Funomena: A holistic guide to VR development

CEO Robin Hunicke on finding common ground between business and creativity, and embracing the "new language" of VR with Luna

By Matthew Handrahan

Tencent to help establish Snapchat as games platform

Chinese behemoth believes mobile games will help social media firm meet growth expectations

By James Batchelor

Bossa scraps Decksplash after free weekend failure

Skateboarding title struggled to attract 100,000 players during open beta experiment

By James Batchelor

CCP dev: "Virtual reality doesn't need a killer app"

Eve Valkyrie lead game designer Andrew Whillans also shares how to account for low install bases with VR multiplayer games

By James Batchelor

More than 6,000 games released on Steam in 2017 so far

Almost ten years' worth of new games are already on the marketplace - and there's still a month to go

By James Batchelor

Where is VR's Nintendo Switch?

Cloudhead Games CEO Denny Unger says that developers need a device that offers both mobility and a high-powered VR experience

By James Brightman

Guillemot: "PlayStation 5 and fourth Xbox to launch 2019 at the earliest"

Ubisoft CEO does not expect new consoles any time soon thanks to launch of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

By James Batchelor

Sony ramping up Move production for PSVR push

Platform holder also reports virtual reality attach rate highest on PS4 Pro, five games sold per headset

By James Batchelor

Global Britain needs to be truly global

TIGA CEO Richard Wilson stresses the importance of a less restrictive migration policy to the future of the UK games industry

By Richard Wilson

Tencent still eyes acquisition of PUBG developer Bluehole - report

Tencent working with firm to deliver PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China, says Korean Times

By Christopher Dring

Unity opens Los Angeles office with Insomniac devs

Mike Acton and Andreas Fredriksson head up fresh efforts to advance data-oriented programming

By James Batchelor

Ex-Quantic Dream dev opens new narrative studio in London

Caroline Marchal tells how Interior Night will bring the Breaking Bad audience into video games

By James Batchelor

It's what's Inside that counts

Why I Love: Playdead's platformer is visually striking, but inXile's Brian Fargo was taken by its elegant and thoughtful design

By Brian Fargo

Funding your game through cryptocurrencies

We speak to Reality Gaming Group about the advantages of using Initial Coin Offerings to boost your budget

By James Batchelor

Zen Studios gets into indie porting, publishing

PSVR version of RocketWerkz' Out of Ammo will be first release from Pinball FX developer's new initiative

By Brendan Sinclair

UK government awards 50,000 to Tranzfuser's winning students

Mochi Mode and Shuttershade Studios take home 25,000 each following UK Games Fund competition

By James Batchelor

Blizzard embraces its legacy with World of Warcraft: Classic

New version of the MMO will "replicate the game experience" from when it first launched

By Matthew Handrahan

UKIE: Shared data the key to more government support

Trade body encourages more games firms to get involved as industry rallies for consideration in Brexit negotiations

By James Batchelor

A future I would want to live in

The games industry is a specialist in dystopia, but there are other ways of thinking about and designing the future

By Brie Code

Runic Games shut down

Torchlight studio closed as parent company Perfect World focuses on online games-as-a-service

By Brendan Sinclair

"The risk is to have no appeal at all"

Red Accent's Greg Gobbi says Western and Chinese developers can create games with global appeal, but it needs to be about collaboration, not compromise

By Brendan Sinclair

Building Bonfire: Rob Pardo's plans for 2018 and beyond

The World of Warcraft lead designer discusses how his new studio is shaping up and plans to follow Hearthstone's success

By James Batchelor

The Trouble with Trailers

Developers have learned to deal with violence and difficult themes intelligently and respectfully in recent years - it's time for marketing teams to catch up

By Rob Fahey

Perfect World reduces Motiga to just core staff

Other Perfect World studios could be affected, says Motiga CEO

By Haydn Taylor

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