ago "We believe customers over time will realise the value of properly licensing Windows"


Crowfall studio appoints new director of community management

2 months ago Valerie “Pann” Massey swaps CCP for Artcraft

1 Nintendo, not DeNA, to "mainly" handle mobile development - Iwata

2 months ago Satoru Iwata clarifies who's making Nintendo's mobile games and affirms that they may act as a bridge to dedicated game systems

3 "World's first" wearable games studio launches

2 months ago “We're striving to perfect the wearable gameplay experience”

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