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Jam City: We're "halfway towards an IPO"

15 days ago CEO Chris DeWolfe lays out his growth strategy, and what the "game changing" TinyCo. acquisition means for the company's plan to go public


Colabee Studios: Taking on the World

28 days ago With their new studio, Never Alone's creative leads want to turn "world games" into a sustainable business


1 Kabam's Next Wave: PS4 level graphics and $24 million launches

2 months ago CEO Kevin Chou details the company's ambitious new product strategy, and explains the "healthy" lack of mobile game IPOs

9 The vanishing differences between mobile and desktop VR

2 months ago "Very soon, the content you're playing on Vive will be very easily playable on what we call mobile VR platforms right now”

1 Splitter Critters was the big winner at the Indie Prize Awards

3 months ago RAC2's game was the only game to pick up two awards at the Casual Connect indie showcase

1 Are VR exclusives bad? It's complicated

3 months ago "In a lot of cases a game is not gonna be made at all unless it gets a boost from something like a timed exclusivity deal"

2 VR "kind of scares me as an investor" - Lasky

3 months ago Mitch Lasky, venture capitalist at Benchmark, also believes Facebook's acquisition of Oculus may not have been a good thing for VR

eSports' "Wild West" period is drawing to a close

3 months ago A Casual Connect panel described the forces that will civilise the eSports landscape, leading to a rise in both revenue and regulations

Kabam, Glu, and Super Evil Megacorp. CEOs to speak at Casual Connect USA

3 months ago Kevin Chou will discuss cracking the static top-grossing chart at San Francisco event this month


"I want to go back to the thing I was born to do”

6 months ago Shahid Ahmad on leaving "the best gig in video games" at PlayStation to embrace the uncertainties of life as an indie developer


1 MaxPlay's engine tech is a modern solution to modern problems

7 months ago "Unity is a ten, fifteen-year-old legacy architecture, and the same thing is true with the Unreal Engine"


Next Games: Right license, right partner, right result

7 months ago CEO Teemu Huuhtanen on the unexpected benefits of working with licenses, and why The Walking Dead is a smarter bet than Star Wars


“Are you just looking to make a living? Then China has plenty of opportunity”

7 months ago Tom van Dam on NetEase's westward journey, and the problems facing companies with designs on China

4 "Reputation is now as important as the games"

8 months ago Shahid Ahmad and Jason Della Rocca offered sobering advice to independent developers trying to be heard above the clamour of the market

1 Machine Zone sues Kabam over trade secrets

A year ago UPDATE: Statement from Machine Zone on slanging match that turned legal

19 "It's just people selling picks and shovels, not the people finding gold"

A year ago FlowPlay's Derrick Morton on his "mobile last" strategy, and how specialist app stores could save the mobile market

Google's tips for VR development

A year ago Chief game designer Noah Falstein pushes devs to start simple with Google Cardboard

1 Tim Train: "Somebody's got to be the huckster"

A year ago Big Huge Games CEO shares his tips for finding and working with a publisher

Michael Eisner: Creativity doesn't have to be expensive

A year ago The former Disney CEO explains the importance of content... via Indiana Jones


Next Games: From Angry Birds to The Walking Dead

2 years ago CEO Teemu Huuhtanen on leaving Rovio to start the next wave of Finnish success stories


6 Spil: Casual games "just don't pay the bills any more"

2 years ago CEO Eric Goossens on the shrinking opportunities in casual development, and Spil's solution to the problem


18 Laralyn McWilliams: "It was time to be willing to stand up"

2 years ago It took a hashtag and a Facebook scandal to pull Laralyn McWilliams into the debate on gender


1 Laralyn McWilliams: The problem with "best practices" in free-to-play

2 years ago The former Free Realms creative lead reflects on nearly a decade of wrestling with the divisive business model

14 "Retention is not the same as happiness"

2 years ago Free Realms creative lead Laralyn McWilliams describes the pitfalls of metrics-driven game design

8 Molyneux: EA's Dungeon Keeper "crucifies my patience"

2 years ago Veteran designer claims remake sacrifices the original's pace in the name of making money

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