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10 Devs want to work for Valve more than themselves - Survey

13 days ago IGDA poll finds Steam firm tops list of desirable places to work, beating out "my own company"

New Dundee studio for Kobojo

13 days ago Scottish Enterprise working closely with mid-core developer


3 Destiny writer joins Telltale Games

14 days ago Joshua Rubin "couldn't turn down an offer" to work on Game Of Thrones

48 Customers are worthless - Puppy Games

14 days ago Dev says de-valuation of games has led to de-valuation of users, product support not worth doing for indies


Industrial Toys and its "epic shooter in two apps"

14 days ago Founder Tim Harris on the intergalactic depth of new game Midnight Star

10 Star Citizen hits $50 million in funding

14 days ago New ships priced between $200 and $400 push Cloud Imperium past new milestone

2 Call of Duty's three-year cycle gives devs "freedom to fail" - Hirshberg

17 days ago Activision exec says extra time for military shooter franchise is paying off with greater innovation, iteration


5 Hitting reset: Dontnod's new episode

18 days ago Remember Me developer returns with the episodic Life is Strange; CEO Oskar Guilbert talks about the restructuring and change in direction

Profits fall at Nexon despite strong FIFA Online performance

18 days ago Korea the only territory to show revenue growth in Q2

12 Spencer: "I don't want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports"

19 days ago Xbox boss discusses the future of the UK studio

1 Obsidian acquires Pathfinder rights

19 days ago "We're thrilled to get to play in the Pathfinder universe"

5 Sony: "We said there'd be no complacency, we've demonstrated that"

20 days ago Despite starting the generation with a good lead, Sony isn't letting up, announcing a slew of great content


1 Not just any port in a storm

20 days ago The indie explosion means boom time for porting house Abstraction Games


4 Sierra: "Quality and passion will always pay off"

20 days ago The new Sierra explains why it's pursuing indies and how small teams can create high quality experiences too

1 Sony: Five guidelines for effective VR design

20 days ago Jed Ashforth on how to "reboot your thinking" for the VR revolution

ID@Xbox devs can now get Unity for free

20 days ago Alliance between Unity and Microsoft comes to fruition, first round of games incoming


5 Gambling on Road Not Taken

21 days ago David Edery explains the rationale behind Spry Fox's latest, from going to consoles to giving it away for free at launch as part of PS Plus


6 Crytek USA CEO David Adams forms Gunfire Games

24 days ago "We have seven people, all of the leads at Crytek USA."


Million dollar Egg Baby

24 days ago Winning over teenage girls and big investors with Nix Hydra's Lina Chen


19 Looking Back to Move Forward

Opinion 24 days ago Remaking classic games for new hardware isn't a sign of creative drought; it's a much-needed dose of commercial and cultural respect for our medium's history

Zynga announces Sports 365 franchise and Looney Tunes deal

25 days ago Football, golf and a multi-year agreement with Warner Bros.


Ex-EA Sports VP joins Trendy Entertainment

25 days ago Dungeon Defenders studio hires Robert J. Moore

Gone Home, Hearthstone, Device 6 up for top prize at Unity Awards

25 days ago Unity's thriving community can now cast their votes on nine awards

4 Has Source Engine 2 been soft-launched in the latest DOTA 2 update?

Rumour 25 days ago Modders and reverse engineers believe so, developers less sure

1 Apple claims $6.5 billion paid to EU app devs since 2008

25 days ago European GDP will receive $16.5 billion from overall app economy this year

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