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"I want to go back to the thing I was born to do”

A month ago Shahid Ahmad on leaving "the best gig in video games" at PlayStation to embrace the uncertainties of life as an indie developer


1 MaxPlay's engine tech is a modern solution to modern problems

2 months ago "Unity is a ten, fifteen-year-old legacy architecture, and the same thing is true with the Unreal Engine"


Next Games: Right license, right partner, right result

2 months ago CEO Teemu Huuhtanen on the unexpected benefits of working with licenses, and why The Walking Dead is a smarter bet than Star Wars


“Are you just looking to make a living? Then China has plenty of opportunity”

2 months ago Tom van Dam on NetEase's westward journey, and the problems facing companies with designs on China

4 "Reputation is now as important as the games"

3 months ago Shahid Ahmad and Jason Della Rocca offered sobering advice to independent developers trying to be heard above the clamour of the market

1 Machine Zone sues Kabam over trade secrets

9 months ago UPDATE: Statement from Machine Zone on slanging match that turned legal

19 "It's just people selling picks and shovels, not the people finding gold"

9 months ago FlowPlay's Derrick Morton on his "mobile last" strategy, and how specialist app stores could save the mobile market

Google's tips for VR development

9 months ago Chief game designer Noah Falstein pushes devs to start simple with Google Cardboard

1 Tim Train: "Somebody's got to be the huckster"

9 months ago Big Huge Games CEO shares his tips for finding and working with a publisher

Michael Eisner: Creativity doesn't have to be expensive

9 months ago The former Disney CEO explains the importance of content... via Indiana Jones


Next Games: From Angry Birds to The Walking Dead

2 years ago CEO Teemu Huuhtanen on leaving Rovio to start the next wave of Finnish success stories


6 Spil: Casual games "just don't pay the bills any more"

2 years ago CEO Eric Goossens on the shrinking opportunities in casual development, and Spil's solution to the problem


18 Laralyn McWilliams: "It was time to be willing to stand up"

2 years ago It took a hashtag and a Facebook scandal to pull Laralyn McWilliams into the debate on gender


1 Laralyn McWilliams: The problem with "best practices" in free-to-play

2 years ago The former Free Realms creative lead reflects on nearly a decade of wrestling with the divisive business model

14 "Retention is not the same as happiness"

2 years ago Free Realms creative lead Laralyn McWilliams describes the pitfalls of metrics-driven game design

8 Molyneux: EA's Dungeon Keeper "crucifies my patience"

2 years ago Veteran designer claims remake sacrifices the original's pace in the name of making money

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