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Sleepy Giant becomes

2 months ago Gaming tech company now focused on mobile marketing automation tools

gumi expands into Canada with new Vancouver office

2 months ago Japanese mobile publisher taps former Microsoft Game Studios exec and Capcom veteran to oversee Western development

Wakfu publisher Ankama acquires Wizcorp

2 months ago Japanese social and mobile studio joins French publisher

deltaDNA banks another $3m in Series A funding

2 months ago Edge Performance joins existing investors to bring total to $5m

8 Why Licensed Games Are Finally Hot

Opinion 2 months ago Licensed titles are no longer synonymous with poor quality and they can be quite lucrative

Nordic Games acquires de Blob IP

3 months ago Austrian publisher adds another franchise to its growing collection of former THQ brands


13 Where Destiny Leads

Opinion 3 months ago Bungie's latest is a huge hit, but it's hard to see how it can sustain a long tail - regular DLC packs will hit diminishing returns very quickly

Next Games acquires Helsinki GameWorks

3 months ago Finnish startups join forces, Helsinki GameWorks CEO is now head of licensed games for Next

Take-Two financials show GTA V hangover

3 months ago Revenue down almost 90% year-over-year, but publisher beats expectations and raises outlook

GungHo acquires PlayPhone

3 months ago Puzzle & Dragons publisher reportedly snaps up 70% stake in US mobile social gaming network

Iwata returns to work after tumor removal

3 months ago Nintendo president says he feels healthier after growth removed from bile duct

Perfect World giving R&D employees ownership stake

3 months ago Developer splits research teams into five subsidiaries to foster entrepreneurial spirit, attract talent


2 With Riccitiello, is Unity planning something big?

3 months ago Analysts weigh in on what the appointment means - could the company be aiming for an IPO?

6 Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019 - DFC

3 months ago DFC Intelligence is revising its global forecast because consoles are "losing their second tier audience"

Games dominate mobile internet business 'rich list'

3 months ago 12 of the world's 32 billion dollar mobile online businesses are in our industry

7 ESA: "There's no place in the video game community for threats"

3 months ago US video game trade association speaks out on the growing number of harassment cases in the industry

8 Xbox One deserves to be "first class citizen" for indie games - Spencer

3 months ago Xbox boss explains the parity clause that Microsoft enforces to discourage Xbox One releases becoming afterthoughts

20 Unity recently in talks to sell - Report

3 months ago CNET reports engine maker has considered being acquired, names Google as possible purchaser


27 Japan is just a symptom of Xbox' problems

Opinion 3 months ago The focus on miserable Japanese sales figures is a distraction; Xbox has problems everywhere outside the Anglo-American markets

Amazon completes Twitch buyout

4 months ago SEC filing reveals that the transaction is now officially closed

Ukie names new board and two fresh initiatives

4 months ago Digital Schoolhouse program and Nesta Games Cluster map take shape

Scottish developers contributing 99m to UK GDP

4 months ago Regional recovery sees local industry returning to 2008 levels

iOS pushes UK games industry to 1.72 billion

4 months ago Ukie releases new data on UK games business, revealing that it may be double the size of previous estimates

Gamigo AG buys Intenium

4 months ago German online publisher says the deal "significantly increases" its profitability

1 Sony internet TV service to launch this year

4 months ago SCE has Viacom lined up, in talks with more content partners to stream channels online

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