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BeefJack expanding with two new divisions

A month ago London studio to assist with development and distribution as well as marketing


Tokyo Indie Fest: Japan's indie scene showing green shoots

A month ago But Tokyo's scene still reliant on its western expat progenitors

Del Toro reacts to Silent Hills cancellation

A month ago “It was a sort of scorched earth approach"

2 Keen offers $100k for Space Engineers mods

A month ago Czech studio also makes source code available to the public as an incentive to modders


9 Veterans play to the Crowd

Opinion A month ago The backlash against established devs taking to Kickstarter seems to have dissipated; crowdfunding may have rescued an entire tier of game development

4 Konami boss: "Mobile first" doesn't mean just doing mobile

A month ago Hideki Hayakawa lays out future priorities for Japanese studio

Directive Games opens its doors, raises $3.5m

A month ago New mobile studio formed by veterans of CCP Games, DICE, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Tencent


9 Wrist and Reward

Opinion A month ago WearGa's Paul Virapen sees blue ocean markets and "unicorn-like valuations" in the future of smartwatches


GREE International shuts Vancouver studio

A month ago "Decided to focus our talent on building new gameplay within our biggest franchises"

Human Head joins Shinra Technologies accelerator

A month ago "Gives our engineers and designers the ability to develop new and ground-breaking gameplay"

Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter passes $2 million

A month ago Playtonic title continues to smash through stretch goals


9 Atari: "By god, we're going to do this right"

A month ago One of the industry's pioneering companies is back in business, but can it deliver on its own broad ambitions?


Playing the headlines

A month ago What devs can learn from Newsgame development

1 Day For Night Games stops work on The Black Glove

A month ago "We intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right"

1 Castlevania dev returns with Kickstarter

A month ago Koji Igarashi seeks $500,000 to make a new side-scrolling exploration action game in the vein of Symphony of the Night [UPDATE: game already funded]

Ubisoft Annecy joins The Division development team

A month ago “We are bringing our previous experience in multiplayer online games"

Playhubs introduces "free-to-play" membership

A month ago Delayed payment scheme will make London startup accelerator even more accessible


5 One to Watch?

Opinion A month ago Graham McAllister explores the potential gaming applications of Apple's latest device

Bungie's Nepal fund hits $400,000

A month ago UPDATE: Total just hit $500,000


Mind Candy 2.0: Soldiers and social networks

A month ago President and CFO Divinia Knowles reveals what the Moshi Monsters studio is building now

Iwata: We'll release 5 mobile games by March, 2017

A month ago Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno put in charge of smartphone development


Simplygon appoints Matt Connors as its new CEO

A month ago Apple and Adobe vet will oversee further global expansion

10 Console games desperately need reinvention - Riccitiello

A month ago Unity CEO laments lack of innovation, calls events of current console generation "depressing"


Owlchemy bets it owl on VR

A month ago Co-founder Alex Schwartz says the Job Simulator studio may have made its last game for 2D monitors


Hearthstone and the smartphone

A month ago How Blizzard's title made it to the smallest screen

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