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Funcom back in black after $6.3m investment

4 days ago Debt management and cash injection see Conan studio's future secured

1 Alexis Kennedy leaving Failbetter Games

5 days ago Co-founder, CEO, and creative director of Sunless Sea studio moving on, will "probably found another studio eventually"

6 Uncharted 4 was inspired by the industry's struggle against crunch

5 days ago Naughty Dog embraced "downbeat moments" and reconsidered the importance of fun, to the chagrin of certain fans

5 Paradox removes "White Humans" Stellaris mod

5 days ago "We expect our modders to help us keep the comment sections free of any racial slurs"


1 Can local multiplayer translate to online VR?

7 days ago Boneloaf's party brawler Gang Beasts works with everyone on the same couch, but can Coatsink recreate the magic across distance and through headsets?

7 Uncharted 4 is a paragon of AAA accessibility

10 days ago Naughty Dog describes the new features in its latest blockbuster that make it more open to gamers with disabilities

Google Play is adding an Early Access section

10 days ago Curated storefront will be the most visible part of a push to make open betas more visible to the public

5 Raw Fury wants to close the gates on the "developer valley of death"

11 days ago Poor launch sales can mean the end for smaller studios - is it time to reconsider how publishers build and judge success?

Studio Wildcard will pay for ARK: Survival Evolved mod content

11 days ago The creators of two new maps were paid "several months salary" and hired by the company

Kojima: People expect big games from me

11 days ago Auteur wanted to make a smaller title with Kojima Productions, but was told the public expects bigger things


1 Atlas Reactor: From freemium to premium

12 days ago "We don't tend to view business models as a religious subject"


It's not the platform holder's job to make your game succeed - Robot

13 days ago Patrick Hudson, CEO of Orcs Must Die! developer Robot Entertainment, discusses discoverability, managing studio growth and an uptick in paid games


1 Asobo Studio: Lessons from the frontline of HoloLens development

18 days ago "Sometimes experience is a trap. As an experienced developer you might think, 'In this case, let's do that.' But you're wrong"

3 How do you keep World of Warcraft's players happy?

20 days ago Blizzard designer Ion Hazzikostas on the best approach to managing an audience of millions

What went into "the best Splinter Cell level ever made"

20 days ago Clint Hocking and Mathieu Berube video walks through through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's Panamanian bank heist


2 Dodge Roll's speedrun to indie success

21 days ago Enter the Gungeon developer Dave Crooks explains how his studio went from formation to signing with Devolver in a matter of weeks and launching a hit in under two years

Twitch VP on community and commerical success

24 days ago Kathy Astromoff wants developers to stay close to their communities

18 Tim Sweeney is still mad at Microsoft

25 days ago "They can change the rules of the game at any time"

Respawn is latest EA partner on Star Wars

26 days ago Titanfall studio making a third-person action adventure, led by former God of War director Stig Asmussen


1 VR market fallout may lead to lots of new indies - Adelman

26 days ago Marketing and biz dev specialist offers key advice for indies, thoughts on VR and Nintendo

1 TIGA welcomes rise in UK studios receiving cultural tax breaks

26 days ago 75 games certified in Q1 2016 alone, spending 173.6m

The Workshop Entertainment acquired by Skydance Media

26 days ago Studio founded by Treyarch vets will become a VR focused subsidiary of Skydance

Gears of War 4 would have cost Epic $100m - Sweeney

28 days ago Epic CEO also laments how "toxic and destructive" some publishing arrangements can be

GameAnalytics now available to Unreal Engine devs

28 days ago Free analytics service can be integrated with any game made with Unreal


Lionhead officially closes today

A month ago "We have nothing but heart-felt thanks for the team at Lionhead"

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