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Ex-Lionhead devs form Flaming Fowl

26 days ago Studio Kickstarting officially licensed Fable Fortune free-to-play card game

Kickstarter UK has raised 26m for games

A month ago And has raised 100m since 2012 overall

Dark Souls: The Board Game raises over 3.7m

A month ago Steamforged Games asked for 50,000

1 Paypal ending payment protection for crowdfunders

A month ago Indiegogo et al too subject to "risks and uncertainties" says provider

1 Romero and Carmack suspend Kickstarter

A month ago Doom developers press pause after just four days, want to have a demo ready before resuming campaign

7 John Romero, Adrian Carmack return to FPS development

2 months ago Blackroom Kickstarter campaign launches today

Gambitious looking for 50 new investors

2 months ago "Gambitious is committed to respecting the investors"

Fear Effect returns with Kickstarter campaign

2 months ago Sushee reviving dormant IP as Square Enix manages perceptions around its involvement in crowdfunded project

Rock Band 4 Fig campaign raises half its $1.5 million target

2 months ago "There doesn't seem to be enough of an audience to make Rock Band for PC a viable project for us right now"

1 Kickstarter payment problem holds up indie adventure game pledges

3 months ago A Place for the Unwilling runs into a speed bump due to failed Kickstarter payments.

"Some people want to see the slaughterhouse" - Gordon Walton

3 months ago Industry veteran discusses how to successfully build and manage a crowdfunding community

7 Kickstarter funded Bear Simulator abandoned by its creator

3 months ago "Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive"


Mindful parents, Minecraft kids & squiffy millennials

3 months ago Sensible Object's Alex Fleetwood talks Fabulous Beasts


The stress of success

3 months ago Why did Red Hook crunch to finish Darkest Dungeon when the Early Access game was already a hit, and was it worth it?


1 The joy of unretirement

4 months ago Parallax co-founder Mike Kulas on retiring from AAA after 15 years at Volition and coming back to crowdfund a spiritual successor to Descent

Kickstarter "maturation means more money, but not for more people" - ICO

4 months ago ICO Partners' latest analysis of Kickstarter shows dominace by fewer, larger game projects; also mobile appears to be a dead-end

1 Parallax founders reunite for Descent successor

4 months ago Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog establish Revival Productions, launch Kickstarter for new project Overload

Playdek puts crowdfunded Unsung Story on hold

4 months ago Studio down to one team, focusing resources on products that can be released sooner


Gambitious: 3 years, 6 successful projects

4 months ago "We got in this for the long haul" says Mike Wilson


1 Tips for running a great Kickstarter, from Kickstarter

4 months ago Luke Crane, Head of Games, explains the best practices for running a great campaign, and handling your community post-funding

3 Pixelmage Games cancels Hero's Song Kickstarter

4 months ago "I'm a big believer in looking at reality and accepting it" Smedley tells


4 John Smedley reveals new studio Pixelmage Games

5 months ago "Honestly being a publisher is highly overrated these days," the former Sony Online exec tells

Kickstarter: $46 million pledged to video games in 2015

5 months ago $144.4 million pledged across whole games sector

StartEngine Crowdfunding lands $5.5m

5 months ago Howard Marks' equity crowdfunding platform will use the new funds to bolster marketing efforts

3 Psychonauts 2 hits Fig funding goal

5 months ago Beats $3.3m goal, $1.7m from investors

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