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Epic makes 7,600 Infinity Blade assets free to devs

A month ago "Content represents a $3 million investment in art and sound design"


Square Enix: AAA development in the digital age

A month ago European CEO Phil Rogers on the link between Just Cause 2's extraordinary longevity and IO's bold new take on Hitman


From Disney to Discord

A month ago Ex-Disney Interactive head Graham Hopper is back with a new studio and a mobile card game


4 "I think we owned the industry once and we let it go"

A month ago Chris Lee on why a city with an industry as vibrant as London's still needs Playhubs.

5 Microsoft sunsets XNA Creator's Club and Xbox Live Indie Games

A month ago No new games will be published after September 9, 2016

Press Play let gamers choose its next project

A month ago Gamers voted for multiplayer action game Project: Knoxville

Prospect Games moves to new Manchester studio

A month ago "Will form the foundations for a fresh, vibrant and dynamic working space"


Gameloft cuts around 80 staff from Tokyo office - report

A month ago 11 people remain after production staff let go

War Child game jam attracts 343, Creative Assembly, more

A month ago Global charity event will result in sale of "Help" game compilation, with proceeds going to War Child charity

Undead Labs cancels commercial release of Moonrise

A month ago And playable beta will close on December 31

QC Games launches, signs deal with Nexon

A month ago Dallas Dickinson's new studio working on multiplayer online action game

Bleszinski: "People get jaded in this business"

A month ago Boss Key founder nearly quit the industry for good amidst "jaded" atmosphere at Epic Games

1 AbleGamers launches $10,000 scholarship programme

A month ago Students with disabilities will also receive mentoring and paid internships

5 Unearthed E.T. cartridges fetch more than $100,000

A month ago Atari's secret stash has made a killing on eBay with almost 900 cartridges sold

Apple Watch dev Everywear secures €2m in funding

A month ago Om Malik of True Ventures to join Everywear's board


2 Dean Hall: We're not seeking to make a game that heaps of people will play

A month ago The DayZ creator explains why new space title Ion will change how you think about MMOs, games and consequences


Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft

A month ago "I realized I had not shipped a game in 7 years, I started to become anxious"


1 Pulling off The Swindle

A month ago How the misfire of Gun Monkeys and an indie publishing assist helped Dan Marshall hit the mark with his new procedural stealth-action game

Dhruva Interactive expands with new studio

A month ago Studio D located in Northern India, can house 120 people


Contradiction: Indie development can be murder

A month ago Tim Follin and the challenging creation of the FMV murder mystery

1 Creative Europe hands €3.4 million to 31 developers

A month ago CD Projekt and The Chinese Room among the studios to receive help with early stage games


4 "You don't make money making games, you make money shipping them"

A month ago Pixelbomb on its quest to launch a AAA-style game for its first commercial product


6 Can salary gamification really work?

A month ago League of Geeks has yet to launch its first game, but Blake Mizzi is already calling the Armello studio's profit-sharing plan a huge success


N3twork acquires Nio Games

A month ago "We're going to try and grow our company whatever way we can"

Cloud Imperium bringing more Star Citizen development internal

A month ago Company explains moving FPS module away from IllFonic as part of greater consolidation effort

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