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Playdek puts crowdfunded Unsung Story on hold

9 hours ago Studio down to one team, focusing resources on products that can be released sooner


Gambitious: 3 years, 6 successful projects

10 days ago "We got in this for the long haul" says Mike Wilson


1 Tips for running a great Kickstarter, from Kickstarter

12 days ago Luke Crane, Head of Games, explains the best practices for running a great campaign, and handling your community post-funding

3 Pixelmage Games cancels Hero's Song Kickstarter

13 days ago "I'm a big believer in looking at reality and accepting it" Smedley tells


4 John Smedley reveals new studio Pixelmage Games

20 days ago "Honestly being a publisher is highly overrated these days," the former Sony Online exec tells

Kickstarter: $46 million pledged to video games in 2015

25 days ago $144.4 million pledged across whole games sector

StartEngine Crowdfunding lands $5.5m

A month ago Howard Marks' equity crowdfunding platform will use the new funds to bolster marketing efforts

3 Psychonauts 2 hits Fig funding goal

A month ago Beats $3.3m goal, $1.7m from investors

5 Oculus rewarding dev kit backers with free Kickstarter Edition Rift

A month ago Oculus thanking its early supporters with free VR headset


1 The crowdfunding bubble isn't bursting

Opinion A month ago But it's definitely in a decline phase, says ICO Partners' Thomas Bidaux in this crowdfunding year in review


4 A peek under Tim Schafer's Fig leaf

A month ago Double Fine founder talks about skipping Kickstarter for Psychonauts 2 campaign, and the "baggage" of Early Access

Star Citizen reaches $100 million in funding

A month ago Cloud Imperium marks milestone by releasing the first "true slice" of Star Citizen - Alpha 2.0

5 Project Phoenix's backers are in for a long wait

A month ago CIA Inc's game now delayed until late 2018, five years after Kickstarter ended


8 Kickstarter failures highlight the "backer" vs "consumer" divide

Opinion A month ago Kickstarter must work to reduce the numbers, and improve the experience when things do go wrong

10 9% of Kickstarter projects fail - Study

2 months ago Wharton School researcher finds relatively few campaigns on crowdfunding site end in fraud or failure


3 Equity Crowdfunding: Gateway To Games Industry Diversity

Opinion 2 months ago The "cloistered cabal of back-door agreements between VCs and the gaming industry" must stop, says StartEngine co-founder Howard Marks

5 Jon Hare pulls Sociable Soccer Kickstarter

2 months ago Only 10 per cent of 300,000 raised at halfway point, Hare now intends to court publishers


How to win at Kickstarter

2 months ago If you're not a famous dev you might think you don't have a chance on Kickstarter, but indies can succeed with these tips from Scott Brodie

Fig opens door to unaccredited investors

2 months ago Funding platform's next campaign will give gamers chance to buy shares

BrightLocker intros "crowdpublishing" platform

2 months ago Company will make games out of user-submitted ideas, claims all funded projects will make it to release


13 Kickstarter launched for 'Spiritual Successor' to Sensible Soccer

2 months ago Jon Hare recruits team of Finnish veterans for multiplatform campaign

Pillars of Eternity sells 500,000

3 months ago Including Kickstarter backer rewards, Obsidian's latest RPG has sold half a million copies worldwide

5TH Cell reveals Fig project

3 months ago Anchors in the Drift will be a free-to-play RPG

1 Star Citizen had more crowd-funding in 2014 than all gaming Kickstarters combined

3 months ago RSI banked $33m last year, compared to $20m for Kickstarter's video games

Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis

3 months ago CEO Chris Roberts takes a break from "the noise" to show the community where its money has gone

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