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xaitment moves Smart AI to mobile devices

3 years ago AI development team behind xaitMap and xaitControl through Unity will run on iOS, Android

Gamr7 to close, liquidation of all assets to begin

3 years ago Middleware city-building Urban PAD creator Gamr7 closes down due to looming debt

2 Adobe and Unity form Flash partnership

3 years ago Deal to make all Unity content compatible with Flash Player

Crytek licenses CryEngine 3 to China's Giant

3 years ago Germany's Crytek is looking to strengthen its ties with Asian developers

Quantic Dream adopts Autodesk for next project

3 years ago "HumanIK will help us achieve more realistic animations," the developer says

Epic Games and NCsoft sign long-term Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal

3 years ago The largest Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal to date has been signed between Epic and Ncsoft

3 GDC: Epic aiming to get "Samaritan" into Flash

3 years ago Epic's Mark Rein says graphics technology is advancing faster than anticipated

1 GDC: Sony rolling out PlayStation Suite open beta in April 2012

3 years ago SDK will have upgrades from the recent closed beta

GDC: Havok comes to the Wii U

3 years ago Havok Physics and Havok Animation are now available to Wii U developers

1 GDC: Nintendo and Autodesk sign agreement on licensing technology

3 years ago Nintendo able to provide Autodesk Gameware technology to licensed developers with new agreement

2 Epic showing Unreal Engine 4 at GDC

3 years ago Latest tech from Gears Of War developer to be on show at event

1 5000 developers' licenses for HeroEngine

3 years ago SWTOR platform sees sharp rise in interest in 2012

1 Sony bringing Move SDK Move.Me to UK

3 years ago Package designed to make motion detection development easier

1 Important update for Unity

3 years ago 3.5 adds more tools, Native Client and better effects

1 AppMobi launches new HTML5 SDK

3 years ago PlayMobi designed for development, monetisation and deployment

1 Kinect for Windows commercial license launches

3 years ago Retail price set at $249, Toyota and Mattel already working on software

Image Metrics launches spin-off company

3 years ago Faceware Technologies to concentrate on facial animation for AAA market and film

Nexon to adopt Unity platform

3 years ago MapleStory developer plans to make it "a core tool"

Gazillion MMO licenses Unreal Engine 3

3 years ago Marvel Heroes to use Epic Games' tech for Secret Identity Studios project

1 Tencent signs CryEngine 3 deal

3 years ago Online developer will use tech for its next PC title

5 Unity launches public beta for Flash add on

3 years ago New Flash Player deployment will allow Unity developers to push content through Adobe Flash Player

1 Bastion, Mini Ninjas playable in Chrome with native client

3 years ago Google's browser technology attracts the support of industry players

Unity passes 750,000 registered users

3 years ago Popular engine triples user-base in a single year, web player now at 80 million installs

CryEngine 3 to power Crystal CG

3 years ago Crytek's engine licensed up by digital image service provider

6 id Software releases Doom 3 source code

3 years ago John Carmack rewrites code to avoid patent issues over "Carmack's reverse"

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