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7 Mattrick: Zynga left its lunchbox unattended

A month ago The CEO talks restructuring and rival Supercell


6 The Astronauts: 'It's just a game' design

A month ago Adrian Chmielarz on moving beyond his intuition with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

5 Super Evil Megacorp reveals plan for tablet domination

A month ago "The next really big growth wave in computer gaming is likely to come from gamers shifting to tablets," says Kristian Segerstrale


3 CCP confirms 49 layoffs

A month ago Eve Online studio restructures publishing team

Ex-LucasArts folk raise $1.5m for new studio

A month ago First game due at the end of the year

3 Valve: Some Early Access games will never be finished

A month ago Steam alters its FAQs on Early Access products, warns customers that some devs will never reach final release


18 "Mobile is the true next generation gaming platform" - Turbo

A month ago Brooklyn startup signs with Nexon for inaugural game; founder Yohei Ishii on making core games for mobile

9 Oculus signs exclusive content from Words With Friends creator

A month ago Paul Bettner announces new studio, Playful, and commits to two games for Oculus Rift


14 The industry needs more mentors - Jade Raymond

A month ago Ubisoft Toronto head says sacrificing employee growth in order to get a game out the door can squander passion, potential


Dovetail Games grows with three key hires

A month ago EA, Lionhead and Splash Damage veterans join Train Simulator dev ahead of expansion

1 Indian dev Octro raises $15 million

A month ago Sequioa Capital dips into its $530 million fund for Indian startups

Quiz RPG hits 26 million downloads in Japan

A month ago Colopl's title poised to overtake Puzzle & Dragons as Japan's most popular game

Games sweep Apple Design Awards

A month ago Device 6, Threes!, Monument Valley, Blek and Leo's Fortune are the worthy winners


11 Variable State: "Indie is the real cutting edge of games"

A month ago Jonathan Burroughs and Terry Kenny introduce their new studio

2 Irrational vets form Day For Night Games

A month ago New studio's first project, The Black Glove, will hit Kickstarter in July

1 SOE GIRL Scholarship winner announced

A month ago Erin Loelius is latest student to win internship through the programme

2 Naughty Dog heads - Employee turnover "not significant at all"

A month ago Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra downplay impact of Uncharted 4 dev departures


4 Bithell: "You stop looking punk if you used to be in Boyzone"

A month ago On Twitch, Thomas and why today's indies are tomorrow's corporate execs

16 Zelnick: 2K Marin now "responsible for" Bioshock franchise

A month ago And Take-Two CEO calls Red Dead Redemption a "permanent franchise"

1 Nix Hydra nets $5m to address young female market

A month ago L.A. based studio gets funding from Harmonix, Zynga VC firm


Harmonix lays off 37

A month ago Restructuring underway at rhythm game studio; Alex Rigopulos becomes chief creative officer as Steve Janiak takes over CEO duties


40 The Astronauts: "In 2014, $60 for a game is a little insane"

A month ago Creative director Adrian Chmielarz on the lessons of Bulletstorm and the problem with price-points


2 "Success buys freedom. It's really just as simple as that"

A month ago Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt on Ubisoft, F2P and new technology

Outplay raises $5 million

A month ago Douglas and Richard Hare's Dundee studio eyes expansion

5 CryEngine subscription launches on Steam

A month ago Royalty-free engine-as-a-service now available exclusively through Valve's storefront

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