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Two new additions to Bigpoint's board

A month ago Ex-COO of EA Bioware Robert Denton and McKinsey & Company's Jayson Chi

7 Nintendo: Consumers "voting with their dollars in favor of digital content in a big, big way"

A month ago Company talks about continued shift to digital, the growth of eShop and its support for indies

12 Riot's secret sauce: People

A month ago Brandon Beck says the industry's most valuable resource is great talent, and it needs to treat them better

Execution Labs raises $6 million

A month ago Startup accelerator will launch two new programs for indie developers

2 Day For Night's Black Glove falls short on Kickstarter

A month ago Former Irrational devs failed to raise even half of $550,000 target

Blizzard announces Overwatch

A month ago BlizzCon opens with first look at company's new IP, an "approachable" team-based multiplayer shooter

1 Building community during game development "very smart" - Pardo

A month ago Former Blizzard chief creative officer on the advantages of open development


Psyop Games hires Activision Blizzard, Rockstar veterans

A month ago Rocco Scandizzo will be MD, Matt Wilkinson will be head of technology


11 Don't romanticize poverty - Dibble

A month ago Game Theory president says developers too often feel beholden to starving artist clich, ignore realities of money

FusePowered acquires Corona Labs

A month ago Mobile data company now has an in-house 2D development platform

EA pulls plug on Dawngate

A month ago Publisher halts development on its first MOBA after 18 months of beta testing, offers players full refund on purchases

1 Don't design games for YouTube - Bossa

A month ago Co-founder of Surgeon Simulator studio says virality is a side effect of novel design, not a goal in itself


4 What to expect from the Inquisition?

A month ago Bioware's Mark Darrah gives the heads up on the new Dragon Age

5 "October has been a dreadful month for Kickstarter"

A month ago Scratches dev shares stats as his latest Kickstarter looks doomed to failure

1 Denis Dyack returns with a new entertainment company

A month ago And Quantum Entanglement Entertainment is developing Shadow of the Eternals

1 Prey 2 is officially cancelled

A month ago "We never felt that it got to where it needed to be - we never saw a path to success if we finished it"

15 Getting more women in games

A month ago Panel at Game Connect Asia Pacific stresses that the games industry needs to be a safe place that fosters diversity

Next Games acquires Helsinki GameWorks

A month ago Finnish startups join forces, Helsinki GameWorks CEO is now head of licensed games for Next

44 Zoe Quinn calls for big companies to speak out on GamerGate

A month ago "It's so fundamental, otherwise this is going to keep happening"

15 Nintendo is redefining entertainment with a sleep sensor

A month ago "Quality of Life" initiative's first step will be a device to monitor and visualise sleeping patterns


Tellem and Levin depart Xbox Entertainment Studios

A month ago Update: Microsoft confirms departures

1 Confidence is everything in game development - Rami Ismail

A month ago Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers dev on how confidence is critical to game creation and marketing

Tribal Wars 2 beta attracts 1 million users

A month ago Fastest InnoGames title to reach that milestone

17 "It's the software that matters, that's it"

A month ago Fireproof Games' Barry Meade on how a focus on business and marketing can be detrimental to a game developer


Work-for-hire is not an admission of failure

A month ago Pastagames' pragmatic approach lets dev make passion projects without needing them to be hits, says Pix the Cat designer

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