Playerunknown's Battlegrounds raises $223k for charity

Charity Invitational yields huge rewards for Gamers Outreach

Why the games industry holds the key to War Child's future

The charity that supports children in war-torn areas reflects on its blossoming relationship with video games

By James Batchelor

War Child launches GameOn fundraising hub

After ten years and more than 2 million raised, War Child wants to step up its work with games industry partners

By Matthew Handrahan

Runescape sets fundraising target of 150,000 for mental health charities

CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and YMCA Right Here to be supported by fund

Studios team up for War Child fundraiser

Armistice campaign encourages 'peaceful gameplay'

By Christopher Dring

Voting opens for GamesAid charity selection

Members decide on who will benefit from this year's fund raising

By Dan Pearson

SpecialEffect's One Special Day raises over 90,000

“The generosity of the companies supporting this initiative has been overwhelming"

By Rachel Weber

Gamestop raises over $760,000 for St. Jude

"Every penny we raised will go toward helping kids fight cancer"

By Rachel Weber

Twintown charity rally raises 250,000 for Special Effect

Disabled children's gaming charity sees benefits of weekend event

By Dan Pearson

One Special Day charity initiative asks for 100%

Firms can give a day's revenues, ad income, game profits for an excellent cause

By Dan Pearson

Strike Club bowling tournament to raise 30,000 for Special Effect

32 Teams to take part in first ever UK industry ten-pin contest

By Dan Pearson

Jennifer Ann's Group offers $11,000 in prizes for dev contest

Raising awareness of teen dating violence in memory of murdered schoolgirl

By Dan Pearson

Jagex raised 100,000 for SpecialEffect's GameBlast 16

Fundraising weekend reached more than 170,000 in total

By Matthew Handrahan

SpecialEffect aims to raise 150,000 with GameBlast weekend

"We're inviting everyone from the global gaming community and industry to join us"

By Matthew Handrahan

GamesAid golf event confirmed for July

UK charity organisation aiming to beat 564,000 raised across the whole of 2015

By Matthew Handrahan

Life Is Strange sparks Square Enix anti-bullying campaign

Publisher will donate to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Centre as part of "Everyday Heroes" Twitter campaign

By Matthew Handrahan

Razer to donate That Dragon, Cancer proceeds to charity

"We were thrilled when Razer let us know they would be donating their proceeds to charity"

By Rachel Weber

Awesome Games Done Quick raised $1.2 million

Speedrunning event closes third consecutive year with more than $1 million raised

By Matthew Handrahan

Desert Bus For Hope has raised $3.1 million for Child's Play

Charity drive breaks record for ninth consecutive year with $676,000 haul

By Matthew Handrahan

GamesAid raises 564,000

UK charity breaks fundraising record for eighth year in a row

By Rachel Weber

Humble Bundle expands "choose your own charity" feature to all bundles

"Will allow our community to support the causes that personally matter to them"

By Rachel Weber

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