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Avalanche moves to larger studio

A month ago Mad Max developer signs five-year lease on new location for Stockholm headquarters

3 Watch the Unity conference keynote here

A month ago CEO David Helgason will open Unite 2014 today at 9am PST / 5pm GMT

2 Bungie has to return founders' shares to fired O'Donnell

A month ago Composer triumphs in arbitration claim

Outfit7 and SuperAwesome sponsor Future8 Awards

A month ago Contest for 7-17 year-old digital creators

10 Devs want to work for Valve more than themselves - Survey

A month ago IGDA poll finds Steam firm tops list of desirable places to work, beating out "my own company"

New Dundee studio for Kobojo

A month ago Scottish Enterprise working closely with mid-core developer

3 Destiny writer joins Telltale Games

A month ago Joshua Rubin "couldn't turn down an offer" to work on Game Of Thrones

48 Customers are worthless - Puppy Games

A month ago Dev says de-valuation of games has led to de-valuation of users, product support not worth doing for indies


Industrial Toys and its "epic shooter in two apps"

A month ago Founder Tim Harris on the intergalactic depth of new game Midnight Star

10 Star Citizen hits $50 million in funding

A month ago New ships priced between $200 and $400 push Cloud Imperium past new milestone

2 Call of Duty's three-year cycle gives devs "freedom to fail" - Hirshberg

A month ago Activision exec says extra time for military shooter franchise is paying off with greater innovation, iteration


5 Hitting reset: Dontnod's new episode

A month ago Remember Me developer returns with the episodic Life is Strange; CEO Oskar Guilbert talks about the restructuring and change in direction

Profits fall at Nexon despite strong FIFA Online performance

A month ago Korea the only territory to show revenue growth in Q2

12 Spencer: "I don't want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports"

A month ago Xbox boss discusses the future of the UK studio

1 Obsidian acquires Pathfinder rights

A month ago "We're thrilled to get to play in the Pathfinder universe"

5 Sony: "We said there'd be no complacency, we've demonstrated that"

A month ago Despite starting the generation with a good lead, Sony isn't letting up, announcing a slew of great content


1 Not just any port in a storm

A month ago The indie explosion means boom time for porting house Abstraction Games


4 Sierra: "Quality and passion will always pay off"

A month ago The new Sierra explains why it's pursuing indies and how small teams can create high quality experiences too

1 Sony: Five guidelines for effective VR design

A month ago Jed Ashforth on how to "reboot your thinking" for the VR revolution

ID@Xbox devs can now get Unity for free

A month ago Alliance between Unity and Microsoft comes to fruition, first round of games incoming


5 Gambling on Road Not Taken

A month ago David Edery explains the rationale behind Spry Fox's latest, from going to consoles to giving it away for free at launch as part of PS Plus

6 Crytek USA CEO David Adams forms Gunfire Games

A month ago "We have seven people, all of the leads at Crytek USA."


Million dollar Egg Baby

A month ago Winning over teenage girls and big investors with Nix Hydra's Lina Chen


19 Looking Back to Move Forward

Opinion A month ago Remaking classic games for new hardware isn't a sign of creative drought; it's a much-needed dose of commercial and cultural respect for our medium's history

Zynga announces Sports 365 franchise and Looney Tunes deal

A month ago Football, golf and a multi-year agreement with Warner Bros.

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