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1 Respawn adds former Activision exec as COO

A month ago Newly appointed Dusty Welch says console makers are missing the importance of user engagement and retention


21 "I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-f***ing-play"

A month ago Devolver's Graeme Struthers celebrates the defeat of the console naysayers

15 Ben Cousins: Forget pride, make games for wearable computers

A month ago Former DeNA exec predicts vast gaming audience for wearable devices - "in the billions"


3 Net neutrality the biggest issue facing games - Lanning

A month ago Oddworld creator worries gaming community won't shake political apathy until it hits their bottom line


Watch: Getting your indie game off the ground at GameHorizon

A month ago Check out advice on getting your indie game noticed from this panel including SCEE's Shahid Ahmad, Epic's Mark Rein and more

1 Cuts to Quebec tax credits could stifle industry - Martin Carrier

A month ago Head of provincial lobby group says new jobs could be lost to Europe, US, and Ontario


4 Bungie COO: We came to Activision with the 10-year plan

A month ago Pete Parsons reveals the past, present and future of the all-important new IP

6 Crytek misses payroll for months - Report

A month ago Rumors spread of issues at Bulgarian, UK offices; company denies being near bankruptcy


2 HB Studios: No licenses, no problem

A month ago The huge cost of licensing has seen many sports neglected by big publishers - HB Studios is working on the solution

3 Last Guardian devs form new studio

A month ago "We believe in extremely nimble game development, with self-funding and self-publishing"


2 How indie film financing could shape the future of games

Opinion A month ago Cloud Imperium Games' Ortwin Freyermuth discusses the real promise of crowd funding for games

5 EA: Innovation and tech problems go hand-in-hand

A month ago Andrew Wilson puts Battlefield 4's issues in context, new safeguards now in place


10 Riot Games offers "mismatched" new hires cash to walk away

A month ago "Queue Dodge" initiative will put up 10 per cent of salary in the name of protecting company culture

5 Ubisoft responds to Quebec tax relief cuts

A month ago "We need to analyse what this means for us" says Montreal CEO

Gone Home dev starts Dim Bulb Games

A month ago Johnnemann Nordhagen out on his own after one project with The Fullbright Company

7 Yoshida: Expect fewer first-party games for Vita

A month ago Sony WWS president points to indies, cross-platform and ports as primary sources of new content

6 Blast Furnace devs form new studio

A month ago Jerr O'Carroll, Lizi Attwood and Matryn Bramall working on a new IP as Mars On A Stick

1 Kinect voice commands, camera will work after XDK update

A month ago Devs will receive a graphics boost, but Microsoft confirms that certain Kinect features will endure

10 Nexon CEO: "Precious little good art coming out of industry"

A month ago Owen Mahoney laments biz dev types taking control, says there's light at end of the tunnel after "five bad years"


2 Frontier Developments: 240 people and still indie

A month ago COO David Walsh on scaling the independent spirit, and the madness and glory of Elite: Dangerous

3 Star Citizen employs 268 people

A month ago Crowdfunded space sim has raised $46 million, five studios working on its development

7 Game subsidies cut as Quebec slashes spending

A month ago UPDATE: Tax relief cut to 24 per cent for games produced in English


1 Oculus hires Supergiant's senior programmer

A month ago Chris Jurney says he wants to "help make VR awesome"

2 Notch clarifies Minecraft EULA changes

A month ago "Someone said we're literally worse than EA"

5 David Braben given OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours

A month ago Elite co-creator thanks the team at Frontier Developments

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