Media Molecule teams up with theatre group Punchdrunk

Collaborating on a performance arts-meets-gaming project related to Dreams

By Christopher Dring

VR killer app, Red Dead 2 and Nintendo Switch top games industry's 2017 wish list

We ask leading indies and games industry figureheads about their highlights of the past year and most anticipated releases

By James Batchelor

30 Years of Ubisoft: “The Guillemots are critical to our success”

Jonathan Morin, Rima Brek, Rebecka Coutaz, Patrick Plourde, Clint Hocking, Martin Oliver, Antti Ilvessuo and Magnus Jansen on Ubisoft's 30 years

By Christopher Dring

The pros and cons of Early Access

After going through the process twice, New World Interactive highlights the ups and downs of iterative development

By Brendan Sinclair

Crytek dropping multiple studios in wake of pay troubles

Developer will focus close all but Frankfurt and Kiev locations, focus on 'premium IPs' and CryEngine

By James Batchelor

Atlus expands with opening of Studio Zero

New production team headed up by Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino, working on new fantasy project

By James Batchelor

“We don't have any ambitions to be the next Lionhead… but I wouldn't rule it out”

Cavalier Game Studios discusses brotherhood, The Sexy Brutale and why it partnered with another developer instead of a publisher

By Christopher Dring

CD Projekt Red, Techland receive grants from Polish government's $27.4m research fund

The Witcher III dev takes biggest chunk with $7m towards seamless multiplayer and city creation projects

By James Batchelor

No tears for Crytek

Weekly Roundup: It's one thing for a company to go under, but another to take its unwilling employees with it

By Brendan Sinclair

Facepunch Studios invites "bored" customers to quit Rust

Founder Garry Newman attempts to break "ping pong loop" of unhelpful feedback on Early Access hit

By Matthew Handrahan

Virtual reality, touchscreen hinted at in Nintendo Switch patents

Diagrams indicate Gear VR-style accessories for forthcoming Nintendo console, as well as smartphone-style multi-touch screen

By James Batchelor

Mechanical Turks

AI will never put narrative designers out of work, says Alexis Kennedy

By Alexis Kennedy

Why outsourcing doesn't work

Streamline Studios' Stefan Baier wants the industry to make external studios more integrated partners than mercenary scutworkers

By Brendan Sinclair

Where now for Call of Duty?

The world's biggest shooter series is under threat, but Activision still holds all the cards

By Christopher Dring

Unity dropping major updates in favour of date-based model

Version 5.6 marks the end for engine's current cycle with Unity 2017 beginning in April, next year's roadmap detailed

By James Batchelor

End to Wii U production “nothing to do” with Yooka-Laylee Switch

Playtonic assures backers it did everything it could to get Wii U version running, offers refunds for those without other platforms

By James Batchelor

Improbable teams with Google to help devs build bigger game worlds

SpatialOS Games Innovation Program unlocks start-up's expansive tech, free alpha version launches today

By James Batchelor

Le Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo publishes 3rd annual survey of French industry

Studios on the rise as companies focus on game production

Turtle Rock: AAA boxed product "not a welcome home" for indies

Left 4 Dead studio working on new co-op IP; GM Steve Goldstein explains his studio's approach and why it's teamed with Perfect World

By James Brightman

Creative England and Microsoft's £250,000 Greenshoots indie development fund returns

Applications now open for fourth year of funding and support programme, grants of up to £200,000 available

By James Batchelor

Vicarious Visions working on Destiny

Activision Skylanders studio partners with Bungie "to further expand" the shooter franchise's universe

Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian: The Last of their Kind

The end of two of the industry's longest-running and most troubled development processes is a reminder of the excesses of the 2000s

By Rob Fahey

Obsidian laying off staff

Unspecified number of Armored Warfare developers will be let go as moves some development to Moscow

By Brendan Sinclair

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