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1 Rare veterans form Playtonic Games

A month ago Founding team includes Chris Sutherland, Gavin Price and Steven Hurst, first game will emulate Banjo-Kazooie

Proletariat Inc is $6 million richer

A month ago Spark Capital leads Series A funding

1 Valve "really uncomfortable" with devs giving away game keys

A month ago The studio has told its Greenlight community that it would like to see devs stop trading away keys to gain votes


1 Crash Override: "Our mission is to return control to the victim"

A month ago Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz are turning a negative into a positive, with a new support service for the targets of online mob harassment


Telltale's new chapter: Minecraft and a top secret original IP

A month ago An interview with new CEO Kevin Bruner

1 BioWare cancels Shadow Realms

A month ago Austin studio pulls plug on four-against-one online PC game, will focus on Star Wars: The Old Republic instead

3 €10m GameOn fund stalls

A month ago Founder will continue with private money after government bureaucracy blocked access to promised €5m investment

6 I Fight For The Users

Opinion A month ago Player Research's Graham McAllister introduces himself and his new monthly column

11 Jon Blow has gone into debt to finish The Witness

A month ago "20 years from now, I am not going to care about whether we took an extra six months or a year in development"


EA confirms Montreal layoffs

A month ago "To align with our current development and service plans"

20m matches played in Halo 5 multiplayer beta

A month ago 44.7 million hours of beta content watched on Twitch

1 Blizzard: "We view eSports as a community builder"

A month ago Exec producer Chris Sigaty explains the studio is still learning from its players


Bigpoint hires new director of games operations

A month ago Online studio also adds new head of localisation to team


Roblox hires new CFO and CMO

A month ago Rick Silvestrini and Andrew Chmyz join gaming platform

3 Monolith: Shadow Of Mordor's secret sauce

A month ago Why "turning Mordor into a giant prison yard" worked

2 Glu's Q4 shows impressive growth, makes 2014 a record year

A month ago And the mobile company just signed Katy Perry for a five year deal

10 Brenda Romero: A great game is about how it makes you feel

A month ago Designer and educator on why graphics are only part of the formula

2 Raspberry Pi is closing in on the UK sales record

A month ago The second full version of the microcomputer should see it become the bestselling British computer of all time

1 Games are fine but the business isn't - Rami Ismail

A month ago "We talk about the funny bugs in a Ubisoft game for weeks, but take months to respond to harassment happening straight under our nose."


2 Bungie jump to free-to-play: Midnight Star

A month ago Seropian's Industrial Toys is ready to launch its first game

3 Octodad: $5m revenue and 28,000 dev hours

A month ago Young Horses releases cephalopod stats


1 Gearbox lead writer departs for Hulu series

A month ago Anthony Burch says goodbye to Claptrap

3 Prison Architect sells 1 million

A month ago Proper launch of alpha-funded jail sim set for 2015, mobile and console versions planned


1 "I think hardcore is a lot easier" -ZeptoLab CEO

A month ago Misha Lyalin explains the challenge of midcore development as his studio expands beyond the Cut the Rope franchise with King of Thieves

8 Is Sega finished with console retail?

A month ago Voluntary retirement and further redundancies will hit Sega's workforce as it focuses on the "growth area" of Digital Games

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