Success comes at a price - Butterscotch Shenanigans

How the PC and premium mobile hit Crashlands kept its creators from actually making games for a year

By Brendan Sinclair

1m first week downloads for Hutch's Top Drives

Mobile collectible card car game reaches No.1 in its category across 121 countries

By James Batchelor

SpiritAI names new business development manager

Peter Alau joins as artificial intelligence specialist's first San Francisco hire

CD Projekt Red valued at over $2bn despite H1 2017 revenues dip

Studio's profits dropped $5m year-on-year but still ongoing success of The Witcher, GOG and Gwent drive firm forward

By James Batchelor

Animal Farm developer: "I wish more games made a statement"

Imre Jele on why a team of highly experienced creators are revisiting Orwell's 1940s classic

By Christopher Dring

Indies need to be on time, on budget

Ovosonico founder Massimo Guarini says discipline is crucial, striving for perfection "causes a studio to collapse, more often than not"

By Brendan Sinclair

PUBG: "When you ask about growth on PC, I just look at League of Legends"

Brendan Green on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' growth, raising price-points, and the fringe benefits of working with Microsoft

By Matthew Handrahan

Rovio announces MumJam

Game jam designed to help mums get back into the industry takes place this November

By James Batchelor

Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned over $1m

Community-driven marketplace has been a success for the Minecraft ecosystem

By James Brightman

Ubisoft creating 1,000 new jobs with two new Quebec studios

Publishing will invest $780m in growing its presence within the region by 2027, Saguenay studio opens early 2018

By James Batchelor

20m financial boost for Cubic Motion

NorthEdge Capital makes significant investment in Hellblade and Call of Duty motion capture firm

Switch can't handle Final Fantasy's Luminous Engine

Meanwhile, Furi dev says Switch port will depend on "a good enough framerate"

By James Batchelor

Making Games in Tehran: A massive market, disconnected

The first Tehran Game Convention gave Brie Code insight into an emerging industry hobbled by sanctions and restrictions

By Brie Code

Swedish games developers generated €1.4bn in 2016

Number of studios in the region rises to 287, with nearly 10% of all games firms working on virtual reality

By James Batchelor

Warner Bros donating Shadow of War DLC revenue to family of late producer

Update: Warner Bros. clarifies position on memorial DLC, says it will not profit from sales regardless of the territory

By James Batchelor

It Came From The Cloud

Dave Jones explains why "the power of the cloud" could still change the way we think about games, and how Cloudgine's new title could be the proof

By Brendan Sinclair

Funcom: "You can't survive for 20 years without a few scars"

With a new logo, new website and new product strategy, Funcom CEO Rui Casais is facing the future with confidence

By Matthew Handrahan

"People don't talk about mental health because of the stigma, out of fear for their careers"

At Devcom last week, Raw Fury's Callum Underwood discussed his ambition to "normalise" mental health issues in the games industry

By Matthew Handrahan

Tequila Works to publish first game from new UK studio Glowmade

The Rime developer is partnering with an indie studio formed by Lionhead and Media Molecule veterans

By Christopher Dring

Bungie and Games Done Quick supporting Hurricane Harvey relief

UPDATE: Charity streaming event raises $227,000 towards aid efforts

By James Batchelor

Small Stories, Big Games

Could we be making better games if we weren't so concerned with front-loading our stories with the highest possible stakes?

By Kim Belair

Blizzard will permanently ban repeat offenders in Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan details plans for tougher punishments against abusive players in popular online FPS

By James Batchelor

Denuvo DRM prompts outcry from Sonic Mania players

Divisive anti-piracy software reportedly prevents offline play

By James Batchelor

Ark: Survival Evolved cross-play would take "a few days" to enable

Studio Wildcard says there's "nothing preventing" players from coming together - apart from "policy issues" at Sony

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo is closing Miiverse

The online service will end in November, when a key features in several games will also cease to function

By Matthew Handrahan

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