Obsidian laying off staff

Unspecified number of Armored Warfare developers will be let go as moves some development to Moscow

By Brendan Sinclair

"If we do a good job of this, EVE might even outlive us all"

The introduction of a free tier is in keeping with EVE Online's "adapt or die" spirit, says CEO Hilmar Petursson

By Matthew Handrahan

Cryptic vets form Cold Iron

New San Jose-based studio focusing on AAA online action games for consoles and PC

By Brendan Sinclair

FIFA 17's The Journey shortlisted for British writers' guild award

Writers' Guild of Great Britain also includes Virginia and Fragments of Him in video game category

Konami issues cease and desist against Unreal Castlevania fan remake

But publisher has allowed all current files to remain available, developer hopes to acquire an official licence

By James Batchelor

Worlds-as-a-service: Charting the future of location-based games

Mantle CEO Dean Gifford on why his team can finally build the tech that will take geo-location game design from Pokémon Go to GTA Worldwide

By James Batchelor

Mafia III has "allowed me as a white developer to make connections with people of color"

Hangar 13's Haden Blackman on tackling race and pushing the medium forward

By James Brightman

That Dragon, Cancer co-dev: “You chose to love us through our grief”

Ryan Green gave a heartfelt acceptance speech as tale of child cancer picked up Game Award

By James Batchelor

Charity games bundle raises over $160,000

A Good Bundle featured 173 games from more than 115 developers, organised with

Creative England and Barclays reveal Brighton-based accelerator

Company looking for VR, AR and tech companies to support

Facial animation firm Cubic Motion opens offices at Pinewood Studios

New office headed by Dr Jane Haslam, VP of Live Systems

Smaller company, higher stakes

Adam Boyes explains why he left Sony to be CEO of Iron Galaxy, and what he sees in the future for half-step console upgrades and VR

By Brendan Sinclair

Unity 5.5 to support HoloLens

"You can now jump into exploring the future of augmented and mixed reality"

Unity asset store launches affiliate program

Developers can now earn commissions on referred sales

“It made me feel less alone, realising other girls want to make video games”

Last month's XX+ Game Jam was a new initiative to bring more women into games development, but what impact did it have for its participants?

By James Batchelor

“We need to make changes so that there can be a Dead Rising 5, 6 and 7”

Capcom Vancouver discuss fan fury, Black Friday consumerism and why triple-A studios should support indies

By Christopher Dring

Sproing Interactive is restructuring

UPDATE: Austria's largest games developer says it is not entirely insolvent or closed, laying off two teams after project cancellation

By James Batchelor

King competition will take six devs to GDC 2017

Casual games firm wants developers to use its 2D engine Defold to build new titles

Hello Games responds to "intense and dramatic" reaction to No Man's Sky

And responds in the best possible way: with a huge content update - "a foundation for things to come"

By Matthew Handrahan

Winter is Coming

Weekly Roundup: Feeling the first frosts of a maturing market

By Dan Pearson

Weak AAA launches are a precursor to industry transition

As top games under perform, the industry must prepare to shift with consumer behaviour

By Rob Fahey

Creative England: “The biggest challenge for indies today is not money, it's noise”

Head of Games Rob Crossley on helping indies and growing diversity as organisation launches Ł1m development fund for Leeds

By James Batchelor

115 developers unite for new charity games bundle offering cheap $2 bundles, with all money going to charity

By Christopher Dring

“We just don't like having a boss” - The Outsiders

Ben Cousins and David Goldfarb discuss the motivations and vision behind their new studio, and why they'll never return to triple-A

By Christopher Dring

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