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Google unveils Daydream VR platform

13 days ago "VR should be mobile, approachable, and for everyone"

Autodesk acquires Solid Angle

A month ago "Will allow us to help customers better tackle this computationally intensive part of the creative process"

Unity valuation of $1.5bn seems "appropriate" - SuperData

2 months ago The engine maker is about to get another big round of investment, according to Bloomberg

1 King makes Defold game engine free

2 months ago Candy Crush Saga makes full functionality available


1 Why VR is not the most important trend at GDC

Opinion 2 months ago The democratisation of game engines and creative tools is the most exciting movement in games this decade - and the best is yet to come

Microsoft, ESL, and FaceIt partner to bring tournaments to Xbox Live

2 months ago Microsoft wants to natively support eSports from within Xbox Live


1 MaxPlay's engine tech is a modern solution to modern problems

2 months ago "Unity is a ten, fifteen-year-old legacy architecture, and the same thing is true with the Unreal Engine"

Twitter's Fabric now fully supports Unity

2 months ago "With Fabric, you can tap into the power of Twitter"


Amazon: Community building will drive the industry

2 months ago VP of Amazon Games Mike Frazzini explains why he's not concerned about developers using Lumberyard engine to make single-player games for free


2 Unity: "Drop the word virtual, it's going to be another reality"

3 months ago Unity CMO Clive Downie chats with us about his company's role in the VR/AR revolution and charting a course together with devs

Epic hands out another $100,000 in educational grants

3 months ago Second round of Unreal Dev Grants funds 10 contributors


Autodesk restructuring, 925 lay offs planned

3 months ago "So we can focus resources on areas that will accelerate the move to the cloud"

Marmalade scores mezzanine financing of $5m

4 months ago “We believe this well positions Marmalade for a public listing in the future"

1 Unity acquires UK-based Engine Room Games

6 months ago "At the minute they're working on expanding Unity support for PlayStation VR"

Improbable reveals SpatialOS

6 months ago "To unlock the promise of virtual reality, we need to move from simple games to true virtual worlds"


Unity's VP of Asia joins MaxPlay

7 months ago John Goodale will help cloud-based dev platform to set up operations in Asia

Microsoft buys Havok from Intel

7 months ago Software giant says it will continue to license the physics engine to developers

1 Cities: Skylines takes home Unite Golden Cube

8 months ago Tilt Brush by Google is virtual reality winner at 2015 Unity Awards

Epic makes 7,600 Infinity Blade assets free to devs

8 months ago "Content represents a $3 million investment in art and sound design"

Finalists for the Unity Awards revealed

8 months ago Her Story, Cities Skyline and Kerbal Space Program among competitors

Latest Unreal Dev Grants recipients revealed

9 months ago Epic honors 10 individuals receiving grants "thanks to their tireless contributions to the UE4 community"

1 Pixar will make USD software open source in 2016

9 months ago "An efficient, scalable system for authoring, reading, and streaming time-sampled scene description for interchange between graphics applications"

9 Autodesk launches new game engine

9 months ago "The games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers"

1 Marmalade opens second European studio

10 months ago London-based toolset maker expands to Lisbon, Portugal

ARK sells 1m, studio partners with Epic

10 months ago Studio Wildcard creates custom mod editor for dinosaur title

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