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Ubisoft Toronto becoming key partner for other Ubi studios

3 hours ago Producer Lesley Phord-Toy says Toronto has raised some eyebrows in the Ubi system and they don't have enough staff to fulfill all requests


Breaking Away: Brazil's indie developers are thinking globally

10 hours ago The industry sees Brazil as a marketplace, but its grassroots talent is hungry for wider recognition


10 Bungie: "The launch of Destiny was the starting line"

15 hours ago COO Pete Parsons and the space shooter setting the standard for life beyond single-player


2 Game industry coming around on story - Hoyer

Yesterday ArenaNet narrative head says growing budgets have publishers understanding the need to get players invested

Pennsylvania colleges net $750k to nurture state game development

Yesterday A new game conference to bring in business is in the works


14 Girls Make Games: Educating the developers of tomorrow

Yesterday How Laila Shabir and LearnDistrict are getting a headstart on diversity in the industry

8 Indies, don't sell shares in your company - Jon Hare

2 days ago Sensible Software co-founder warns young developers about the dangers of seeking money from VCs


1 Jagex's wild child: Alex Horton

2 days ago From Rockstar to the Runescape studio, the CCO reveals his new game

Nordic Games opens new Munich studio

2 days ago Grimlore Games is an RPG/RTS specialist, currently working on Spellforce 3


Double Fine loses 12 staff

5 days ago Publishing deal falls through but studio is optimistic about its future prospects

2 Valve tightens rules on Early Access

6 days ago Demands more transparency from developers, avoidance of promises about the finished product

6 Child of Light turns a profit

6 days ago Ubisoft experiment in smaller-scale development makes back its money, says creative lead Patrick Plourde


6 Free-to-play stigma unlikely to fade away soon - Celtic Heroes dev

6 days ago One Thumb Mobile's Paul Simon also sees more and more AAA gaming experiences coming to mobile

Chinese devs can now sell through Google Play

6 days ago But the Android store is still unavailable to Chinese smartphone users

2 Take-Two CEO has doubts over mass appeal of VR gaming

7 days ago "I'm happy to have other people spend loads of dough on R&D" - Strauss Zelnick

1 Nick Baynes heads up new Gunjin Games

7 days ago "A focus on commercial success, fun gameplay and a creative working environment"

Phéromone launches sports game studio

7 days ago Montreal tech firm's Studio Qi debuts with Virtual Leagues of Hockey and an eye on global expansion


Marketers and developers a "necessary union"

7 days ago Ubisoft Montreal brand director Luc Duchaine says game makers need to consider marketing's needs, talks about overhype

Game of Thrones Ascent dev raises $3.2 million

7 days ago Disruptor Beam's Series A round of funding will help with Star Trek Timelines and the studio's community-centric platform


1 When a AAA studio makes the jump to mobile

8 days ago Square Enix Montreal's Ollie Sykes on how the console shop created to breathe new life into Hitman fulfilled its goal on mobile


Telltale, LucasArts vet joins Reactive Studios

8 days ago Dave Grossman will serve as the company's new chief creative officer

11 Elite: Dangerous drops offline mode

9 days ago Frontier says refunds for Kickstarted sci-fi game will be determined on a case-by-case basis

Nordeus opens London office

9 days ago Plans to add up to 20 staff members in next 12 months

New Seattle studio for Gameloft

9 days ago Michael Fitch to manage team, focus on mid-core, social games

Sweden launching games accelerator program for aspiring devs

9 days ago King, Rovio, Mojang and more are backing the initiative

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