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1 Valiant Hearts director leaves Ubisoft

A month ago Tired of the AAA business and being labeled "fake indie," Yoan Fanise is looking to pursue a new opportunity

Titanfall sequel will be multiplatform

A month ago Respawn COO says he would have preferred skipping Microsoft exclusivity the first time around

33 Is ageism the only prejudice the industry isn't discussing?

A month ago David Mullich led a GDC panel that cast light on a new problem facing a traditionally young industry

1 Indian startup Moonfrog Labs raises $15 million

A month ago Zynga veterans match their ambitions with funding after impressive series A round


A Progressive Stance

Opinion A month ago Hiive's Brian Baglow on why the responsibility for industry gender balance is a shared one

7 Project Cars release delayed for a third time

A month ago Game is now "99.9 per cent complete"


5 Survival of the AAA indies

A month ago Randy Pitchford and Ru Weerasuriya discuss the ups, downs and future of AAA independent development

5 Uncharted 4 delayed to 2016

A month ago Naughty Dog's first original PS4 game pushed to next spring; co-directors say project grew more ambitious than planned


Calling at Every Platform

A month ago Dovetail's Jon Rissik on planes, trains and fly fishing reels


2 Gunfire: Shooting from the Lip

A month ago Why a team of Vigil veterans is making games for themselves and worrying about how to monetize them later

14 Whose Game is it Anyway?

A month ago Graham McAllister finds that too many devs don't know who they're designing for

Punk is polished - Bithell

A month ago Thomas Was Alone creator says devs need to be intentional with their choices regardless of aesthetic aspirations

Thatgamecompany considering move to a multi-project studio

A month ago Studio manager Sunni Pavlovic says Journey outfit could run two teams after wrapping work on current game

VR sickness cannot be solved by hardware improvements alone

A month ago Walt Disney Imagineering's Bei Yang points to game design as an ever present risk of sickness in virtual reality

Daybreak adds second scholarship to GIRL competition

A month ago Art & Design and Programming & Engineering scholarships available


Bigpoint bumps up live games management team

A month ago Adds new head of product optimization, new producer of DarkOrbit Reloaded

4 A word on dealing with publishers: Don't

A month ago Skulls of the Shogun dev Borut Pfeifer cautions indies against signing deals for marketing help, says many exist to leech value


Riot Games rated one of America's top 15 places to work

A month ago Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For poll also features Activision-Blizzard at 96th place


6 Rock Band returns on "one of the leanest budgets we've ever had"

A month ago Harmonix confirms Rock Band 4 for this year, with support for legacy controllers and DLC; Daniel Sussman explains his studio's approach

Outer Wilds wins grand prize at 2015 IGF Awards

A month ago The 17th annual Independent Games Festival also gave Outer Wilds the excellence in design award


8 EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville

A month ago SimCity studio closed as franchise IP development redistributed to other studios worldwide

ID@Xbox expands to Windows 10

A month ago UPDATE: Watch Phil Spencer's session in full


6 Nintendo eShop: "A nice safe haven from iOS and Android"

A month ago Indies weigh in on how Wii U has become an increasingly attractive option to release digital games on

18 "Nobody cares about performance in indie games any more"

A month ago Positech's Cliff Harris lit up GDC with a compelling - and occasionally profane - argument against the ubiquity of the Unity engine

Mobile tales of epic fail

A month ago Four developers share what they learned from mobile games that went nowhere

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