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Helgason and Gunnarsson join Turbo's new board

27 days ago Unity and CCP execs join studio's new board of advisors

Ex-Zynga staff launch SuperMoon Games

27 days ago An indie studio with a focus on space games

1 Publisher Little Orbit buys Vicious Cycle Software

27 days ago "Makes sense for two companies focused on high quality licensed titles to become partners"

1 IGDA consulting with FBI for online harassment resource

27 days ago Developer association working on tool to inform creators of what they can do to minimize abuse, how to handle it when it happens

Spanish Codigames secures $450,000 in funding

27 days ago "We plan to keep growing and in order to do that we know we need a good team"

Big Fish hires ex-PopCap CFO

27 days ago Robert J. Chamberlain joins casual gaming company

Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio

27 days ago "Slitherine has the scale and reach to ensure that Shenandoah moves ahead productively"


1 "If you're in your comfort zone, you're declining or you're dying"

28 days ago Unity CEO David Helgason on the "balancing act" of satisfying a community while staying ahead

Her Interactive appoints new CEO

28 days ago Penny Milliken takes role at Nancy Drew studio


3 Phoenix Labs' lessons learned from League of Legends

28 days ago Studio president Jesse Houston wants to leverage experience without banking on it, shares guiding principles shaping his new shop


The culture of Kabam

29 days ago Co-founder and chief of staff Holly Liu on keeping staff sane

Creative England and PlayStation launch GamesLab Campus

29 days ago Submissions open for incubator and accelerator programme

5 Volition: Sarkeesian right to criticize Saints Row

29 days ago "We never call a woman a 'ho' in Saints Row 4" says creative director

22 Developers protest intolerance of diversity

30 days ago Almost 1400 devs sign an open letter calling for an end to harassment and death threats


10 Why games are revealed so early in development

30 days ago The pros and cons of announcing AAA titles so early, and why this trend may be reversing

BuzzFeed to start developing casual games

A month ago $50 million funding will give rapidly growing site an advantage in game development

2 Blizzard hires Hearthstone pro

A month ago Ryan 'Realz' Masterson to be associate game designer

6 IGDA condemns recent "abhorrent behavior"

A month ago Harassment and personal attacks addressed in today's statement

Jagex gets a new head of PR

A month ago Former Blizzard publicist Jonnie Bryant joins Runescape studio

5 Riccitiello dismisses console/mobile divide

A month ago Ex-EA CEO says "it's really a question of big screens, medium sized screens and small screens"

CCP closing San Francisco office

A month ago EVE Online maker also parting ways with chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer Joe Gallo

1 League of Legends vets form Phoenix Labs

A month ago Developers open new Vancouver studio to work on AAA multiplayer titles

16 Nintendo backs off pursuit of casual players

A month ago Shigeru Miyamoto says a passive attitude on players' part is "kind of a pathetic thing"

1 First mobile MOBA adds Twitch tech

A month ago Gameloft's Heroes of Order & Chaos now set up for streaming

1 UK studios will return to console development

A month ago TIGA survey shows rapidly resurgent interest around Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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