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Riot Games rated one of America's top 15 places to work

25 days ago Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For poll also features Activision-Blizzard at 96th place


6 Rock Band returns on "one of the leanest budgets we've ever had"

25 days ago Harmonix confirms Rock Band 4 for this year, with support for legacy controllers and DLC; Daniel Sussman explains his studio's approach

Outer Wilds wins grand prize at 2015 IGF Awards

25 days ago The 17th annual Independent Games Festival also gave Outer Wilds the excellence in design award


8 EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville

26 days ago SimCity studio closed as franchise IP development redistributed to other studios worldwide

ID@Xbox expands to Windows 10

26 days ago UPDATE: Watch Phil Spencer's session in full


6 Nintendo eShop: "A nice safe haven from iOS and Android"

26 days ago Indies weigh in on how Wii U has become an increasingly attractive option to release digital games on

18 "Nobody cares about performance in indie games any more"

26 days ago Positech's Cliff Harris lit up GDC with a compelling - and occasionally profane - argument against the ubiquity of the Unity engine

Mobile tales of epic fail

27 days ago Four developers share what they learned from mobile games that went nowhere

10 Survey asks devs what hurts industry perception

27 days ago "Working conditions" the top answer among men, "sexism in games" most frequently cited by everyone else

Bears vs. Art vs. Analytics

28 days ago Former Halfbrick CCO explains how dev team overcame metric-induced "analysis paralysis" for soft-launched puzzle game

3 Community management in the culture wars

28 days ago Raph Koster, Richard Vogel, and Gordon Walton say harassment and conflict are only getting worse, but there are ways to address it

4 Unreal Engine drops subscription fee, goes free for everyone

28 days ago Epic still asking for 5% royalty on any shipped games which use it


2 "I didn't want another heroic 'save the world' game"

28 days ago Adam Orth's Adrift is a very personal experience, but it's also one he hopes introduces a new genre, the FPX


Never Alone to have company in "world games" genre

28 days ago E-Line Media and Cook Tribal Inlet Council showed a game based on Iņupiaq culture can make money, but what will they do for an encore?

Creative England offers funds to West Midlands and South West

A month ago

Humble Bundle updates Humble Widget

A month ago Asm.js additions mean in-browser gaming

GameFounders accelerator launching Malaysian hub

A month ago "It is no longer sufficient to focus on your own geographical region"

5 Indie devs get do-it-yourself contract creator

A month ago Adriaan de Jongh's contract( ) joins Rami Ismail's presskit( ) and distribute( ) in free indie developer toolkit


Ngmoco founders return to games

A month ago "It's not like people don't want to spend money"


4 "It's getting harder to be an indie"

A month ago Fat Princess developer Chris Millar on the grim realities and excitement of independent development

1 Oculus VR launches Mobile VR Jam

A month ago $1 million in prizes on offer


"Not aggressive, not manipulative. It's a challenge we've set ourselves."

A month ago Fat Pebble: Putting heart into hand made games


Massive Black gets a new president

A month ago Melissa Lee promoted at game art studio


Bigpoint appoints Korean GM

A month ago Derek Oh previously launched League Of Legends in territory


Virtual Reality Bites

A month ago Tammeka's Sam Watts on dealing with the delays and uncertainty of VR development

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