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2 Project Eternity: How Chris Avellone Blew By $4 Million on Kickstarter

4 years ago Obsidian's Creative Director shares his secrets of success and how liberating Kickstarter has been for design


7 Game Industry Legends: Rob Pardo

4 years ago World of Warcraft's lead designer on innovative indies, changing genres and why the big budget single-player game is an endangered species

8 David Cage says games "need to grow up"

4 years ago "How many monsters/aliens/zombies can you kill in games?" asks Cage

5 Jade Raymond calls for developers to embrace non-traditional control schemes

4 years ago Former Assassin's Creed producer believes in viability of control-pad free gaming


8 Arkane's Harvey Smith on Dishonored and Empowering Players

4 years ago The Deus Ex lead designer talks about interactive narrative and differences in game design approaches

5 Ouya console "around size of Rubik's cube"

4 years ago Ouya designer aims at portability for new device


5 The Last of Us: Naughty Dog On Elevating the Interactive Medium

4 years ago Bruce Straley talks about marrying gameplay and storytelling

4 Monkey Island creator says developers should stop worrying about audience expectations

4 years ago Double Fine's Ron Gilbert believes caving to gamer expectations stifles creative approach

3 Japanese game development should be more "Hollywood" says Mikami

4 years ago Ex-Capcom producer behind Devil May Cry wishes to push Japanese market towards Western model


13 Will Wright: "Console guys are running scared"

4 years ago The legendary designer shares some thoughts on game design and the industry

Apple Design Award winners include Jetpack Joyride and Limbo

4 years ago Apple honors the best apps in its extensive catalog


4 Game Industry Legends: Trip Hawkins

4 years ago The industry veteran talks about Digital Chocolate, design, Facebook, and the next big thing

Skyrim getting Kinect support

4 years ago Say "Fus Ro Dah!" like you mean it


5 Bob Bates: Being at Zynga "Like drinking from a firehose"

4 years ago The veteran game designer offers insights on his role in the design process


24 Fanning the Flames

Opinion 4 years ago Fan outrage erupts over Mass Effect 3 - but why do game creators seem willing to encourage the vocal cranks?


2 Game Industry Legends: Will Wright

4 years ago Insights into game design and the limitations that have disappeared


1 Game Industry Legends: Brian Reynolds

4 years ago The designer of Rise of Nations and FrontierVille talks about the industry, design, and a game title you can't forget

1 ESA research shows rise in game design summer camps

4 years ago Focus on STEM education increases number of game design camps in North America to 300

2 Nintendo calls Super Mario 3D Land an "entry point" for consumers

4 years ago Director Koichi Hayashida has said that he wanted to make this entry easier than past titles

4 PlayStation Vita wins design award

4 years ago Vita recognized by Germany's prestigious Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen


1 Warren Spector: A Lifetime of Achievements

4 years ago In this massive interview, the veteran designer talks about his career and design philosophies

GDC: Notch's Fireside Tales

4 years ago On the whole, he'd rather be programming

2 GDC: Forgotten Tales from Sid Meier, Will Wright, John Romero, Cliff Bleszinski

4 years ago Legendary game designers pick the most influential games

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