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2 New indie studio Heartquake launches in Switzerland

A month ago Team includes former EA, Crytek and Crytivo Games employees

4 Vlambeer: "It's important to make sure that you can fail"

A month ago Rami Ismail addresses the 'Indiepocalypse', and tells first time developers to accept and embrace failure


15 Ending the Cycle of Abuse in Publisher-Developer Relationships

Opinion A month ago Jessica Curry is merely the most recent high-profile departure due to the unhealthy nature of pub-dev relationships - the whole field needs a rethink

Everquest designer launches Stonethunder Games

A month ago Ryan Barker plans to work on smaller projects at new studio

Niantic scores investment from Nintendo

A month ago Pokémon Company, Google also taking part in Pokémon Go developer's $20 million+ Series A financing round

Blazing Griffin moves into film production with new hires

A month ago Scottish developer to announce first post production and feature film projects soon


3 Bossa Studios: Whole new worlds

A month ago Sky whales, grappling hooks, floating islands, the indie studio is having fun with Improbable technology


8 Being Indie: A Survival Guide

Opinion A month ago Kicking off a new monthly column for, indie dev Scott Brodie shares lessons learned from 5 years of keeping the lights on

1 Star Wars Battlefront beta attracts 9 million

A month ago DICE shooter becomes largest beta in Electronic Arts history; $50 Season Pass DLC plan announced with few details


nDreams: “We're not picking one. We're going with all of them”

A month ago Patrick O'Luanaigh on making safe bets in VR, and why developers should also be prepared to play the long game

Capcom's Resident Evil division "focusing" on VR

A month ago RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi's group working on a new engine designed for virtual reality

110 Brianna Wu: "I see a generation with almost no innovation"

A month ago Head of development at Giant Spacekat explains why women in tech is about making better games

1 Kongregate: Game players are omnivores

A month ago CEO reveals console players have an appetite for browser games too

3 Glu: Celebrities are a permanent marketing asset

A month ago CEO explains why stars shouldn't email him unless they have 100m social media followers

Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis

A month ago CEO Chris Roberts takes a break from "the noise" to show the community where its money has gone

73 Chinese Room studio head leaving games

A month ago Dear Esther dev Jessica Curry cites health, toxic publisher relationship, industry's treatment of women as reasons for stepping away from the medium


"Games aren't really supposed to be easy at all times"

A month ago Blizzard legend Rob Pardo on the importance of keeping a few "sharp edges"

2 Unity to drop Web Player support in March 2016

A month ago But: "Keeping this back catalogue of games playable is something we care about"

1 MinoMonsters rebrands as Mino Games, raises $2.2m

A month ago "The funds will be used to fuel marketing Mino Monsters 2, and grow the team for our next titles”

Scribblenauts studio joins Fig

A month ago 5TH Cell will bring new IP to funding platform


1 "If people have a voice, you're going to do well"

A month ago Ubisoft Toronto's Alexandre Parizeau talks management strategy and how the indie boom is inspiring the next wave of AAA innovation

1 SAG-AFTRA now has the authority to strike

A month ago More than 95 per cent of union's voting members voted yes in the referendum, negotiations to re-open

Stanley Parable designer launches new studio

A month ago William Pugh's Crows Crows Crows will announce first game soon


Daybreak Games moves offices, expands role of Jens Andersen

A month ago New campus includes "fully-outfitted livestreaming studios"


Rock God: Alex Rigopulos

A month ago "I still have PTSD" says Harmonix creative director

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