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1 Romero and Carmack suspend Kickstarter

7 days ago Doom developers press pause after just four days, want to have a demo ready before resuming campaign

7 John Romero, Adrian Carmack return to FPS development

11 days ago Blackroom Kickstarter campaign launches today

Gambitious looking for 50 new investors

25 days ago "Gambitious is committed to respecting the investors"

Fear Effect returns with Kickstarter campaign

29 days ago Sushee reviving dormant IP as Square Enix manages perceptions around its involvement in crowdfunded project

Rock Band 4 Fig campaign raises half its $1.5 million target

29 days ago "There doesn't seem to be enough of an audience to make Rock Band for PC a viable project for us right now"

1 Kickstarter payment problem holds up indie adventure game pledges

A month ago A Place for the Unwilling runs into a speed bump due to failed Kickstarter payments.

"Some people want to see the slaughterhouse" - Gordon Walton

A month ago Industry veteran discusses how to successfully build and manage a crowdfunding community

7 Kickstarter funded Bear Simulator abandoned by its creator

A month ago "Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive"


Mindful parents, Minecraft kids & squiffy millennials

A month ago Sensible Object's Alex Fleetwood talks Fabulous Beasts


The stress of success

2 months ago Why did Red Hook crunch to finish Darkest Dungeon when the Early Access game was already a hit, and was it worth it?


1 The joy of unretirement

2 months ago Parallax co-founder Mike Kulas on retiring from AAA after 15 years at Volition and coming back to crowdfund a spiritual successor to Descent

Kickstarter "maturation means more money, but not for more people" - ICO

2 months ago ICO Partners' latest analysis of Kickstarter shows dominace by fewer, larger game projects; also mobile appears to be a dead-end

1 Parallax founders reunite for Descent successor

2 months ago Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog establish Revival Productions, launch Kickstarter for new project Overload

Playdek puts crowdfunded Unsung Story on hold

2 months ago Studio down to one team, focusing resources on products that can be released sooner


Gambitious: 3 years, 6 successful projects

3 months ago "We got in this for the long haul" says Mike Wilson


1 Tips for running a great Kickstarter, from Kickstarter

3 months ago Luke Crane, Head of Games, explains the best practices for running a great campaign, and handling your community post-funding

3 Pixelmage Games cancels Hero's Song Kickstarter

3 months ago "I'm a big believer in looking at reality and accepting it" Smedley tells


4 John Smedley reveals new studio Pixelmage Games

3 months ago "Honestly being a publisher is highly overrated these days," the former Sony Online exec tells

Kickstarter: $46 million pledged to video games in 2015

3 months ago $144.4 million pledged across whole games sector

StartEngine Crowdfunding lands $5.5m

3 months ago Howard Marks' equity crowdfunding platform will use the new funds to bolster marketing efforts

3 Psychonauts 2 hits Fig funding goal

3 months ago Beats $3.3m goal, $1.7m from investors

5 Oculus rewarding dev kit backers with free Kickstarter Edition Rift

4 months ago Oculus thanking its early supporters with free VR headset


1 The crowdfunding bubble isn't bursting

Opinion 4 months ago But it's definitely in a decline phase, says ICO Partners' Thomas Bidaux in this crowdfunding year in review


4 A peek under Tim Schafer's Fig leaf

4 months ago Double Fine founder talks about skipping Kickstarter for Psychonauts 2 campaign, and the "baggage" of Early Access

Star Citizen reaches $100 million in funding

4 months ago Cloud Imperium marks milestone by releasing the first "true slice" of Star Citizen - Alpha 2.0

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