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Martin Kenwright reveals Starship studio

29 days ago Evolution founder opens multifaceted new project covering games and beyond

30 Oculus sale meets mixed reactions from developers

29 days ago Notch bows out, CCP remains on board, Carmack keeps coding


6 Spil: Casual games "just don't pay the bills any more"

29 days ago CEO Eric Goossens on the shrinking opportunities in casual development, and Spil's solution to the problem


6 Why Godus is probably 22Cans' last game

29 days ago Molyneux: "We're going to be centralizing all of our creativity on one entity: Godus."


Insurgency a sign of the times

29 days ago New World's Steam Early Access-funded shooter underscores how business models have been turned upside-down

5 Sony confirms UK layoffs

29 days ago Undisclosed number cut from Evolution, Guerilla Cambridge and SCE London

9 EA out of Worst Company in America poll

30 days ago Publisher comfortably avoids third consecutive win after exiting in the first round

10 Ubisoft embracing indie-style projects at big studios

A month ago Jade Raymond talks about how Ubisoft Toronto is looking to leverage industry best practices, including indie-style development

4 Ouya drops free-to-try requirement

A month ago Microconsole developers no longer need to include demo versions of finished games

17 Levine reveals plans for a new approach to narrative structure

A month ago Remixable NPCs could lead to infinite story possibilities, narrative as service


5 Critical Consensus: inFamous has style, lacks substance

A month ago With Second Son, Sucker Punch Productions is stuck between good and great


GDC Roundup: Day Four

In association with QUALCOMM

A month ago What is a game? How far is too far? The big questions answered as GDC moves into its final day

2 Microsoft: DX12 will improve Xbox One performance

A month ago DirectX 12 unveiled at GDC, first games expected in 2015

16 Democracy dev warns against game sales

A month ago "The endorphin rush is now from getting a bargain, not the fun of actually playing the game."

9 Why is Gone Home a game?

A month ago Steve Gaynor addresses detractors, explains why his indie hit had to be a video game


Gameforge CEO resigns from business operations

A month ago Alexander Rösner passes reins to Carsten van Husen

Noise Festival offers placements with Ian Livingstone

A month ago "Prove to me that you have something different to offer"

2 Molyneux: "Never underestimate Nintendo"

A month ago Gaming veteran says the Wii U isn't sexy but its creators are "super-smart"

3 Natural Motion: Mobile disruption will come from big companies

A month ago CEO Torsten Reil says big hits demand too much expertise for small developers


Endemol Games appoints new MD

A month ago Owain Walbyoff will oversee in-house and third-party licensing and monetisation

40 We must reject stereotypes in games - Manveer Heir

A month ago BioWare designer challenges the industry to stand up and "stop being so scared" to make games that comment on prejudices in society

10 CryEngine adopts subscription model

A month ago Crytek counters Unreal Engine announcement with royalty-free "engine-as-a-service" available for under $10 a month

4 "Save the rocket cats," US gov't tells devs

A month ago National Endowment for the Humanities rep implores studios to preserve more than just their finished games

9 Epic converts Unreal Engine to subscription service

A month ago $19 monthly fee and 5% of gross revenues gets any developer complete source code, full access to latest version of engine


7 Oculus in "cloudy phase," aims to attract more content with new dev kit

A month ago Nate Mitchell discusses the "historic challenge" that Rift is facing

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