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"Not aggressive, not manipulative. It's a challenge we've set ourselves."

A month ago Fat Pebble: Putting heart into hand made games


Massive Black gets a new president

A month ago Melissa Lee promoted at game art studio


Bigpoint appoints Korean GM

A month ago Derek Oh previously launched League Of Legends in territory


Virtual Reality Bites

A month ago Tammeka's Sam Watts on dealing with the delays and uncertainty of VR development

3 This is how Magic Leap actually works

A month ago And it's a very different prospect to existing AR and VR technologies


Heavenly Sword art director returns to Ninja Theory

A month ago Hugues Giboire replaces departed Stuart Adcock, still looking for a Senior Character Artist

8 What do Exploding Kittens and Shadowrun teach us about Kickstarter?

A month ago A banner week for crowdfunded games has highlighted some important takeaways for developers


2 "AAA is the equivalent of the One Percent"

A month ago David Goldfarb, ex-Battlefield dev, co-founds new studio The Outsiders with Ben Cousins, sees bright future for mid-tier

Rovio sets sights on China with Kunlun partnership

A month ago "Angry Birds has been downloaded close to half a billion times in China"


7 How movies shaped Star Citizen's success

A month ago Chris Roberts shares what he learned in Hollywood that helped drive a $72 million crowdfunding phenomenon

1 Epic courting devs with $5m fund

A month ago Tim Sweeney: "The goal of this is to help people develop more games without having to mow lawns"

2 The Stomping Land stalls again, so why is it still available on Steam?

A month ago Game's creator is no longer responding to his own team members, 3D artist jumps ship to rival project

1 Project Cars gets second release delay

A month ago Slightly Mad Studios racer now set for early April


18 Mobile needs gamers "to pay big dollars for big games" - Morris

A month ago Introversion dev sizes up the problems facing Prison Architect's planned ports for mobile and console

Microsoft cuts ties to Phantom Dust dev Darkside

A month ago Remake is still in development, but rumours abound of mass redundancies at Darkside


Mortal Kombat X and "casual versus core"

A month ago Bringing brutality to a new generation of fighting game fans


Validation critical for developer ecosystem - Romero

2 months ago Veteran designer Brenda Romero on the importance of pride and how Minecraft rebooted the graphics arms race


1 Bungie appoints new Destiny loremaster

2 months ago John Ryan swaps Guild Wars 2 for space battles


14 Rebellion: "Nobody here ever bothers with Metacritic"

2 months ago CEO Jason Kingsley on how the rise of Twitch and YouTube has allowed Sniper Elite to thrive in the face of mixed reviews

20 Bethesda triggers trademark dispute over Fortress Fallout

2 months ago "Essentially, we're being strong-armed into having to change our name" - BluBlox Games

1 Montreal gets dedicated indie co-working with GamePlay Space

2 months ago Non-profit office sharing scheme hopes to build on local talent


Arkham Origins' creative director joins DICE Stockholm

2 months ago Eric Holmes brings extensive experience with open-world third-person combat and movement


PlanetSide 2 creative director resigns

2 months ago Latest executive to depart after SOE becomes Daybreak


"I'm really interested in getting away from the box of space marines"

2 months ago Funomena's Robin Hunicke on experimental design and pushing the boundaries of gaming

6 App Store devs report crackdown on images of guns and violence

2 months ago Apple's list of inappropriate content just grows and grows, in-game content unaffected so far

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