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Wooga launches new indie studio

A month ago Black Anvil Games will focus on core gaming audience


Kneel before Todd: Bethesda's Howard on a lifetime of achievement

A month ago Todd Howard shares his thoughts on VR, mobile and why modding is so crucial to the studio

1 Sumo Digital takes the reigns on Dead Island 2

A month ago British studio signs on to Deep Silver's troubled zombie franchise

Paradox-Ruffian partnership "amicably terminated"

A month ago Hollowpoint on hold after creative differences cause publisher and developer of co-op action game to part ways


1 Gearbox thinking beyond games

A month ago “How do we reach people outside the same group of video game customers that we're always talking to over and over again?” asks Randy Pitchford

Riot acquires Radiant

A month ago League of Legends developer picks up Stonehearth studio, puts Rising Thunder team to work on new project


Amazon: Community building will drive the industry

A month ago VP of Amazon Games Mike Frazzini explains why he's not concerned about developers using Lumberyard engine to make single-player games for free

PDP is new co-publisher of Rock Band 4

A month ago Harmonix makes new deal, will continue to work with Mad Catz

Execution Labs ends startup accelerator program

A month ago Montreal incubator switching focus from smaller teams to make bigger bets on more established indie studios


20 Lionhead closing, Fable Legends cancelled

A month ago Microsoft focusing "on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play"; Press Play Studios also shutting down

2 MAME completes open source transition

A month ago Popular arcade emulator is now officially open source after 19 years of existence

Tranzfuser initiative offers funding to graduate devs in the UK

A month ago “The way in which Tranzfuser will become a fresh talent pipeline for the UK Games Fund is a real first"


Far Cry Primal: Selling the Stone Age

A month ago The creative director and marketing boss on shipping Ubisoft's mammoth title

7 Kickstarter funded Bear Simulator abandoned by its creator

A month ago "Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive"


Stick to your guns, says Avalanche co-founder

A month ago Christofer Sundberg eschews trend-chasing, stresses importance of maintaining focus at a studio


2 Playing with Firewatch

A month ago Designer Nels Anderson on marketing a narrative-focused game without ruining the mystery and how much short games should cost

4 Ex-Halo devs find fault with big studio practices

A month ago Highwire Games' Jaime Griesemer and Marty O' Donnell critical of planned layoffs, "auteurs" on large teams

WG Labs is offering $10,000 to multiplayer devs

A month ago Wargaming's experimental arm launches operating a new contest as it hunts for new ideas

1 Uncharted 4 faces another delay

A month ago Release date pushed back to May 10

Kopla Games raises €700,000 seed funding

A month ago Founding team of Rovio veterans is making an accessible action-RPG

1 Dean Hall: Sees VR as "a very expensive Wii"

A month ago Developer is cautious about new platform

No Disney Infinity 4.0 this year

A month ago With the company's biggest brands already accounted for, Disney shifts strategy to prolong 3.0 support


The stress of success

2 months ago Why did Red Hook crunch to finish Darkest Dungeon when the Early Access game was already a hit, and was it worth it?


8 "I think of that Sid Meier as being a different person"

2 months ago Father of computer gaming speaks up about his name being on boxes, also says devs should take responsibility for the messages their games send


9 There's still merit in console secrecy

Opinion 2 months ago Not every studio gets the access needed to develop launch titles for new consoles - but there are solid commercial and economic reasons for that

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