Ex-Nonstop, King developers form new studio, secure $775,000 in funding

Mighty Bear Games is funded by Global Founders Capital and incubated by the Singapore government

By James Batchelor

Dan Abnett: “Story should be the spine of your game”

The best-selling novelist and writer for both comics and video games discusses the increasing importance of a solid narrative

By James Batchelor

Sumo Digital acquires art studio Atomhawk

Firm behind key art for Guardians of the Galaxy and Injustice 2 now owned by Crackdown 3 developer

By James Batchelor

Valve, ArenaNet veteran Rick Ellis founds Sharkbite Games

Steam's lead developer has a new studio, with $1.25 million in VC funding in his pocket

By Matthew Handrahan

EGX 2017: Submissions open for Leftfield Collection

Deadline for entry is July 28th, gives independent developers the chance to exhibit to thousands of consumers for free

By GamesIndustry Staff

StudioMDHR founders quit jobs, remortgaged houses to work on Cuphead

Animated platformer was originally worked on by three people working at weekends

By James Batchelor

Five Nights at Freddy's creator to "step back" from popular series

Development of sixth full game abandoned as Scott Cawthon describes mounting "pressure" to make each better than the last

By Matthew Handrahan

The Interactive Fiction Archive has a new home

IFTF adopts archive of games, tools and docs on its 25th anniversary

Leaving Arkane: The pressure of "making impossible things"

Raphael Colantonio on leaving the studio he founded, and an industry "at odds with vacations, with time off, with just creatively recharging"

By Matthew Handrahan

Team17 moves into Brazil with new game signing

UK-based publisher continues its international expansion

By Christopher Dring

From PC to Nintendo: Porting GoNNER to Switch

Insights, optimism and notes of caution from a small team among the first to move a game from PC to Switch

By Will Freeman

Paradox Interactive acquires Triumph Studios

Age of Wonders and Overlord creators joins rising PC specialist

By Christopher Dring

The Podcast: Diversity in games with Anita Sarkeesian

The Feminist Frequency founder on her Tropes series, dealing with the backlash and how developers can explore new stories

By James Batchelor

When to listen to players, and when not to

Studio Wildcard's Cedric Burkes and Doug Kennedy discuss the Ark: Survival Evolved approach to shaping player behavior and dealing with player complaints

By Brendan Sinclair

Sega and Nintendo want to sign your games at the Investment Summit

Publishing leaders join UK Games Fund, All 4 Games, PlayStation, BFI, Miniclip, Rising Star and Flare Games

By Christopher Dring

G2A promises more transparency in new marketplace update

Sellers will be required to list names and addresses, automatic geolocation will confirm where they're based

By James Batchelor

Is the games industry nostalgia gold rush here to stay?

SNES Mini, Crash Bandicoot, Sega Forever, Wipeout, Xbox Originals… what next for the industry's 1990s obsession?

By Christopher Dring

AbleGamers launches Player Panels to help devs improve accessibility

Charity will connect developers, publishers and more with disabled gamers to investigate how future titles can better cater for them

By James Batchelor

New Unity graduate fellowship program will research AI and machine learning

Initiative will support grads exploring the possibilities for content creation and NPCs that learn new behaviour

By James Batchelor

Light, not bytes: The evolution of the pipeline

Development infrastructure is changing. And it starts with pushing less data, not more, suggests Escape Technology

By Will Freeman

New VC firm Eleven Ventures opens in California

Investment firm wants to focus on start-ups in VR, AR, esports and games development

By James Batchelor

Raphael Colantonio leaving Arkane

Founder of Dishonored studio departing "to spend some time with my son and reflect on what is important to me and my future"

By Brendan Sinclair

Moss: Using VR to build a better mouse

Polyarc's Danny Bulla explains how the ex-Destiny developers settled on a concept for their PSVR debut about an adorable sword-wielding mouse

By Brendan Sinclair

Vicon acquires IMeasureU

Motion capture firm drops undisclosed sum on purchase of interial tracker manufacturer

Dylan Cuthbert: “Star Fox 2 release is a big awesome surprise”

The Q-Games founder on the most iconic game he never released

By Christopher Dring

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