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2 Blizzard's Paul Sams joins Ready at Dawn as new CEO

A month ago Industry veteran to oversee business and new publishing arm based in Texas


14 Quality is the best strategy for app store discovery

A month ago With both algorithms and curators, Graham McAllister believes that good games are the key to the mobile app stores


Amazon staffing for "ambitious" PC game

A month ago Online retailer's content strategy takes another turn, already has Half Life, The Last of Us veterans on board

1 Evolution Studios vets found new VR studio

A month ago Devs behind titles like DriveClub, MotorStorm and WipEout form Secret Sorcery to work on VR games

Vive Developer Editions now shipping

A month ago Valve's virtual reality headset heading out into the wild

6 Desura to devs: "We are not refusing to pay you"

A month ago UPDATE: Parent company reportedly filing for bankruptcy


8 Paid betas hurt Early Access - Tripwire

A month ago Killing Floor 2 studio's Alan Wilson says some developers are disrespecting customers and Valve by charging for broken, buggy games

Bungie Foundation raises $1m for Nepal

A month ago Destiny players dig deep to help Direct Relief's disaster recovery

2 Black Tusk Studios becomes The Coalition

A month ago Gears of War team has a rebrand ahead of E3


1 Riot Games hires Warhammer writer

A month ago Graham McNeill joins League Of Legends studio


3 Hinterland: Navigating Early Access with The Long Dark

A month ago "It's our job to not be waylaid by all the feedback. Because that's what we do. We're game developers"

1 Warner Bros. shutting down Infinite Crisis only 2 months after launch

A month ago Development on the DC Comics-based MOBA will cease immediately


Perception constrained by reality

A month ago Ex-Irrational dev Bill Gardner on the financial and creative challenges of his echolocation game

Next Gen Skills Academy focuses on games with first courses

A month ago Level 3 diploma and higher apprenticeships created in collaboration with British games companies

Rovio, Nokia devs form Koukoi Games

A month ago Finnish studio will make mobile games that offer more depth than the market standard

3 Adobe acquires Mixamo

A month ago 3D animation company's tech will be integrated into Photoshop CC


8 Knowing When To Stop

A month ago A life in game development can mean stress, fatigue and worry. Jurie Horneman has learned the value of stepping back


New VP of American sales for CI Games

A month ago Frank Chiechi joins Lords of the Fallen studio

2 Crossy Road devs invest in Australian startup

A month ago $380,000 seed round for Prettygreat

Nvidia targets VR with new flagship GeForce GPU

A month ago GameWorks VR dev kit will be released alongside the GTX 980 Ti

1 Apple acquires augmented reality specialists

2 months ago Metaio offers solutions for smartphones, silent on deal

Nvidia launches AndroidWorks

2 months ago New dev tools for building better visual experiences on Android


11 What to do when you're Blind-sided

2 months ago Tiny Bull Studios thought it was working on a totally unique idea, until they saw another developer Kickstart essentially the same game


Ncsoft West reveals new executive team

2 months ago Eight new hires since December 2014

35 EA's FIFA 16 adds female players

2 months ago And COO fights back against sexist complaints

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