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Digi-Capital: For the mid-tier "just being good is no longer good enough"

A month ago Tim Merel sees a tighter squeeze on the mid-tier as the industry pushes towards $100b revenue in 2018


1 Game Oven to close in April

A month ago Dutch developers shuts its doors despite recognition from both the IGF and GDC

1 Human Element "on hiatus" as Robotoki shuts down

A month ago Robert Bowling's studio was unable to continue with self-funding


King's Tommy Palm leaves for new venture

A month ago VR studio Resolution Games will be Palm's fifth startup


6 "A lot of games have unrealistic forecasts"

A month ago Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews on breaking out of the squeezed middle

Ruzzle developer makes strategic investment in Delinquent

A month ago MAG Interactive targets Brighton startup as it seeks to build on early success


17 Free-to-play resistance decreasing, says Robot CEO

A month ago "Crappy" efforts caused stigma, but Hudson says devs coming around

10 Sony's H1Z1 plagued by technical issues at launch

A month ago Zombie survival shooter is the latest big game to stumble badly at launch

15 Hatred gets AO for Adults Only rating

A month ago ESRB hands out most restrictive rating to Destructive Creations' killing spree shooter

1 Playhubs: "You'll be able to walk in here and see the future"

A month ago A non-profit accelerator backed by the UK industry's biggest names is aiming to become the focal point for entrepreneurial talent

7 Devolver claims Hotline Miami 2 verdict "stretched the facts"

A month ago And the game's developer has advised an angry fan to pirate the game if it's never released in Australia

17 Monument Valley has revenues of nearly $6m

A month ago The development cost was only around $1.4 million, giving Ustwo a very healthy return

The Long Dark tops 250,000 sold in Early Access

A month ago Hinterland's Kickstarted PC survival game reaches a quarter million in under six months

2 Retail losing importance, finds GDC survey

A month ago Third annual State of the Industry Survey shows that only 13% of developers get the majority of their profits from retail as digital rises

2 War Z has sold 2.8 million copies to date

A month ago Zombie survival game racked up sales despite bad press, multiple controversies


Kixeye CEO: Layoff reports "incorrect, exaggerated"

A month ago Will Harbin says reports of 25% staff cuts are wrong


Square Enix shutters Indonesian mobile studio

A month ago Smileworks closed after 18 months, Square Enix to nurture partnerships in the region in its place

TabTale acquires Level Bit

A month ago Mobile studio expands with addition of Serbian team

2 GTA V delayed on PC

A month ago Release pushed back to March 24

1 Writers Guild Awards game nominations revealed

A month ago Can The Last Of Us win it again with Left Behind?


Telltale president Bruner becomes CEO

A month ago Former CEO Dan Connors stays on as executive advisor


EA finance director joins Gazillion

A month ago Eric Garay is new CFO at Marvel Heroes 2015 studio

AbleGamers hands out Accessibility Awards for 2014

A month ago Bayonetta 2, This War of Mine and Always Sometimes Monsters honoured by charity

Builder Box founded as Zombie Studios closes its doors

A month ago Zombie founders retire after 20 years in charge, Blacklight rights and team transferred to new studio

Oculus: Big companies will miss out on early VR success

A month ago "They always do," according to Jason Rubin, who believes the first billion-dollar VR developers are already out there

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