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Super Evil Kristian Segerstrale

A month ago He backed Supercell and now he's backing a MOBA for iOS, but can Vainglory win over core gamers?

Child of Light devs are now a core team at Ubisoft Montreal

A month ago "The people who made this game now want to work together again, whether it's on a small game or not"

Starbreeze acquires toys-to-life dev Geminose

A month ago $7 million stock deal motivated by new Geminose IP, offices will become HQ of Starbreeze USA

3 Lionhead's incubation department goes public

A month ago Fable studio decides to share experiments with community


20 Titan cancellation cost Blizzard $50m or more, say analysts

A month ago It's a painful blow but it's better than publishing a mediocre game that fails to attract an audience

2 Blizzard officially cancels Titan project

A month ago "The discipline of knowing when to quit is important"


Hansoft appoints new execs

A month ago Adds new chief growth officer and chief revenue officer

Mark Kern starts VR focused MEK Entertainment

A month ago Former Red 5 CEO raises $1 million in seed funding for VR virtual world

3 Starbound prospers from Early Access, but others fall short

A month ago Chucklefish could work for years on upfront revenue, but Early Access and Kickstarter disappointments are piling up


2 Camouflaj: Fighting the good fight with Republique

A month ago AAA, episodic, premium-priced content for mobile - Ryan Payton on a project of uncommon ambition


1 A Journey to the East: From Dundee to Tokyo

A month ago How BearTrap games took Sky Patrol to TGS


2 Mind Candy axes 30 staff - report

A month ago Headcount has halved in the last two years

1 Harmonix pulls support for Rock Band Network

A month ago User content platform sunsetted as studio moves forward with other projects

4 Square Enix sets up cloud subsidiary

A month ago Shinra Technologies has Yoichi Wada at the helm, promises a new future for gaming

4 Neal Stephenson Kickstarter project officially dead

A month ago Subutai Corporation's CLANG failed to find additional investment


Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV role

A month ago Switches focus to Kingdom Hearts III

Crusader Kings II sells over a million

A month ago "Proving our point about game design for the truly dedicated"

7 Rust creator: "I'd have done the same thing" on Mojang deal

A month ago Facepunch Studios founder Garry Newman shares his inisight

2 PlayStation devs get free access to Unity Pro

A month ago Unity's tools are now freely available on both new generation consoles

Chobolabs raises $1.3 million

A month ago Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavours leads the round for core multiplayer mobile studio


2 Jonathan Murphy leaves Konami

A month ago Pro Evolution Soccer brand manager departs after 16 years

Unity's Helgason pushes analytics and sharing tools

A month ago Two most important features says CEO

5 Hearthstone now has 20m players

A month ago Blizzard's free-to-play card battler continues to grow


2 Why we need Lottery Funding for the Little Guy

Opinion A month ago TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson explains how and why it could be used to help


Ken Rolston joins Hinterland for The Long Dark

A month ago Elder Scrolls veteran will also continue to work for Turbine

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