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Ubisoft: Creativity and commerce in AAA development

50 minutes ago Creative director Alex Hutchinson reflects on the balance between satisfying the players, answering the critics, and managing a AAA team


Failbetter Games: Seven Years, Ten Lessons

Yesterday Founder and now ex-CEO Alexis Kennedy on leaving the company he built


3 Brexit: UK game developers share their concerns

4 days ago "The negative revolves around skilled talent not wanting or being able to stay, or come to UK."


Virginia Territory: Variable State's indie debut

4 days ago "Game development is a very exclusive club"

1 Nintendo is closing servers for Devil's Third

4 days ago After surviving THQ's collapse, the end is officially nigh for Valhalla Game Studios' beleaguered debut project

2 Jeff Minter: iOS games ended up costing us money

6 days ago Space Giraffe creator shares App Store angst


4 Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Opinion 8 days ago Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

Unity changes Unity Plus tier in response to complaints

11 days ago A new balance has been struck following a backlash against new mid-point between Personal and Pro licenses


"When I was a kid, I didn't dream of becoming a video game executive"

12 days ago Diablo designer David Brevik on his choice to end two decades as the boss, leave Gazillion, and go it alone


MOBA: Truly embracing the mobile platform

18 days ago Fast Forward Studios' Ivan Fedyanin on how to approach the design of a mobile MOBA and how to address the most common problems


Xbox Live Arcade creator wants you to join his Sparcade

20 days ago Greg Canessa explains to why he believes his asynchronous multiplayer competitive platform will be “transformative for mobile”

10 Mohawk wants user reviews, sales, refunds removed from Early Access

20 days ago Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company postmortem highlights the tension between developer and consumer interests on Steam


Positech Games: An Indiepocalypse survival guide

20 days ago Game devs are now as numerous as struggling actors in L.A., says Cliff Harris, so prosperity is a matter of finding your niche and investing in marketing


"We've dug our heels in a bit"

21 days ago Alice Guy leads PaperSeven out of the free-to-play valley with Blackwood Crossing

2 Lillith Ltd cancels Allison Road

23 days ago Was due to be published by Team17

5 Maxis and GLAAD collaborate to remove gender restrictions from The Sims

25 days ago After a year in development, a free update will place The Sims 4 among the most gender positive games in the industry's history


1 "I'm doing this because I'm a gamer"

26 days ago Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya says he puts fun and creativity above profit; he talks to us about VR and his new co-op melee game De-formers

Manchester talent launches new Fabrik studio

27 days ago First game Filthy Lucre out on PS4, PC and PSVR this year

Ex-Lionhead devs form Flaming Fowl

28 days ago Studio Kickstarting officially licensed Fable Fortune free-to-play card game

Starbreeze acquires full rights to Payday IP from 505 Games

28 days ago Deal is worth $30 million stock, and Starbreeze has marked the occasion by removing microtransactions from Payday 2


5 Accessibility in gaming should be the rule, not the exception

Opinion 28 days ago Naughty Dog's exemplar treatment of Uncharted 4 shouldn't be so unusual

11 No Man's Sky delay results in death threats for dev

29 days ago Will launch in North America on August 9

Funcom back in black after $6.3m investment

A month ago Debt management and cash injection see Conan studio's future secured

1 Alexis Kennedy leaving Failbetter Games

A month ago Co-founder, CEO, and creative director of Sunless Sea studio moving on, will "probably found another studio eventually"

6 Uncharted 4 was inspired by the industry's struggle against crunch

A month ago Naughty Dog embraced "downbeat moments" and reconsidered the importance of fun, to the chagrin of certain fans

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