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2 NCsoft licenses Unreal Engine 4

3 years ago The Korean publisher aims to "redefine MMORPG success" with Epic's newest tech

Rust Ltd is Unity DirectX 11 competition winner

3 years ago The Museum Of The Microstar wins $10,000 grand prize


OpenFeint co-founder Peter Relan unveils OpenKit

3 years ago Relan's new open source toolkit on iOS and Android allows developers to plug into backend services

7 Oculus Rift delayed to March

3 years ago Dev kits for Kickstarter-funded virtual reality headset will feature better (but heavier) screen

Havok acquires specialist 3D studio Rocketbox

3 years ago Middleware companies join forces

Valve working on new Source engine

3 years ago Newell confirms Valve is kicking out a new game engine


5 Crytek: CryEngine has nearly closed gap with Unreal in West

3 years ago Cevat Yerli says Crysis studio's engine has overtaken Epic's in Korea and China, but being no. 1 isn't the goal

20 New PS4 dev kits reportedly shipping

3 years ago Sony said to be aiming for "very affordable" hardware; announcement expected before E3

2 Windows Phone 8 SDK released

3 years ago Developers can finally jump on board with WP8… for only $8

1 Square Enix signs long-term Unreal Engine deal

3 years ago Final Fantasy publisher gets access to UE3 and UE4 for all its studios in multi-title deal

CD Projekt RED sends RedKit tool into closed beta

3 years ago The toolset will allow users to create their own RPG worlds

1 Steam opens non-game section

3 years ago Valve begins digital distribution of creativity and productivity software, some with achievements

1 GameSalad gets Windows 8 compatibility

3 years ago Development tool adds the new OS to its list

Unity: No current plans to support Nintendo 3DS

3 years ago Wii U license deal doesn't mean Unity for handheld anytime soon

New COO for Hansoft

3 years ago Management tool dev plans for expansion

1 Epic Games vets license Unreal for triple-A mobile adventure

3 years ago BitMonster, and indie startup, has entered a long-term, multi-title deal with Epic

Unreal Engine business a "lucky coincidence," says Epic

3 years ago Epic VP Mark Rein talks Infinity Blade, Big Huge Games hirings and Unreal Engine 4

7 Epic: "Next gen is here, it's a PC"

3 years ago Epic's Fortnite will be primarily PC and will be the first Unreal Engine 4 title

Autodesk launching Scaleform for iOS, Android

3 years ago The user interface middleware will be available for mobile game development

Activision and Sony execs bring PlayCanvas to life

3 years ago PlayCanvas will offer an end-to-end solution for 3D HTML titles

1 Valve powers more machinima with Source Filmmaker

3 years ago Valve is running a beta for the consumer release of its filmmaking tools

CryEngine 3 "runs beautifully" on Wii U

3 years ago Crytek CEO believes Wii U is on par with Xbox 360, can handle tech requirements for CryEngine

Epic eager to get Unreal onto new Microsoft Surface

3 years ago Epic's Mark Rein is looking to bring Unreal Engine to the Surface tablet and hopes for major interface with Xbox

4 Crytek: CryEngine 3 has been doing Unreal Engine 4 visuals for 3 years already

3 years ago Cevat Yerli boasts, "We're the only engine that is 100 percent real-time"

5 Unreal Engine 4 illuminates next-gen at E3

3 years ago Microsoft and Sony may not be talking about next-gen just yet, but Epic is demonstrating it with UE4

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