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Destiny creative lead resigns from Bungie

2 months ago Story specialist CJ Cowan started at the company with Halo 2, has worked on Destiny since 2009


Life as an indie: Obscurity, triage, and trust issues

2 months ago Witch Beam's Tim Dawson talks about Assault Android Cactus' slow burn of awareness, working with Unity on PS4, and why he insists on handling ports in-house


Wargaming Labs: What is it good for?

2 months ago Wargaming is experimenting through its in-house innovation platform, but which direction will WG Labs take from here?


1 Ahoy there internet: Don't Starve Shipwrecked and feedback

2 months ago Co-founder and president at Capy Nathan Vella on dealing with a whole new audience

20 Beamdog CEO defends employee targeted by harassment

2 months ago "Beamdog does not condone this behavior... it will not have the desired effect as we stand behind all our developers 100%"


"The scale required, even for indie success, has changed"

2 months ago Execution Labs' Keith Katz on why the Montreal incubator has evolved

Indie cooperative launches in Quebec

2 months ago La Guilde Des Développeurs De Jeux Vidéo Indépendants Du Québec is home to 75 studios


7 South Side story: We Are Chicago

2 months ago "I wanted to do something that was positive for our society"


Vicarious Visions founders depart studio

2 months ago Karthik and Guha Bala leave 11 years after Activision sale

Rovio focused on user acquisition for existing games

2 months ago After unprofitable expansions, Angry Birds maker rededicating itself to live ops and proven hits

New studio Echohead Games wants to "twist the AAA landscape"

2 months ago Formed by Scribblenauts lead designer Matt Cox


Activision restructures Freestyle Games

2 months ago Layoffs take effect as Guitar Hero Live studio transitioned from AAA development to ongoing support


1 Critical Consensus: Remedy's reach exceeds its grasp with Quantum Break

2 months ago Ambitious Xbox One exclusive isn't short on style, but the critics are divided on how well it comes together

14 Studio cancels Wii U game in protest of Nintendo firing employee

2 months ago Necrosoft Games' Brandon Sheffield calls on Mario maker to be an industry leader in fight against online harassment


Indie acclaim is "like a drug"

2 months ago What Framed designer Joshua Boggs learned from his self-destructive pursuit of critical praise, and how he hopes to avoid repeating those mistakes


N-Space closes after 21 years

2 months ago Studio artist posts news on Twitter, thanks president for transparency

Microsoft Build 2016: Yes, your Xbox One is a dev kit

2 months ago Cortana is coming to Xbox and HoloLens is shipping to devs


"I want to go back to the thing I was born to do”

2 months ago Shahid Ahmad on leaving "the best gig in video games" at PlayStation to embrace the uncertainties of life as an indie developer


5 Shifting from AAA to Early Access

3 months ago Dirt Rally lead designer explains what Codemasters gained (and lost) by debuting its latest in Steam's in-development game program

11 Blizzard pulls "sexualised" victory pose from Overwatch

3 months ago "This wasn't pandering or caving, though. This was the right call from our perspective"

Oculus VR: Touch games "need more time"

3 months ago Jason Rubin has pointed to software as the reason the Rift's hand-tracked controllers won't launch until later this year

Ubisoft opening production studio in Philippines

3 months ago New location to bolster Ubi's South East Asia presence, will work closely with Ubisoft Singapore

15 That Dragon, Cancer dev says Let's Play videos took away sales

3 months ago "Our studio has not yet seen a single dollar from sales," said developer Ryan Green


6 Pratchett: AAA becoming braver at tackling serious subjects

3 months ago Award-winning writer believes we'll see a “trickle up” of maturity in content from indies and mid-level studios

Keiichi Yano, Chris Esaki form Jumo

3 months ago Veteran developers launching indie toys-to-life outfit with mobile shooter Infinite Arms

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