Unity licences now free to all levels of education

Colleges, universities and all post-secondary institutes can now use game engine for teaching and training

The Rhetorical Effects of System Design, And Toilets

When you code, you don't just create a world, you establish the boundaries of a universe

By Alexis Kennedy

"It's going to be physics-based and it's going to be stupid"

DoubleMoose CEO Armin Ibrisagic talks comedy, Coffee Stain and working with PewDiePie

By Dan Pearson

Video games Trump hate

Weekly Roundup: In the fallout of a shocking US election, the game industry can rise above and be more inclusionary

By James Brightman

Steve Meretzky joins King

Veteran developer joins Candy Crush maker as VP of Design on unannounced new project

By Brendan Sinclair

Fulfilling the Kool-Aid Man fantasy

Stellar Jockeys' Hugh Monahan on the design and marketing challenges of the destruction-heavy Early Access title Brigador

By Brendan Sinclair

IO Interactive is chasing the most elusive target of all

Hannes Seifert reflects on a successful first season for Hitman, and IO's bold embrace of the "digital AAA age"

By Matthew Handrahan

Patrick Bach leaving DICE - Report

GM of Swedish studio leaving after 15 years with EA's Battlefield studio

By Brendan Sinclair

Video Games Are Boring

Maybe everything we know is wrong, says Brie Code

By Brie Code

Uncharted 4 is not as scripted as you might think

Designer Matthew Gallant explains how the studio incorporated systemic combat AI into Uncharted 4, and what went wrong along the way

By Brendan Sinclair

Fargo: “If you don't reach 20% of your goal in two days, you'll almost certainly fail”

The Wasteland developer reflects changes to the crowdfunding space, and offers tips on how to attract those higher-tier backers

By James Batchelor

167 games received tax relief from UK Government last year

Number of games utilising UK tax support jumps 117 percent

By Christopher Dring

Adventures in Virtual Reality

Three developers discuss VR development for first-person adventure games

By Dan Pearson

'We simply need to learn, grow and improve as developers more quickly' - Bohemia

DayZ and ARMA developer on the thinking behind its experimental early access platform

By Christopher Dring

Why Amplitude gave up its independence and joined Sega

The team behind the Endless franchise discusses its decision to join the PC giant

By Christopher Dring

Big Viking Games lands $21.75 million investment

YoWorld developer plans to raise $60 million more to further HTML5 ambitions

By Brendan Sinclair

Breaking down the Billion

Shailesh Prabhu deconstructs the hype for a massive Indian smartphone market

By Shailesh Prabhu

Wii and PS3 launches a study in contrasts

10 Years Ago This Month: How Nintendo's success and Sony's struggles last generation paved the way for a reversal in fortune

By Brendan Sinclair

'Attacking someone's family over a video game is not acceptable' - Miles Jacobson

The Sports Interactive boss talks angry gamers, Brexit and 'very, very, very false' SteamSpy data

By Christopher Dring

Swery retires from Access Games

Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka Suehiro cuts ties to long-time studio, says health is improving

By Brendan Sinclair

“The fans are going to win”

Comic artist and game developer Joe Madureira discusses the tension between creators and their audience

By James Batchelor

Targeted companies call for SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike to end

Website shows counter-proposals firms believe satisfies union's demands, claims members were not informed

By James Batchelor

“In games, people shy away from life and death and love and sex”

Monument Valley creator Ken Wong discusses his new 'craft games studio' Mountains

By Christopher Dring

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