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Bigpoint hires ESL veteran as software development head

55 seconds ago Philipp Kölmel brings a strong track record in eSports to the German online publisher

Silent Hill will continue, but is Silent Hills dead?

51 minutes ago Konami's official response does not dispel rumours about the demise of the Kojima-del Toro collaboration

1 Gabe Newell to the internet: "You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis"

3 hours ago Valve's boss assessed the complaints around paid mods on Steam, and found them wanting

5 Skyrim paid mod pulled from Steam

3 days ago One of Valve's featured user-made mods removed for using animations from another mod without permission


26 Indies must learn to love marketing

Opinion 3 days ago Praying for discoverability to magically get better is no excuse for sending your games out to die today; marketing is a key development skill too

40 Valve letting users sell Steam Workshop content

4 days ago Skyrim is first game allowing mod makers to publish and sell their creations through Steam

Valve opens applications for HTC Vive Developer Edition

4 days ago Free VR dev kits expected to start shipping this spring; commercial units still on track for later this year


2 Messing with success

4 days ago Torn Banner developed the multimillion-selling PC hit Chivalry working from around the world, so why did it scrap that in favor of working from an office?

Patrice Desilets announces new game: Ancestors

4 days ago Episodic third-person game spanning human history will be "Assassin's Creed meets Civilization"


2 Rob Pardo partners with Unity

5 days ago Ex-Blizzard exec talks about trends and challenges facing devs before embarking on a world tour of studios using engine

2 "Who the hell has time to do that?"

5 days ago The Quo Vadis conference opened with a frank discussion of the difficulties facing indie devs relying on social media for exposure


Disney Interactive confirms "targeted reduction in workforce"

6 days ago Responds to reports of staff cuts on Club Penguin brand


Gears of War cinematics director leaves Epic for Black Tusk

6 days ago Greg M. Mitchell joins Microsoft to continue working on the Xbox exclusive franchise

13 It's harder to release a game now - Cliff Harris

7 days ago Rising advertising costs, discoverability getting worse, says Gratuitious Space Battles dev

2 Playing The App Store Blues

Opinion 7 days ago Developers have many complaints about Apple's App Store, but success is possible despite these issues


Jack Attridge departs 22 Cans

7 days ago Godus co-designer leaves Peter Molyneux's studio to start up his own outfit


10 AAA should invest in indies - Ori dev

12 days ago Thomas Mahler talks about his studio's reputation, distributed development, and the project he'd love to sign to a publisher

Crysis, X-Wing devs form Impeller Studios

13 days ago David Wessman, Jack Mamais and Coray Seifert working on new VR game together

New 3DS and New 3DS XL get Unity support

13 days ago Nintendo's handhelds open up to millions of independent developers

Keywords Studios doubled revenue and profit in 2014

13 days ago And a string of acquisitions leaves it well positioned for the year ahead


2 What does it take to become an expert?

Opinion 14 days ago Graham McAllister investigates the value of experience

3 Phantom Dust dev collapsed under Microsoft's demands - report

14 days ago Sources say that Darkside Games struggled to stretch its modest budget to fit Microsoft's changing vision for the project

1 Tel Aviv's TabTale acquires Sunstorm Games

17 days ago "Sunstorm Games has a proven loyal fan base"


5 Going indie? Have enough runway to fail once

17 days ago Former XBLA producer Scott Brodie offers advice for those making the jump, explains how Hero Generations brings Blizzard dev philosophy to indie games


Valiant Hearts dev wants "games with something to say"

17 days ago Yoan Fanise's new indie studio Digixart Entertainment aims to make "artisanal" games that talk about serious subjects in a subtle way

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