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2 Frontier Developments: 240 people and still indie

A month ago COO David Walsh on scaling the independent spirit, and the madness and glory of Elite: Dangerous

3 Star Citizen employs 268 people

A month ago Crowdfunded space sim has raised $46 million, five studios working on its development

7 Game subsidies cut as Quebec slashes spending

A month ago UPDATE: Tax relief cut to 24 per cent for games produced in English


1 Oculus hires Supergiant's senior programmer

A month ago Chris Jurney says he wants to "help make VR awesome"

2 Notch clarifies Minecraft EULA changes

A month ago "Someone said we're literally worse than EA"

5 David Braben given OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours

A month ago Elite co-creator thanks the team at Frontier Developments

3 Polytron to offer production, promotion services

A month ago But Phil Fish says "Polytron Partners" is definitely not a publisher

23 Nintendo: Where's the fun in streaming gameplay?

A month ago Reggie Fils-Aime doesn't want live-streaming completely open to Wii U's users


Stig Asmussen now at Respawn Entertainment

A month ago God of War creative director confirms he's now working with Titanfall studio


103 The Lady Killers

Opinion A month ago The Assassin's Creed Unity controversy is just the tip of the iceberg; this industry still has a problem with women


92 "Inclusivity always seems to end up on the cutting board"

A month ago A female engineer's insights on the gender discussions that happen behind closed doors

40 No female Assassin's Creed characters a "reality of development"

A month ago Ubisoft Montreal's James Therien says playable female models in Unity would have "doubled the work" [UPDATE 2: Unity director responds]

3 Kojima: Bigger budgets make authorship more difficult

A month ago Metal Gear creator on finding the balance between marketing and message

40 Far Cry 4 to also skip playable female character due to workload

A month ago "It's really depressing because we almost... we were inches away from having you be able to select a girl or a guy as your co-op buddy"


48 Assassin's Creed's female problems: Devs respond

A month ago Ubisoft says women are double the work, so we asked some developers for their insights


1 Ubisoft Montreal: "We invent when we need to invent"

A month ago VP of creative Lionel Raynaud addresses the similarities in Ubisoft's AAA franchises

1 Valhalla's Devil's Third now a Wii U exclusive

A month ago Tomonobu Itagaki's troubled game is thrown a lifeline

Giant Squid and 505 Games partner up

A month ago "505 actively go out of their way to ensure that our artistic freedom is undeterred"

8 E3 2014: Nintendo confirms new Wii U Zelda, Mario Maker

A month ago During its E3 video, Nintendo also unveiled a new IP called Splatoon and a toy line called amiibo

14 The Banner Saga composer fined $50,000 by musicians union

A month ago Austin Wintory speaks out against AFM's "prohibition" on game composers

9 E3 2014: Xbox offers up a banquet of games

A month ago Microsoft dedicates its entire 90-minute presentation to tons of games

Games contributed over 1 billion to UK GDP last year

A month ago And employment levels were their highest in five years

2 Gaijin Games now called Choice Provisions

A month ago Bit.Trip dev also renames Robotube Games to MiniVisions

7 Sony insists The Last Guardian is in "full development"

A month ago Rumours dismissed ahead of E3, but will Team Ico's latest finally return to the public eye?


2 Can a developer succeed making games for itself?

A month ago Ex-BioShock devs Jordan Thomas and Stephen Alexander might find the answer with their new studio, Question

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