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How to win at Kickstarter

2 months ago If you're not a famous dev you might think you don't have a chance on Kickstarter, but indies can succeed with these tips from Scott Brodie

4 Riot to lock trolls out of new League of Legends systems

2 months ago "We've never done a thing before where negative players don't have access to an entire system"

Red 5 Studios responds to layoff reports

2 months ago "The organization optimization was due to our strategy modification"


2 Why they stayed in AAA

2 months ago After leaving their old studios, Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond could have done anything, so how have they found themselves working together at EA?

Jason Rohrer to be subject of a solo art exhibition

2 months ago Davis Museum's event will be the first examining an individual game designer anywhere in the world


1 The death and rebirth of FMV in games

Opinion 2 months ago Claire Wingate, Director of Production at Pulse Films, looks at why FMV in games is making a comeback

New indie studio Mana Cube launches

2 months ago Will focus on adventure games on mobile

4 Deus Ex delayed six months

2 months ago Eidos Montreal pushes Mankind Divided back to August, needs more time to meet developer's standards


Warner Bros. hires former EA and Zynga exec Steven Chiang

2 months ago Chiang is now EVP of Worldwide Production and Studios after a strong 2015

9 "If you all feel like frauds, it's because you're really awesome"

2 months ago Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond talk imposter syndrome, collaborative development, and working with Star Wars

1 Players are value creators - Paradox CEO

2 months ago Fredrik Wester explains why Crusader Kings II has had a broken tutorial for a year and nobody seems to care


Nevermind: Making your player's fear a feature

2 months ago How Flying Mollusk is using biofeedback to get pulses racing


"You have to be shipping"

2 months ago Ubisoft Toronto's Clint Hocking has learned a lot the last seven years, but it's all theoretical until he releases his first game since Far Cry 2


8 Survival horror: Thriving in a genre gold rush

2 months ago Polish developer Bloober Team is betting its future on scary games, but CEO Piotr Babieno isn't afraid of getting lost in the crowd

Machine Zone launches new studio, game

2 months ago Game of War publisher uses Arnold Schwarzenegger as pitchman for Epic War division's Mobile Strike

1 CCP raises $30 million to support VR efforts

2 months ago Developer gets huge injection of funds "to drive innovation in VR as the technology begins to transform the entertainment industry"


28 Kim Kardashian game points to underserved audience

2 months ago Silicon Sisters CEO says hit proves a huge market for women's games, but she might not stick around the industry to reach it

5 Star Wars director J.J. Abrams making a game

2 months ago Hollywood veteran teams up with Chair Entertainment (Infinity Blade) on new property Spyjinx

Improbable reveals SpatialOS

2 months ago "To unlock the promise of virtual reality, we need to move from simple games to true virtual worlds"

GTA 5 modders say Take-Two sent PIs to their doors

2 months ago Devs on two different multiplayer mods describe intimidation tactic used to shut them down


Capybara Games: Happy Birthday Mr. President

2 months ago Studio president Nathan Vella reflects on a decade of indie development

Publisher Gamesco launches in Isle of Man

3 months ago Funding from Isle of Man government and Pinewood Pictures


Alexander Sliwinski joins Bithell Games

3 months ago Ex-Joystiq news director signs on with Volume, Thomas Was Alone developer as COO

Banner Saga 2 delayed to 2016

3 months ago Release date moves from 2015, "will update everyone on its launch date when the timing is right"

3 Take-Two Interactive closes 2K China

3 months ago Decided Borderlands Online "would not yield a favorable return on investment"

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