Strange New Things and the quest for 'meaningful gaming'

Ageing, politics and a maturing medium mean the ex-Techland CCO's new outfit is making anything but another Dead Island

By Will Freeman

Crossfire owner Smilegate on the hunt for global game developers

Publisher eyes esports to establish Crossfire in Europe and US

By Christopher Dring

Oliver twins: “Failure to change results in complete collapse”

The veteran development duo ponder the biggest changes in the industry ahead of their Nordic Game talk

By James Batchelor

A Limited History of Castle Infinity

A love letter to a lost digital childhood from Kim Belair

By Kim Belair

Civilization V designer Jon Shafer joins Paradox - under a cloud

Shafer will be game director on new Paradox projects, but his Kickstarted empire builder At The Gates is still years behind schedule

By Matthew Handrahan

Derivière: “Games music needs to emancipate itself from Hollywood”

The Get Even composer discusses the benefits of live musicians, real-time generated soundtracks, and the folly of mimicking movies

By James Batchelor

Report: Andromeda's poor reception sees Mass Effect put on hold

Bioware Montreal staff and resources focused elsewhere for now

By Dan Pearson

Press Replay: Rune Dittmer of Flashbulb Games

Rebooting a Danish indie development darling from scratch

By George Osborn

Re-Logic: 'We're leaving money on the table with Terraria'

The developer explains why it hasn't charged a penny more for its smash hit indie game

By Christopher Dring

Nitro Games sets sights on €3.2m IPO

Finnish mobile dev aims to raise capital ahead of shift to self-publishing model

By James Batchelor

Execution Labs wraps up with fund "fully deployed"

Indie incubator has a portfolio of 19 active studios; Jason Della Rocca, Keith Katz and support team are all moving on

By Matthew Handrahan

Tequila Works: "It's not about doing what you want, it's about loving what you do"

Tequila Works' Raul Rubio offers advice to indies, discusses narrative in VR, and the impact of world politics on games

By James Brightman

It's time to talk about mental health in the games industry

Rich Eddy explains why Jagex got involved with MIND's Workplace Wellbeing Index

By Rich Eddy

Bossa Studios hires new CMO

Journalist-turned-PR Tracey McGarrigan to head up marketing efforts for Worlds Adrift developer

Flights of Fancy

Spaceships in video games don't have to look like Star Wars or Star Trek; a look at the ships in The Expanse offers some lessons in originality

By Oliver Milne

Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish concluding MBO of Imaginarium

Studio experienced creative differences with investors

By Dan Pearson

Amazon Lumberyard: One Year On

Mike Frazzini on the engine's first twelve months, how it attracts high-profile studios, and distancing the tech from CryEngine

By James Batchelor

Steam Gifting changes hit code resellers

But it has not gone down especially well with the Steam community

By Christopher Dring

Can big companies produce real innovation?

Hearthstone, which hit 70m users this week, is an example of a rare beast - a successful attempt at nurturing start-up style innovation within a big company

By Rob Fahey

Remedy prepares for a future with more games and more control

CEO Tero Virtala on a "new phase" of the Finnish studio's long history - "We think we're one of the best in the world, we need to preserve that"

By Matthew Handrahan

Gang Beasts dev: Parity clause means we can't commit to Xbox One release

“Making something exclusive for the sake of it just feels like an unnecessary step”

By James Batchelor

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