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2 Why we need Lottery Funding for the Little Guy

Opinion A month ago TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson explains how and why it could be used to help


Ken Rolston joins Hinterland for The Long Dark

A month ago Elder Scrolls veteran will also continue to work for Turbine


Saints Row's Jaros joins Valve

A month ago Steve Jaros was creative director on in-development project Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Divinity: Original Sin has sold 500,000

A month ago Just 10 per cent from retail according to Larian boss

Garry's Mod has sold 6 million copies

A month ago Creator confirms news on Twitter


1 Jagex CEO to depart

A month ago Mark Gerhard will leave Runescape studio in December


6 Dan Adelman: "Good games are worth paying for"

A month ago Trying to make it as a small developer? Nintendo's former indie champion is here to help


25 The devaluation of everything

Opinion A month ago The barriers to entry in gaming are falling left and right, causing some unfortunate side effects in the process

Activision: $500 million budget "shows the confidence we have in Destiny"

A month ago GM for Activision UK and Ireland speaks ahead of today's launch


Daedalic Entertainment hires new writer

A month ago Author Martin Ganteföhr working on a new game for the studio

3 Creative England has £15k for female developers

A month ago Three female devs will receive a boost to their successful crowdfunding campaigns


Walt Williams leaves 2K Games

A month ago "I'm not leaving games, but I am leaving AAA"

BoosterMedia acquires games websites from SGN

A month ago "With this acquisition BoosterMedia doubles its reach among casual gamers worldwide"


15 Rovio: Leading the way on gender balance

A month ago With Angry Birds Stella, Rovio is taking inclusive game development seriously

3 Amazon gets $2 billion in credit

A month ago Is the online retail giant prepping more big investments?


John Vechey departs Popcap

A month ago "Maybe I'll stick with non-profit work, maybe start a new company"


Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "It's the right time to be democratic"

A month ago European boss Mike Gamble sees a much bigger market outside of AAA for Epic's engine

Israel's IronSource acquires Upopa

A month ago "A real understanding of what devs need with a commitment to giving users the best possible experience"


Helgason and Gunnarsson join Turbo's new board

A month ago Unity and CCP execs join studio's new board of advisors

Ex-Zynga staff launch SuperMoon Games

A month ago An indie studio with a focus on space games

1 Publisher Little Orbit buys Vicious Cycle Software

A month ago "Makes sense for two companies focused on high quality licensed titles to become partners"

1 IGDA consulting with FBI for online harassment resource

A month ago Developer association working on tool to inform creators of what they can do to minimize abuse, how to handle it when it happens

Spanish Codigames secures $450,000 in funding

A month ago "We plan to keep growing and in order to do that we know we need a good team"


Big Fish hires ex-PopCap CFO

A month ago Robert J. Chamberlain joins casual gaming company

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