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4 Crytek: CryEngine 3 has been doing Unreal Engine 4 visuals for 3 years already

A year ago Cevat Yerli boasts, "We're the only engine that is 100 percent real-time"

5 Unreal Engine 4 illuminates next-gen at E3

A year ago Microsoft and Sony may not be talking about next-gen just yet, but Epic is demonstrating it with UE4


5 Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "You have to eat your own dog food"

A year ago We talk with Epic president Mike Capps about his studio's approach and the evolving games business

6 Epic v. Silicon Knights: Jury finds for Epic on all counts

A year ago Tweet from Epic VP Mark Rein says it's over [UPDATE: Judge awards Epic $4.5m]

GREE platform goes open beta

A year ago Mobile social SDK ready to download, complete with community features


3 YoYo Games intros GameMaker: Studio for cross-platform game development

A year ago The tool promises output in native code for iOS, Android, HTML 5, PC and Mac

Kinect for Windows SDK update adds skeletal tracking

A year ago Version 1.5 also adds a new Kinect Studio toolkit for developers

Industrial Toys licenses Unreal Engine for several titles

A year ago Former Bungie head's Industrial Toys to work on mobile games with Unreal Engine

28 Unreal Engine 4: Epic to "drag industry into next generation"

A year ago Bleszinski says Epic is pushing Microsoft, Sony to "damn near render Avatar in real time"

1 Epic's Unreal Engine 3 gains RealD 3D tech

A year ago RealD has joined the Integrated Partners Program

Starhawk developer finds social-style analytics are "king"

A year ago Lightbox Interactive turns to social game development practices for its new shooter

Unity announces expansion plans, new hires

A year ago Unity Technologies adds new VP and director of development with new global operations in mind

Kontagent now supports mobile games on Unity

A year ago Analytics solution for the popular development platform

Double Fine enlists Moai to make Kickstarter project cross-platform

A year ago Double Fine Adventure will be coming to PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux via the Moai SDK

SmileGate signs deal to use Unreal Engine 3 for two titles

A year ago Korea's SmileGate will develop two titles, including a next-gen FPS

1 PlayStation Suite Open Beta now available

2 years ago Free SDK for game creation on Vita and certified devices

CryEngine 3 SDK Update now available

2 years ago Crytek makes improvements to AI and character rendering with free update

2 Unity Technologies hits 1 million registered users

2 years ago Engine provider Unity Technologies hits 300K monthly active users, 1 million total

xaitment moves Smart AI to mobile devices

2 years ago AI development team behind xaitMap and xaitControl through Unity will run on iOS, Android

Gamr7 to close, liquidation of all assets to begin

2 years ago Middleware city-building Urban PAD creator Gamr7 closes down due to looming debt

2 Adobe and Unity form Flash partnership

2 years ago Deal to make all Unity content compatible with Flash Player

Crytek licenses CryEngine 3 to China's Giant

2 years ago Germany's Crytek is looking to strengthen its ties with Asian developers

Quantic Dream adopts Autodesk for next project

2 years ago "HumanIK will help us achieve more realistic animations," the developer says

Epic Games and NCsoft sign long-term Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal

2 years ago The largest Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal to date has been signed between Epic and Ncsoft

3 GDC: Epic aiming to get "Samaritan" into Flash

2 years ago Epic's Mark Rein says graphics technology is advancing faster than anticipated

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