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Gust to merge with Koei Tecmo

A month ago Atelier developer will be absorbed by its parent company, renamed "Gust Nagano Development Group"

9 Clothing brand Diesel in trademark dispute with Dieselstormers

A month ago Steam Early Access title faces unexpected obstacle

Glowstick Games and Rocket 5 Studios are Indie Prize USA Best In Show

A month ago Winners announced for USA round of indie development awards

12 Payola more common for traditional press than YouTube - Survey

A month ago 4.7% of devs say they've paid for written coverage, while 1.5% have given flat fee for video content

Watch Jade Raymond and Ben Cousins on the next big thing

A month ago Two Gamelab talks exploring the rise of wearable computers and their integration with VR

ChangYou sees revenue and profits tumble

A month ago Second quarter results show impact of game updates, acquisition of MoboTap stock


8 "PC is decimating console, just through price" - Romero

A month ago Doom creator talks free-to-play, VR and more as his old Apple II is added to The Strong museum

8 Why free-to-play should be like Disneyland

A month ago "We talk about monetization more than we talk about community and that is backwards"

2 Watch Vlambeer's 17 lessons for indie developers

A month ago Rami Ismail delighted the Gamelab audience with a funny and illuminating talk

1 GameSalad acquires Together Games

A month ago Tools company will now offer a suite of cloud services to its users

5 Defiant Development: F*** free-to-play

A month ago Company director warns devs against playing at the "high stakes table"

Video Games Mentor Network partnerships decided

A month ago UKIE and Nesta's 12 month scheme gets started

4 Monument Valley sells a million

A month ago Less than a month after hitting 1 million revenue milestone

2 Bleszinski: Trade shows "a model that's eventually going to die"

A month ago Former Epic design director on the new world order of the industry


6 That which does not kill you...

A month ago Introversion and Choice Provisions co-founders share how tough times set them up for greater success

Bigpoint returns to mobile with Little Worlds acquisition

A month ago Lyon-based studio will be a dedicated mobile developer for the German free-to-play company

5 Watch Richard Lemarchand explore the future of games

A month ago In a brilliant talk from Gamelab, the former Naughty Dog designer paints a vivid picture of where we're heading

EU praises Google, laments Apple over in-app purchases

A month ago iOS still hasn't offered "concrete or immediate solutions" to consumer complaints

5 Winterkewl cancels crowdfunded Yogscast game

A month ago Yogventures now in the hands of the popular YouTube channel, backers offered free copy of TUG instead


8 Harmonix: People felt insulted when we turned to Kickstarter

A month ago Uncoupled Kinects and Kickstarter struggles, CEO Alex Rigopulos on a strange year for Harmonix

Machine Zone valued at $3 billion - report

A month ago Game of War developer about to close new round of funding, on course for $600m annual revenue


6 When free-to-play isn't the best option

A month ago Kitfox and Double Stallion find more success with premium follow-ups to free-to-play failures


4 Modders are developers - it's time to stop treating them differently

Opinion A month ago Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand argues self-publishing's next fight must be on behalf of players

5th Planet Games raises $3 million

A month ago DCA Capital Partners and Moneta Ventures provide capital for free-to-play studio's growth

4 Call of Duty talent forms Reload Studios

A month ago James Chung and Taehoon Oh leading a 12-person team into the brave new world of VR

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