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Directive Games opens its doors, raises $3.5m

15 days ago New mobile studio formed by veterans of CCP Games, DICE, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Tencent


9 Wrist and Reward

Opinion 17 days ago WearGa's Paul Virapen sees blue ocean markets and "unicorn-like valuations" in the future of smartwatches


GREE International shuts Vancouver studio

17 days ago "Decided to focus our talent on building new gameplay within our biggest franchises"

Human Head joins Shinra Technologies accelerator

17 days ago "Gives our engineers and designers the ability to develop new and ground-breaking gameplay"

Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter passes $2 million

17 days ago Playtonic title continues to smash through stretch goals


9 Atari: "By god, we're going to do this right"

17 days ago One of the industry's pioneering companies is back in business, but can it deliver on its own broad ambitions?


Playing the headlines

18 days ago What devs can learn from Newsgame development

1 Day For Night Games stops work on The Black Glove

18 days ago "We intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right"

1 Castlevania dev returns with Kickstarter

18 days ago Koji Igarashi seeks $500,000 to make a new side-scrolling exploration action game in the vein of Symphony of the Night [UPDATE: game already funded]

Ubisoft Annecy joins The Division development team

18 days ago “We are bringing our previous experience in multiplayer online games"

Playhubs introduces "free-to-play" membership

18 days ago Delayed payment scheme will make London startup accelerator even more accessible


5 One to Watch?

Opinion 18 days ago Graham McAllister explores the potential gaming applications of Apple's latest device

Bungie's Nepal fund hits $400,000

21 days ago UPDATE: Total just hit $500,000


Mind Candy 2.0: Soldiers and social networks

21 days ago President and CFO Divinia Knowles reveals what the Moshi Monsters studio is building now

Iwata: We'll release 5 mobile games by March, 2017

21 days ago Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno put in charge of smartphone development


Simplygon appoints Matt Connors as its new CEO

21 days ago Apple and Adobe vet will oversee further global expansion

10 Console games desperately need reinvention - Riccitiello

22 days ago Unity CEO laments lack of innovation, calls events of current console generation "depressing"


Owlchemy bets it owl on VR

22 days ago Co-founder Alex Schwartz says the Job Simulator studio may have made its last game for 2D monitors


Hearthstone and the smartphone

22 days ago How Blizzard's title made it to the smallest screen

1 Heroes of Newerth and its team acquired by Garena Online

22 days ago Frostburn Studios established to continue operation and development of S2 Games' MOBA


Boss Fight gets new VP of production

24 days ago Dave Luehmann joins from Amazon Game Studios


"The fans are our bosses" - Impeller

24 days ago Crysis, X-Wing devs behind new space fighting game discuss crowdfunding and taking feedback with a grain of salt


Play Context

Opinion 25 days ago Jurie Horneman on what matters about the where and why

Spark Unlimited closes down

25 days ago Lost planet 3 developer says "Elvis has left the building"


6 id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995

25 days ago John Romero says studio wanted to implement a way to compensate creators in original Quake

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