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1 Nintendo is closing servers for Devil's Third

3 months ago After surviving THQ's collapse, the end is officially nigh for Valhalla Game Studios' beleaguered debut project

2 Jeff Minter: iOS games ended up costing us money

3 months ago Space Giraffe creator shares App Store angst


4 Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Opinion 3 months ago Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

Unity changes Unity Plus tier in response to complaints

3 months ago A new balance has been struck following a backlash against new mid-point between Personal and Pro licenses


"When I was a kid, I didn't dream of becoming a video game executive"

3 months ago Diablo designer David Brevik on his choice to end two decades as the boss, leave Gazillion, and go it alone


MOBA: Truly embracing the mobile platform

3 months ago Fast Forward Studios' Ivan Fedyanin on how to approach the design of a mobile MOBA and how to address the most common problems


Xbox Live Arcade creator wants you to join his Sparcade

3 months ago Greg Canessa explains to why he believes his asynchronous multiplayer competitive platform will be “transformative for mobile”

10 Mohawk wants user reviews, sales, refunds removed from Early Access

3 months ago Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company postmortem highlights the tension between developer and consumer interests on Steam


Positech Games: An Indiepocalypse survival guide

3 months ago Game devs are now as numerous as struggling actors in L.A., says Cliff Harris, so prosperity is a matter of finding your niche and investing in marketing


"We've dug our heels in a bit"

3 months ago Alice Guy leads PaperSeven out of the free-to-play valley with Blackwood Crossing

2 Lillith Ltd cancels Allison Road

3 months ago Was due to be published by Team17

5 Maxis and GLAAD collaborate to remove gender restrictions from The Sims

3 months ago After a year in development, a free update will place The Sims 4 among the most gender positive games in the industry's history


1 "I'm doing this because I'm a gamer"

3 months ago Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya says he puts fun and creativity above profit; he talks to us about VR and his new co-op melee game De-formers

Manchester talent launches new Fabrik studio

3 months ago First game Filthy Lucre out on PS4, PC and PSVR this year

Ex-Lionhead devs form Flaming Fowl

3 months ago Studio Kickstarting officially licensed Fable Fortune free-to-play card game

Starbreeze acquires full rights to Payday IP from 505 Games

3 months ago Deal is worth $30 million stock, and Starbreeze has marked the occasion by removing microtransactions from Payday 2


5 Accessibility in gaming should be the rule, not the exception

Opinion 3 months ago Naughty Dog's exemplar treatment of Uncharted 4 shouldn't be so unusual

11 No Man's Sky delay results in death threats for dev

3 months ago Will launch in North America on August 9

Funcom back in black after $6.3m investment

4 months ago Debt management and cash injection see Conan studio's future secured

1 Alexis Kennedy leaving Failbetter Games

4 months ago Co-founder, CEO, and creative director of Sunless Sea studio moving on, will "probably found another studio eventually"

6 Uncharted 4 was inspired by the industry's struggle against crunch

4 months ago Naughty Dog embraced "downbeat moments" and reconsidered the importance of fun, to the chagrin of certain fans

5 Paradox removes "White Humans" Stellaris mod

4 months ago "We expect our modders to help us keep the comment sections free of any racial slurs"


1 Can local multiplayer translate to online VR?

4 months ago Boneloaf's party brawler Gang Beasts works with everyone on the same couch, but can Coatsink recreate the magic across distance and through headsets?

7 Uncharted 4 is a paragon of AAA accessibility

4 months ago Naughty Dog describes the new features in its latest blockbuster that make it more open to gamers with disabilities

Google Play is adding an Early Access section

4 months ago Curated storefront will be the most visible part of a push to make open betas more visible to the public

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