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How to win at Kickstarter

Yesterday If you're not a famous dev you might think you don't have a chance on Kickstarter, but indies can succeed with these tips from Scott Brodie

Fig opens door to unaccredited investors

2 days ago Funding platform's next campaign will give gamers chance to buy shares

BrightLocker intros "crowdpublishing" platform

7 days ago Company will make games out of user-submitted ideas, claims all funded projects will make it to release


13 Kickstarter launched for 'Spiritual Successor' to Sensible Soccer

14 days ago Jon Hare recruits team of Finnish veterans for multiplatform campaign

Pillars of Eternity sells 500,000

A month ago Including Kickstarter backer rewards, Obsidian's latest RPG has sold half a million copies worldwide

5TH Cell reveals Fig project

A month ago Anchors in the Drift will be a free-to-play RPG

1 Star Citizen had more crowd-funding in 2014 than all gaming Kickstarters combined

A month ago RSI banked $33m last year, compared to $20m for Kickstarter's video games

Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis

A month ago CEO Chris Roberts takes a break from "the noise" to show the community where its money has gone

Ark: Survival Evolved hits 2 million sales

A month ago "Early Access is a privilege, not an excuse," says Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak

9 Epic Minds' $70k Kickstarter cash is gone, needs $120k to finish

A month ago "Money is all that we need. Nothing can happen without money. Money is our final boss"

Divinity: Original Sin II ends with over $2m

A month ago Larian Studios passes $500,000 goal by some distance

Playdek Kickstarter delay partly down to "financial crunch"

2 months ago Searching for partnerships also slowed production, now delayed by more than 12 months

57 Kickstarter becomes public benefit corporation

2 months ago Founders reclassify crowdfunding platform as a for-profit company for the benefit of society as well as shareholders

Fig partners with Harmonix

2 months ago Funding platform ready to host Rock Band dev's next project

Larian raises $500k in 12 hours for Divinity: Original Sin 2

2 months ago "Nobody at Larian could imagine that we would meet our goal so fast,"


15 Equity crowdfunding is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Opinion 3 months ago Buying equity and backing a game you love are different things; conflating them is little more than an attempt to remove protections from small investors


3 Investors go wild for new funding platform Fig

3 months ago $500,000 of backing for Outer Wilds within two days of launch

7 Former Double Fine COO launches new funding platform

3 months ago Fig designed to offer best crowdfunding experience for developers, gamers and investors

10 "It's done, there is no way back. We tried, we failed."

3 months ago Belgian-based Grin calls it quits, reneges on backer rewards for Kickstarted game Woolfe

Support Girls Make Games and its latest prize winner

3 months ago Interfectorem currently 50 per cent funded, 11 days remain

ICO Partners: Major projects mask general decline in Kickstarter funding

3 months ago Smaller games losing out as top-heavy market trend continues, says analyst

2 Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter video game record

4 months ago But it's still far short of Yu Suzuki's ideal $10 million budget

6 Broken Age to break even for Double Fine

4 months ago Tim Schafer says studio spent nearly twice as much on crowdfunded adventure game as it raised on Kickstarter, "will just about make that back"


8 Corporate crowdfunding might not be all bad

Opinion 4 months ago Sony's First Flight is a morally uncomfortable development - but could result in better games and products

10 Sony launches a crowdfunding platform for internal projects

4 months ago First Flight will let its employees assess "the needs of the market" for innovative new concepts

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