Nintendo will pay up to $20,000 for Switch security information

The scheme started to find 3DS vulnerabilities now includes Nintendo's new console

By Matthew Handrahan

Exient lays off 60% of Leamington staff

Mobile developer says it was "overstaffed", former staff have already formed new studio

By James Batchelor

Hitman art director joins Playground Games

Jonathan Rowe working on Forza Horizon studio's mysterious new open-world IP

By James Batchelor 100: How to find your place in the business

Experts and figureheads from across development, publishing, PR, journalism, eSports and more offer careers advice

By GamesIndustry Staff

Riot Games to open London office

League of Legends firm will re-establish UK presence to "grow the player base"

By James Batchelor

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tops 1 million sold

Early Access title continues its hot start, remaining at the top of the charts for more than two weeks

By James Brightman

Unity plans to triple workforce in India by 2018

Engine provider reaching out to more non-games firms for partnerships on VR and AR content

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson departs to form Typhoon Studios

Far Cry 4 creative director starts up new studio, "imagining a brand new world to inflict on all of you"

By James Brightman

"It's not the Michael Bay of games"

Arkane's Ricardo Bare explains why immersive sims are here to stay, and why Prey took its name from a franchise it has essentially no connection to

By Brendan Sinclair

Switch in seven days: How Sumo Digital readied Snake Pass for Nintendo's launch

The studio's Ian Richardson tells us how its indie-style hit went from concept to a Switch best-seller in just over a year

By James Batchelor

TT Games hires new global community manager

Bear Parker leaves Xbox PR agency Edelmen to handle "all things LEGO"

Noah Falstein leaves Google, says he's "not ready to give up making games"

Internet giant's chief game designer departs after opportuninty to develop new titles "fails to materialise"

By James Batchelor

"Play is universal, even more universal than humanity"

Pioneer Raph Koster reflects on metrics, VR and the human need to play

By Dan Pearson

Team17's Debbie Bestwick on how to be a successful start-up

The head of the UK's fastest-growing games publisher delivers advice to indies at London Games Festival

By Christopher Dring

New look Jagex posts record profits

Runescape firm says profits are up 21.5% during last financial year

By Christopher Dring

Develop:Brighton announces third keynote with NYU Professor

Ken Perlin to discuss the future of mixed reality, Working With Streamers session also revealed

The secret success of the Sherlock Holmes video games

The TV and movie franchises may take all the headlines, but Frogware's Sherlock Holmes series has now shifted over 7m units and it's growing

By Christopher Dring

Digital distribution may limit audience for games - Coldwood

Unravel developer would love to see Yarny's adventures on a disc, says current digital storefronts are too obscure

By Brendan Sinclair

The Careers Survey: An industry driven by passion, not pay

How big is the gender wage gap? How high is the industry staff turnover? Our findings are revealed

By James Batchelor

Square Enix development veterans depart

Isamu Kamikokuryo leaves, Yoshinori Yamagishi to lead development of VR MMO for Monobit

By Christopher Dring

We're thinking about games wrong

Nicholas Laborde, CEO of Raconteur Games, challenges developers to create games that make the world a better place

By Nicholas Laborde

The 100 most influential people in the British games industry

After months of nominations, voting and interviews, here is the 100, in association with Amiqus

By Christopher Dring

Making games is the new "Starting a band"

Spiderweb Software's Jeff Vogel thinks indie scene has stabilized with creation being a hobby for the young more commonly than a career

By Brendan Sinclair

BAFTA-winning Brenda Romero: “We need to expand the range of voices making games”

Long-running games designer advocates teaching kids to code, broadening the scope of development and learning from board games

By James Batchelor

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