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1666: Amsterdam legal battle ends

5 months ago Patrice Désilets to obtain rights to 1666 Amsterdam from Ubisoft

2 Titan MMO's "horrific" collapse led to the creation of Blizzard's Overwatch

5 months ago Game director Jeff Kaplan describes his team's, "ravenous hunger to show the world that we're not failures"

2 "No matter how awesome Star Wars is, we don't need another one"

5 months ago Ubisoft Montreal's Alex Hutchinson on how diversity in its many forms can lead to better games


4 Toys-to-life's problem isn't saturation; it's fatigue

5 months ago Jumo CCO Chris Esaki attributes recent struggles of Skylanders and Disney Infinity to lack of innovation, refusal to grow with audience

Ken Levine working on Twilight Zone hybrid

5 months ago BioShock director takes a side project with interactive video tech company Interlude


Why Insomniac is committing to VR

5 months ago Ted Price discusses his studio's plan to release three VR games this year, including two just-announced exclusives for Oculus Rift


Q-Games gets new creative producer

5 months ago Baiyon brings his artistic talents to PixelJunk studio


9 What causes indie games to fail?

Opinion 5 months ago Studios are seeing diminishing returns, but most of those can be attributed to crucial misunderstandings of market realities


3 JuiceBox Games shutting down

5 months ago "Despite our best efforts, we did not succeed"


1 "I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

5 months ago Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard talks Spyjinx, JJ Abrams and how there could be a "bloodbath" in the VR market

Toytalk targets wider audience, rebrands as PullString

5 months ago Kids no longer the sole focus as Pixar vets' interactive entertainment startup moves into emerging chatbot market

5 Fable Legends' closure marks the end of Lionhead Studios

5 months ago Microsoft is in the process of issuing refunds to those who purchased in-game currency after beta is taken offline

13 Rust hits 3.5m sales amidst concerns over gender, race assignment

5 months ago Facepunch has found success in Early Access, but recent changes have ignited a debate within its audience


Leonard Boyarsky joins Obsidian Entertainment

5 months ago Troika Games co-founder departs Blizzard, finds new role

Fairytale Distillery gets additional funding for MMORPG

5 months ago Brings funding total to €180,000


1 How Camouflaj cheated death in a volatile industry

Opinion 5 months ago Ryan Payton outlines the many twists and turns his studio had to take in realizing République

Grand Theft Auto devs planned to leave Take-Two

5 months ago Leslie Benzies lawsuit says he and the Houser brothers set up an independent company that would still work on publisher's IP

“Thank you for this honour, but I'm just getting started”

5 months ago John Carmack marked BAFTA's tribute to his past with a speech about the future - watch it here


9 Evolution Studios joins Codemasters, Hocking becomes VP of product

5 months ago Landmark deal sees ex-Sony team join Codies to form "UK racing powerhouse"


Choice Provisions closes San Francisco studio

5 months ago Layoffs hit the company formerly known as Gaijin Games in the face of a "dramatically" changing industry

2 Psyonix's Nosgoth cancelled

5 months ago "Its audience hasn't grown enough to sustain ongoing operations"


1 VR devs "have a responsibility to be considerate" of the player

5 months ago Ubisoft Red Storm Creative Director David Votypka on the psychology and potential of VR


Destiny creative lead resigns from Bungie

5 months ago Story specialist CJ Cowan started at the company with Halo 2, has worked on Destiny since 2009


Life as an indie: Obscurity, triage, and trust issues

5 months ago Witch Beam's Tim Dawson talks about Assault Android Cactus' slow burn of awareness, working with Unity on PS4, and why he insists on handling ports in-house


Wargaming Labs: What is it good for?

5 months ago Wargaming is experimenting through its in-house innovation platform, but which direction will WG Labs take from here?

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