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10 "It's done, there is no way back. We tried, we failed."

A month ago Belgian-based Grin calls it quits, reneges on backer rewards for Kickstarted game Woolfe


13 Konami's draconian workplace raises no eyebrows in Japan

Opinion 2 months ago Japanese publishers and studios routinely treat staff badly; if they hope to hold on to talent this attitude must change

USC initiative to turn student devs into pros

2 months ago Games Bridge Program wants to take projects made for class and build VC-ready companies out of them

11 Mighty No. 9 release delayed

2 months ago Bugs blamed, final release date undecided

Nolan North replacing Peter Dinklage as Destiny's Ghost

2 months ago Ubiquitous voice actor to re-record all of Dinklage's lines


8 Cuphead x Warren Spector

2 months ago The Epic Mickey creative director interviews Studio MDHR art director Chad Moldenhauer about upcoming vintage animation side-scroller

10 49% of devs feel industry lacks equal opportunities - IGDA

2 months ago Survey finds one-third have negative view of the industry, but two-thirds are satisfied with their current job


Gears Of War Ultimate is The Coalition's bootcamp

2 months ago Rod Fergusson explains how the remake is helping his team prepare for Gears Of War 4


1 Loading the DICE: GM Patrick Bach

2 months ago Two very different IP, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge, one studio. The GM explains how and why


3 "If I'm truthful, I think our player group is...obsessive would be a word"

2 months ago War sim specialist Slitherine on serving a dedicated market


9 When guarantees go wrong, developers get hurt

Opinion 2 months ago Razer's rescue of Ouya's devs highlights the need for much greater scrutiny of such schemes

Simpsons: Tapped Out vet founds icejam

2 months ago Stuart Duncan's new studio will "integrate real-time, real-world data streams to dramatically enhance gameplay"


2 Developing nation: Colombia's evolving indie scene

2 months ago Glitchy Pixel's Italo Capasso lays out the perks and pains of working in a nascent scene

GitHub raises $250 million at $2 billion valuation

2 months ago CEO Chris Wanstrath wants the collaborative development service to make, "really big investments"

3 Tobii launches $1 million fund for eye-tracking PC development

2 months ago "Eye tracking represents the next evolution in video games," says rep

8 Indie games should be cheaper - Zeboyd

2 months ago Cthulhu Saves the World developer against "disturbing" trend of indie games launching at $20 or higher

9 Ouya's "Free The Games" devs haven't been paid - report

2 months ago Update: Razer CEO promises to pay devs out of new $620,000 fund, exclusivity no longer required


Spil Games hires Bigpoint, Ubisoft vets

2 months ago Jan-Michel Saaksmeier and Christian Godorr join in high-level publishing and monetisation roles

5 Bethesda: "We made a sh*tload of Pip-Boys"

2 months ago Limited edition accessory sold out, Pete Hines explains why there won't be more

Digital Bros opens China office

2 months ago "Represents for us a big opportunity that will enable us to drive and sustain our global growth"

3 Del Toro and Kojima planning next project

2 months ago But film director says it won't be Silent Hills

Ex-Witcher 3 dev founds Fool's Theory

2 months ago Studio's first title will be created with cooperation of Euro Truck Simulator publisher IMGN.PRO


Lords of the Fallen 2 loses exec producer

2 months ago "We have different visions for further development of the series"


5 Industry must adapt to gamers as performers, not consumers - Outpost

2 months ago With $6.2m in funding, ex-Dead Space 2 and FarmVille 2 devs want to make a core game with casual spectator appeal

PlayFab opens an office in Berlin

2 months ago Backend services company moves closer to 30 per cent of its active clients

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