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5 Paradox removes "White Humans" Stellaris mod

4 months ago "We expect our modders to help us keep the comment sections free of any racial slurs"


1 Can local multiplayer translate to online VR?

4 months ago Boneloaf's party brawler Gang Beasts works with everyone on the same couch, but can Coatsink recreate the magic across distance and through headsets?

7 Uncharted 4 is a paragon of AAA accessibility

4 months ago Naughty Dog describes the new features in its latest blockbuster that make it more open to gamers with disabilities

Google Play is adding an Early Access section

4 months ago Curated storefront will be the most visible part of a push to make open betas more visible to the public

5 Raw Fury wants to close the gates on the "developer valley of death"

4 months ago Poor launch sales can mean the end for smaller studios - is it time to reconsider how publishers build and judge success?

Studio Wildcard will pay for ARK: Survival Evolved mod content

4 months ago The creators of two new maps were paid "several months salary" and hired by the company

Kojima: People expect big games from me

4 months ago Auteur wanted to make a smaller title with Kojima Productions, but was told the public expects bigger things


1 Atlas Reactor: From freemium to premium

4 months ago "We don't tend to view business models as a religious subject"


1 It's not the platform holder's job to make your game succeed - Robot

4 months ago Patrick Hudson, CEO of Orcs Must Die! developer Robot Entertainment, discusses discoverability, managing studio growth and an uptick in paid games


1 Asobo Studio: Lessons from the frontline of HoloLens development

4 months ago "Sometimes experience is a trap. As an experienced developer you might think, 'In this case, let's do that.' But you're wrong"

3 How do you keep World of Warcraft's players happy?

4 months ago Blizzard designer Ion Hazzikostas on the best approach to managing an audience of millions

What went into "the best Splinter Cell level ever made"

4 months ago Clint Hocking and Mathieu Berube video walks through through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's Panamanian bank heist


2 Dodge Roll's speedrun to indie success

4 months ago Enter the Gungeon developer Dave Crooks explains how his studio went from formation to signing with Devolver in a matter of weeks and launching a hit in under two years

Twitch VP on community and commerical success

4 months ago Kathy Astromoff wants developers to stay close to their communities

18 Tim Sweeney is still mad at Microsoft

4 months ago "They can change the rules of the game at any time"

Respawn is latest EA partner on Star Wars

4 months ago Titanfall studio making a third-person action adventure, led by former God of War director Stig Asmussen


1 VR market fallout may lead to lots of new indies - Adelman

4 months ago Marketing and biz dev specialist offers key advice for indies, thoughts on VR and Nintendo

1 TIGA welcomes rise in UK studios receiving cultural tax breaks

4 months ago 75 games certified in Q1 2016 alone, spending 173.6m

The Workshop Entertainment acquired by Skydance Media

4 months ago Studio founded by Treyarch vets will become a VR focused subsidiary of Skydance

Gears of War 4 would have cost Epic $100m - Sweeney

4 months ago Epic CEO also laments how "toxic and destructive" some publishing arrangements can be

GameAnalytics now available to Unreal Engine devs

4 months ago Free analytics service can be integrated with any game made with Unreal


Lionhead officially closes today

5 months ago "We have nothing but heart-felt thanks for the team at Lionhead"


Drinkbox cuts through the noise

5 months ago Severed studio founders reflect on eight years in business, mid-gen console upgrades, the already crowded VR market, and the problem of relying on popularity to solve discoverability


3 CD Projekt wants to emulate "the Rockstar model"

5 months ago The Witcher 3's success won't turn the company into a ten-project studio, says CEO Marcin Iwinski, but it has raised its ambitions for Cyberpunk

CyberConnect2 opening Montreal studio - Report

5 months ago Developer behind Naruto Ultimate Ninja, .hack series also preparing to self-publish its next game

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