Chris Taylor goes indie

Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege creator leaves Wargaming to pursue new studio

By James Brightman

Croteam and Binx: a very Croatian collaboration

"We need to stick together, act as a community, not treat each other as competition"

By Dan Pearson

"Mobile strategy games haven't really changed in ten years"

Ex-CCP devs Solid Clouds aims to shake up the strategy genre and bridge the gap between desktop and mobile with Starborne

By James Batchelor

Australian college offering $500,000 in game and film scholarships

Half of the spaces saved for women and underrepresented populations, CG Spectrum stresses this is not “token diversity”

By James Batchelor

Vicarious Visions founders form new game developer Velan Studios

Bala brothers will focus on experimental games, still based in Upstate New York

By James Batchelor

A recipe for "Special Team Magic"

Funomena director of development Lulu LaMer details three keys to keep devs motivated, and three more to keep them working well together

By Brendan Sinclair

Unity Certification now available from external trainers and partners

Certification program launched at GDC expands beyond Unity-hosted ends, can now be offered by universities, resellers and more

Hideo Kojima to pick up Industry Icon prize at The Game Awards 2016

Metal Gear creator was blocked from award win last year by former publisher Konami

By James Batchelor

5 things devs should know before trying a narrative exploration game

Firewatch designer Nels Anderson explains why he hates the term "walking simulator," and why they're harder to make than you might think

By Brendan Sinclair

Australian Competition Commission wants to fine Valve $3m

Courts to decide how much Valve must pay over lack of refunds policy

By Christopher Dring

Keywords acquires Enzyme Testing Labs for $3.7m

The latest in a long line of acquisitions for the QA giant

The rebirth of the Australian Games industry

Attendees and speakers from the Melbourne International Games Week discuss how the once dead Australian games sector has returned

By Christopher Dring

How Watch Dogs 2 brought its virtual San Francisco to life

Ubisoft designer Roxanne Blouin-Payer details what makes the game's colorful AI civilians tick

By Brendan Sinclair

Flying solo: Surviving as a one-person indie

Gambrinous' Colm Larkin and Versus Evil's Steve Escalante reflect on the hurdles individual developers face in today's increasingly competitive market

By James Batchelor

Indiegogo adds equity crowdfunding with Microventures partnership

Like Fig, platform will now allow devs to offer backers a stake in their company and earn a share of the proceeds

By James Batchelor

Trust Games

Supercell team lead Timur Haussila says Clash Royale company creates hits by leaving control of projects up to the devs

By Brendan Sinclair

"We like being answerable to our players first and foremost"

ArtCraft's Gordon Walton and J. Todd Coleman on why the studio's now offering equity crowdfunding

By James Brightman

"I am sure that someday someone will create a GTA with no guns" - Ubisoft's Tommy Francois

The firm's VP of editorial on violence, building open worlds and why George Lucas let him down

By Christopher Dring

None of us really knows what we're doing - Boyes

Iron Galaxy CEO Adam Boyes lays out horrors of a gold rush, encourages game developers to join in

By Brendan Sinclair

Unity licences now free to all levels of education

Colleges, universities and all post-secondary institutes can now use game engine for teaching and training

The Rhetorical Effects of System Design, And Toilets

When you code, you don't just create a world, you establish the boundaries of a universe

By Alexis Kennedy

Video games Trump hate

Weekly Roundup: In the fallout of a shocking US election, the game industry can rise above and be more inclusionary

By James Brightman

"It's going to be physics-based and it's going to be stupid"

DoubleMoose CEO Armin Ibrisagic talks comedy, Coffee Stain and working with PewDiePie

By Dan Pearson

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