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27 Time study: boys think women are over-sexualised in games

A year ago Study finds that kids are sick of objectification


Thunder Bunnies and the Social Contract

2 years ago Dan Cook on why community can be more important than content to online games


8 VR: Palmer Luckey's Quest to Change the World

2 years ago The Oculus founder tells us all about the next steps for the VR headset and his goal to forever change humanity

1 The Saga of Ed Fries

2 years ago Xbox co-founder describes how his love of creating things has been passed down through the generations

21 Fun Is Not A Metric

Opinion 2 years ago Developers and publishers can't tweak their way to entertainment, but need to focus on fun

17 Razer sells every product at a loss

3 years ago CEO Min-Liang Tan jokes that eventually Razer will "grow up and be a proper company"


18 Warren Spector's Commandments of Game Design

3 years ago The veteran looks at his old list of rules for Deus Ex and asks if there's a set of rules games can all adhere to

7 Design for Marketing: A Manifesto

Opinion 3 years ago Game designers and game marketers need to work together from the very start of a project


20 Nintendo's Miyamoto: All this talk about our earnings is "silly"

3 years ago The father of Mario stands by Satoru Iwata as CEO, explains why both 3DS and Wii U stumbled at launch, and hints at a Wii U Zelda reveal this year


33 What the Xbox One Controller Says About Microsoft... and Nintendo

3 years ago Jeremy Parish can't help but notice philosophical differences between Microsoft and Nintendo


2 Talking Shop: Riot Games' Lead Designer of Social Systems

3 years ago We chat with Riot Games' Jeffrey Lin about molding player behavior in League of Legends


8 Will Wright: Games "falling way short" as a medium

3 years ago The veteran designer believes the industry is far from realizing games' potential; he also says EA's Sim City server problems were "inexcusable"


4 Google hires Noah Falstein as chief game designer

3 years ago What are the search giant's plans for the game industry?


Talking Shop: Obsidian Entertainment's Creative Director

3 years ago We chat with industry vet Chris Avellone about being a great creative director


5 Games need more direction, says filmmaker James McTeigue

3 years ago The V for Vendetta director says there has to be a "master of the ship" on a game at some point so that designers don't get bogged down in minutiae


25 Riot: Don't ban your players, reform them

3 years ago Riot is taking a very scientific and psychological approach to player behavior, and it's only helping to increase League of Legends' popularity


7 Life After Disney: Warren Spector's Exit Interview

3 years ago Veteran dev says he "doesn't understand" Junction Point's closure, triple-A is "soul crushing" and expresses interest in mobile and episodic

1 How ethical design can be a money-maker

3 years ago GDC 2013: Shellrazer designer describes the key to monetization and in-app purchases; it's all about respect for the players


1 Jordan Weisman: Kickstarter like a "high wire act with no net"

3 years ago Harebrained Schemes boss says dealing with a Kickstarter audience is “both really gratifying and enormously scary”


10 Garriott's new RPG is "the antithesis of MMOs"

3 years ago Lord British looks to Kickstarter for new PC/tablet project, Shroud of the Avatar; it's a "chance to go back to his roots" he tells us


4 Tom Hall: Games need to be "democratized like MP3s"

3 years ago The id veteran also talks about his Commander Keen inspired Secret Spaceship Club


66 Fearing the micro-transaction future

3 years ago F2P and paymium are inevitable, and not just for EA - but critics of this future aren't easily dismissed


31 Trimming The Fat: How and Why Game Design Must Change

Opinion 3 years ago Game design has become clumsy and bloated - it's time to shake things up

9 AAA not the future, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist director

3 years ago Patrick Redding proposes "lower-case aaa" game as where the industry should be heading


23 Single player is a "gimmick" says mid-core developer

3 years ago Gogogic CEO Jonas Antonsson says games are meant to be played with others, whether simultaneously or not

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