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1 Pixar will make USD software open source in 2016

A year ago "An efficient, scalable system for authoring, reading, and streaming time-sampled scene description for interchange between graphics applications"

9 Autodesk launches new game engine

A year ago "The games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers"

1 Marmalade opens second European studio

A year ago London-based toolset maker expands to Lisbon, Portugal

ARK sells 1m, studio partners with Epic

A year ago Studio Wildcard creates custom mod editor for dinosaur title


4 VR "not for the whole world" - Epic CEO

A year ago Tim Sweeney says studio excited by VR, but AR is “the next big development in the history of civilization”

Magic Leap releasing AR SDK soon

A year ago Compatible with Unreal and Unity game engines

Nvidia launches AndroidWorks

A year ago New dev tools for building better visual experiences on Android

The Foundry gets 200m investment

A year ago HgCapital will assume majority ownership

Bioware makes Orbit framework open source

A year ago "Orbit was somewhere we could make a contribution that would be useful to others"

Valve, Epic score most GDC media coverage

A year ago ICO Partners finds HTC Vive and Unreal Engine drew the most attention in articles published last week

3 Valve reveals Source 2, free to all developers

A year ago Also shows off Steam Link, VR, Steam Machines and controller


13 "There's no royalties, no f***ing around" - Riccitiello

A year ago Unity CEO touts the new full-featured and free version of Unity 5, likens Unreal Engine approach to free-to-play whale hunting

4 Unreal Engine drops subscription fee, goes free for everyone

A year ago Epic still asking for 5% royalty on any shipped games which use it

5 Indie devs get do-it-yourself contract creator

A year ago Adriaan de Jongh's contract( ) joins Rami Ismail's presskit( ) and distribute( ) in free indie developer toolkit

1 Epic courting devs with $5m fund

A year ago Tim Sweeney: "The goal of this is to help people develop more games without having to mow lawns"

1 Unity: Why game development is like mountain climbing

A year ago Todd Hooper explains why data is crucial to mobile gaming success, and Unity's plans to help

2 Unity partners with APM to license music to devs

A year ago David Helgason says Unity devs now have access to "an unbelievable wealth of music tracks"

3 Adobe clarifies #gamergate stance

A year ago "We are not and have never been aligned with Gamergate"

1 "We have no plan to sell Unity"

A year ago Unity CTO makes position clear in forum post


Newzoo expands into Asia with new China offices

A year ago Move comes as research firm plans biggest study yet

Unity's Helgason pushes analytics and sharing tools

2 years ago Two most important features says CEO


"It used to be all we had to do was make a game fun" - Gwertzman

2 years ago PlayFab CEO lands $2.5m in funding to create tools that let devs worry about games more than their backend

3 Autodesk acquires Bitsquid and its engine

2 years ago "Bitsquid will revolutionize real-time exploration of complex data"

5 CryEngine subscription launches on Steam

2 years ago Royalty-free engine-as-a-service now available exclusively through Valve's storefront

Submissions now open for Unity Awards 2014

2 years ago New voting process for dev competition

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